Leaked Testimony Unveils President Donald Trump’s ‘Shadow Foreign Policy’ | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Leaked Testimony Unveils President Donald Trump’s ‘Shadow Foreign Policy’ | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. The democrats are doing what they have to do. not what they want to do. because of the white houses stoewalling.
    all due respect but Ray Charles could see that.

  2. Giuliani isn't an elected official, nor should he have access to classified material, nor acting as a diplomat for the US. He's an alcoholic and abuser of drugs… Course Trump uses drugs too.

  3. The noose is tightening by the day.
    We have only scratched the surface of what Trump and his cronies have done behind the scenes. Trump will be exposed fully and he resigns by the end of year. The handwriting is on the wall.

  4. Did I misunderstand Donny T. when he talked about the "swamp"? I thought he said he was going to "drain" it, but he seems to be "stocking" it instead.

  5. Remember at the beginning of his term the White House Occupant talked about wanting to bring in his own private Security Force (a Shadow Security Force (like the GESTAPO)). This didn't go well with the CIA. When he didn't get to bring his Private Security Force, he then started to support and mold outside forces/groups like the Police and White Supremacists that would come to his aid when called! Wake Up America, an Enemy Within out to destroy America for his Blackmailer-and-Master!

  6. Let's step back and look at the larger picture…Trump is helping Putin get a hand in the Middle East but all we have to do is move to sustainable energy and both the Middle East's oil and Putin's Russian oil is suddenly worthless. That's how we recover from the Trump/Putin alliance…change the game altogether.

  7. I just finished sending my application for Hunter Biden's now vacant job. I have the same qualifications except my father isn't the VP. I stated I would do the job for 25,000 a month just because I'm an all around good guy.

  8. This administration is one of the most corrupt ever just look how many officials have resign and are under investigation for ethics violations and face possible jail! This orange clown has to go to jail!

  9. The White House Occupant is the ENEMY WITHIN out to DESTROY America for his Blackmailer-and-Master! He is dividing the people, selling out Allies, destroying the water, air, public lands, trade, etc. Wake Up America, the White House Occupant is burning down America!

  10. So congressional democrats are having closed door witless depositions and somehow this information finds its way to the media?

  11. IT IS A CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE AND THE MUELLER REPORT PLAYING OUT RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES! SICKENING! Trump has made a evil decision to let our allies, that we promised to be there for them, to be slaughtered for Russia! WE MUST ALL COME TOGETHER AND STOP THIS GARBAGE FROM HAPPENING NOW NOT LATER!!!

  12. I'm amazed at the amount of ignorance in this country. nobody sees the seriousness of this problem. not the politicians both party's. no the people of this country. and not the media. when this blows up in this administration's face. it will also blow in the Russians face. and a war that for so many years. we have been trying to avoid will happen. just brilliant all of you. I can't believe that no one is noticing this. all I have to say is don't say I told you so.

  13. What did y'all expect from Kim Jong-un's friend, a liar, a sexist, a racist and a crotch grabbing American people trader.

  14. Trump figured hundreds of images of our allies, the Syrian Kurds, beheaded and slaughtered at the hands of Turkey's Al Qaeda & Isis Militias would be exactly the outrage fuelled ratings winner to bump his latest criminal conspiracy out of the news cycle.

    If not, the spectacle of NATO member Turkey should while debuting the Jets, bombers and rockets they purchased from Russia, the sole adversary of NATO.

  15. Giuliani seemed awesome during 9/11. Boy oh boy what happened? This is clearly a man who would sell his soul to the devil if Trump asked him to.

  16. Media, look into Senate republican Matt Gaetz – the worse this thing gets for Trump, the rabid dogs (Lindsey, Moscow Mitch, Gaetz) go on wild attacks. They’re hiding something.
    Just say-in!

  17. He walks like an Russian Asset, Talks like one, what is it going to take for Republicans to admit it and take action? Russian troops being deployed in the U.S. to keep him in office?

  18. Actually, the longer this drags out the better. Pence on a stick out in the cold, tRump on the hot seat losing what's left of his mind, an upcoming election, and the Repukes looking and acting like the cornered rats that they are. Popcorn, anyone?

  19. Why are Rudy and Trump not in prison? Seriously, they are enemies of the state. Why is that Reep Stephens in this panel? He’s a tool of the right.

  20. After the fbi, Obama administration, dnc, tried to influence our election with the Russians, illegal spying on a political opponent, then the dnc, Obama administration and the CIA go to the Ukraine to try and dig up dirt on their political opponent you people stand up for the crooks. President trump is fighting a deep state coup and the media has turned a blind eye to it. The more the left digs, the more it will bury itself in its own corruption. The truth is coming out soon.

  21. This is what happens when you elect a person…whom has a criminal brain the only way his life has dissolved by corruption and shady people around him

  22. The first of the Trump supporters in the media are already starting to eat crow. How long till the cult of Trump start claiming that they were never in the cult in the place?

  23. My grandpa, dad and brother are all trump fans. It’s so hard to believe he still has fans. Amazing how blind republicans are to morality.

