Lecture 3 | The Social Interaction Source of Language or Yo-he-ho Theory of Language [ English ]

In the name of allah the entirely merciful the especially merciful The peace mercy and blessings of Allah the Almighty made upon all of you I am home Arab Namit and today’s our luxuries the social interaction source and the social interaction source is also considered to be one of the influential source of the origins of language So what’s the basic idea? So? the basic idea is that Early human beings must live in social groups for protection and would have developed some principles for communication it is understood man cannot live alone a man always need someone to share and We live in a society and the basic form and the basic purpose of human life is to live in a society for example a husband and a wife and then the society starts and The man was also sent to the earth in a couple not a single one So we live in societies So when you live in society So you must have to interact you must have to communicate to share your feelings to share your thoughts etcetera So therefore it is considered to be one of the influential source so for example, they give the reasons who believe that social interaction source is in the most influential or could be the source of the regions of language that for example grants groans and curses and such sounds in which there is physical activities combined physical activities, for example To carry a wood to carry some heavy stones so they must work in groups so therefore they have some shared principles to communicate and For example when you lift up a heavy thing so you produce Oh like these sounds so These could be the source for the origins of language So this is all about social interaction source that to work When they try to work in a group, so they must have some communication they must have some principles to communicate and they must share some sounds to communicate with each other and these could be the source grants groans actually does grants groans and curses just are considered to be the basic Resources or the basic sounds through which language could be originated. Otherwise there could be other things as well So now what’s the problem in this area we could see and we often see that early primates and other animals and even animals have Stronger social groups as compared to humans. For example, if I I Am living with my family. I may go to another country So I have not as much stronger social group as compared to animals. So animals also have Social groups and very stronger social groups, but animals could not produce language like human beings So this is the main conflict in this theory if the social interaction source Is really the source for the origins of language then Animals must have been acquired the same capacity as we have to to Speak in a language and to communicate with language and what we can do with language animals must should do The same thing with language, but it is not possible and we could not see animals in such a way So this is the social interaction source. I hope you would have understood it And the next lecture will be the physical adaptation source. It is also one of the influential and You could say it Has some evidence as compared to the series, so don’t forget to give your feedback if you have understood it so you may My video and you may subscribe my channel and don’t forget to give your feedback in comments box chuckle. Oh, hi, Dan, and thank you

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