Leaving A Super Car Open Prank – Social Experiment

I'm Joey salads I'm here today with Mike from twins TV and Anthony here is letting us use his McLaren and this is the bait McLaren pranks alright guys so we stripped the wires over here and we got it running down connecting to a remote-controlled dog shock collar got a plug it back in real quick but anyways we got the keys left out over here and we're gonna leave them in Clearview and when people come to check out the car if they want to steal it you're gonna be in for a nice little shock Oh he's getting him even I wanna drive this thing taken some pics looks like he wants to take for a test drive let's give him a little zap holy shit a shotgun there you check my butt what the hell sketch jumps right it at teaching the lesson name how did you get out of there look at me thank you so much for watching please give this video a like share and subscribe

39 thoughts on “Leaving A Super Car Open Prank – Social Experiment

  1. what even makes them think they have the right to go into someone else's car lmao. i have a merc (obvs not as nice as this car hahah) and one time a group of teen guys were sat on my hood taking pics so i unlocked the car from a distance and they all fucking ran and it was so satisfying to watch

  2. 2:05 I think he doesn't want to go in the car because he knows whats gonna happen because these are actors 🙄🙄

  3. This feels so scripted…. And fake, like c'mon how no one notices the wire and who screams like that when being zapped like bruh

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