  24. I don't get it, you guys backed the Russian dossier, it seems it is Illegal. Now Obama subordinates who are still blocking for Obama due to what may be coming soon to live news on a real news channel somewhere, maybe Gary Franchie or Judge Jeneane. Now you guys are stripping splinters to get to our legal president again. Soon you can strip splinters on your Kenyan idol Obama the Islamic mole. Good luck guys, I hope you make it through this in the coming weeks. Your bias is as the Communist Clown Net News. You are their brother in arms. All fired butthurt Obama employees

  25. How can anything be leaked from the skif! Shifty should be fired. Only the Dems are leaking from these testimonies. This is illegal.

  26. Some low-lives and cheap con men suddenly found themselves in the corridors of power, thanks to the lowest scum of our society AND Putin.

    To fix this disaster and to inoculate the country from it EVER AGAIN happening, America needs to get rid of both the criminal traitors and the scum that put them in the Whitehouse. SOON!!!

  27. To all morons who left mocking, insulting , ridiculing, jeering, scoffing, jibing, pillorying, teasing, derisory, snide, disdainful, disparaging, denigratory, dismissive, slighting, detracting, contemptuous, sneering, scornful, taunting, caustic, scathing comments, addressed to President TRUMP….. a BIG THANK YOU !!. Trump will win next year with a landslide never seen before in the history of this country. Just wait until Hillary Clinton join the race. His win is assured. Keep posting , PLEASE !!!!

  28. Come on patriots, testify so we can HANG this orange criminal traitor and his corrupt and treasonous family/gang.

    Then America can finally take care of his Deplorable red MAGGOT-hat wearing treasonous base. ONCE AND FOR ALL. Let the PURGE begin.

  29. We Americans love and support our President Trump
    Who darely spied USA President in WH ??
    Obam's Spy Gate continue…..

  30. While I disagree with everything politically with John Bolton one thing I do believe is that Bolton is a very serious type of guy that takes his job and beliefs deeply serious, and he really is a patriotic individual and like everything about him he takes that too very seriously. Bolton May be the unsuspected patriot hero that blows this wide open.
    Also I think once he agrees to testify it will bring out a bunch of others volunteering to testify so as not get caught up in the White House crimes.
    John if you’re listening, here’s your moment to be an important historical figure for your country.

  31. Somehow trump needs to be removed from office before he causes anymore damage to our great nation. giuliani if he had any honesty and integrity, he doesn't now and trump never did…..Impeach Indict Jail trump! SAVE OUR COUNTRY!

  32. Lol sounds like they're trying to impeach Rudy Giuliani. They are not going to be able to impeach Trump and even these guys on the news keep saying it over and over again. This will help Trump politically like they just said watch and see. Trump is allowed to make deals with any country he wants, he's the president. Call it shadow deals all you want to. What they're saying is he spoke to the Ukrainian president to gain a political advantage but the thing is the president's job is national security and preventing someone who is corrupt from getting into office within our government is a matter of national security and the Democrats know this. That's why it's just an impeachment inquiry. Like can we impeach him for this? The answer is most likely no you cannot and even if you could it's not an offence that would remove him from office. It would've been easy to of impeached Obama or Bush. They both did things that could've caused them to be impeached and thrown out of office in disgrace

  33. Bret, why don't you go to Guiliani's house and call him a Shadow Secretary infront of his cousin-wife and kids, if you've got the guts.

  34. Trump has been and is running the country, the government and all its institutions like a Mafia Boss runs a Mafia Family and infects everyone who gets associated with his diseases. Antibiotics are needed in the form of severe consequences ! Root out Trump and all the Trump-related evil at its CORE ! Don’t leave one bug standing ! Demonstrate, organize in the streets, don’t stay inside before your TV sets ! Or you will be IGNORED.Or the infections will return and spread all over the American people, once again … and for even longer with even WORSE long-term consequences … (America going down as Superpower incl economic and military might, the two main powers).

  35. Why wouldn't Trump want his taxes released? Maybe it'll point investigators towards shady dealings? That he really does need the campaign donations because he is broke? Possibly he isn't the greatest person to be claiming "amazing" economic policy if it turns out he destroyed the inheritance he received?

  36. Benedict Donald the biggest traitor in our nations history.
    Trump Towers Istanbul, the Turks could shut that down in an hour. Trump Towers Moscow the family wont even break ground on it without Putins say so. Now the Kurds are running for their lives and Russian troops are spending the night in an American base we built in Syria to protect our allies. Russians are un our base and we are on the run too. Need i say more. Benedict Donald has spit on our constitution and now he is endangering our troops. Now that is treason.

  37. trump's best option at this time would be to simply resign. and HOPE that Pence pardons him (But Mikey, why would you after trumpee has thrown you under the bus?) As this investigation goes on and on, trump and Rudy will reveal more and more. making prison time a virtual certainty. Probably spill over to his criminal kids too.
    But you know trump wont ever resign… he'll play it out. Such is the fate of a narcisist.

  38. Let me get this straight… Guiliani – the President's top henchman – gets paid by what seem to be essentially Russian agents? Hmmmmmm… in the good old times, when one of the assistants of German chancellor Willy Brandt was exposed as an East German spy, it led to Brandt's resignation – and he didn't know of his assistant's activities, let alone condone them. Now we have a US president who apparently sends his fixer to make deals with shady foreign agents to dig up dirt on a political opponent, removes career diplomats who are in the way, hijacks US foreign policy to exert pressure… anyone care to defend, rather than deflect, that?

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