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male announcer:
From Comedy Central’s
World News Headquarters
in New York,
“The Daily Show with
Trevor Noah” presents…
[glamorous music]♪ ♪– It was a day of
record-setting domination on the world stage
for the US Women.– The defending champions
posting the tournament’s
largest margin
of victory ever,
shutting out Thailand 13
to nothing.
– Wow! 13 to nothing. [cheers and applause] That’s not a soccer score. America basically won
by a touchdown, a field goal, and a three-pointer combined. Like, they were
dominating so hard, this was their goalie
during the game. And it’s crazy ’cause if you
ever watch soccer in the world, you’re like, “This is madness.” Americans are like,
“This is how soccer should be!” I do feel a little bad though,
all right, because this is the worst thing
to ever happen to a Thai soccer team, and yes, I’m including the one
that got stuck in the cave. Yeah, ’cause at least the cave wasn’t celebrating
in front of them. “You got all stuck in me!” So this was a historic win
for the US Women’s soccer team, but some people say it might’ve
been a little too much winning.– Critic say the team showed
poor sportsmanship
by continuing to score
than celebrate,
some calling Team USA’s
behavior embarrassing,
overboard, and disrespectful.– I get what people are saying,
all right? They’re saying that the
US beat those teams so hard, they should’ve been
more sensitive, not celebrating
every single goal. I mean, at the same time,
sometimes, taking pity can be worse
than celebrating, you know? It’s patronizing. Like, imagine you were
in a rap battle, and you’re losing,
and then the other MC’s like, “And another thing–
wait, wait, are you okay?” So the big question is, has this tarnished the
reputation of US Women’s soccer? Well, from all in this,
we’re joined by someone who’s embarrassed America
many times while overseas, Desi Lydic, everybody. [cheers and applause] Desi, people are saying the US Women’s soccer team
was unsportsmanlike. Do you agree?
– Oh, no, no. They were not being
unsportsmanlike, Trevor. They were being American. Our slogan is,
“America, [bleep] yeah,” not– [audience whoops]
Right? Not,
“America, oh-sorry-we-won.” We’re the country that
won a war 200 years ago and we’re still
shooting off fireworks to rub it in Britain’s face. – So you’re saying
it’s not arrogance. That’s just how America rolls.
– Exactly. It’s how we roll
on the battlefield. It’s how we roll
in the soccer field. It’s how we roll
at our daughter’s piano recital, which she totally
[bleep]ing won, by the way. – Desi, I don’t think
you can win a piano recital. – No, you do if all
the other parents’ cars get their tires slashed,
and suddenly, orchestra night
becomes Tiffany night. I love you, sweetie.
You made Beethoven your bitch. – Okay, you’re a good mom,
I guess, Desi. But don’t you feel
even a little bad for Thailand’s team? – What?
Thailand? No, this has nothing
to do with them. Our women weren’t playing
against Thailand. They were playing against
the patriarchy. That’s what this game
was really about. – Well, last time I checked, the patriarchy wasn’t
made up of 13 Thai women. – No, no, no, no.
No. I’m talking about this.– 28 players are suing
their employer,
the US Soccer Federation
gender discrimination.
– According to their lawsuit,
the women’s team
earns just 38%
of a male player
for the same kind of work.– The women scored more goals
in one match
than the men’s team has scoredin every World Cup appearancesince 2006 combined.– You see that? The women’s soccer team
is doing so much more and getting paid so much less
than the men’s team. It’s like finding out that Tony Stark got paid
less than Hawkeye. One’s a superhero. The other’s a dad
who’s into archery. [laughter] Yesterday was about
the women’s team trying to prove their worth. They weren’t just playing
to win a game. They were playing
to win a lawsuit. And yeah, you know what? It sucks that Thailand had
to get caught in the crossfire, but it’s like I said
to the parents at my kid’s music school. “It’s not personal,
and I’ll pay for your tires.” – So–so you’re saying
the women’s team was just sending a message
to US soccer? – Yes, and clearly,
that message was that they need to be paid more. Oh, and, I don’t know, maybe US Soccer
should pay the men less. Maybe they then be motivated to actually qualify
for their World Cup. Goal!
[cheers and applause] Whoa, goal! Goal! Goal! Goal! Yes!
[shouts] Goal![big band music]I’m Desi Lydic.
– And I’m Dulcé Sloan. – And we’re attorneys at law.
– Just don’t Google that. – Right now, Republicans
are trying to legislate what a woman can
and cannot do with her body. So if you’re a woman,
you might feel like your only options are to either
leave the country or marry your vibrator. – Mine’s named Jorge. – But our law firm
has a better solution. – Incorporate that pussy. – That’s right, because
corporations are the one thing Republicans don’t
wanna regulate. So we’ll turn your businessinto a business,and in their eyes,
you’ll go from baby maker to moneymaker. – We’re regulating your vagina.
– But it’s a business now. – Well, in that case,
here’s a tax cut.[bell dings]– So call us today and make sure your private sector
stays private. – We’re talking about your vag. – And all that other stuff
down there. – Everything but the butt.
No butt stuff.[bright trumpet music]– Body positivity.
– Mm, yes. – You know, one thing that has
been thrust upon you by people, you know,
because of your album cover, because of the way
you conduct yourself, people have gone like,
“Wow, she is so brave. “She’s so confident in her body
and the way she looks and it is so beautiful
and so brave.” But I’ve–I’ve been interested
in how you… [stammers] You’ve really
dismissed it and been like, “No, I’m not doing this
for your ‘brave label.’ I’m just me.”
What does that mean? – Well, you know
what’s interesting is, before the term “body positive” was just kind of,
like, mainstream thing, I was just making music
about my body that was positive. And I think that
it’s so interesting that now body positivity
is, like, this buzzing term. There’s no term
for body negativity because it’s the norm. It’s what we expect. So at this point, I realized that
my mere existence is a form of activism, especially in the
body positive community, and I wear that hat
really well with– or not wear that hat at all… [laughing]
According to this photograph. [laughter] [audience whoops]
You know? I wear nudity well, and I wear
my body and my skin well, so I’m just gonna
continue to be that, but I’m nobody’s
celebrity totem. There’s–you can’t
make an example out of me. I’m literally here making music so I can live a more positive,
healthier, happier life, and if that changes the world
one song at a time, then so be it. woman: Go, girl.
[cheers and applause] – Are you kidding me?[trumpet fanfare][hip-hop music][glamorous music]♪ ♪– Being a woman can cost you apparently an average of $1,400 a year thanks to gender price
discrimination.– If you’re a woman,just about everything
costs you more
than similar products
marketed for men.
– It’s called the pink tax.I needed to investigate
by testing some products,
but I wasn’t gonna fall victim
to price discrimination
by actually paying for them.Two razors–
one blue, one pink–
otherwise identical.Does the pink one
give a silkier shave?
Only one way to find out.[investigative music]♪ ♪What?
I’m a full-time working mom. What do you expect?♪ ♪[razor scritches]They’re exactly the same.Could this be
an isolated case?
I continued my investigation.We need a patriarchy cleanup
in aisle 13.
♪ ♪Two painkillers–one marketed for lady cramps.Question is,
which is more effective?
♪ ♪[sniffing, exhales]Just as I thought–
same active ingredient.
This is bullshit.Why do products cost more
for women than men?
– Well, a classic
marketing strategy is what they call,
“shrink it and pink it.” – Oh, yeah.
I had that surgery. – That’s not what
we’re talking about. In this case,
what we’re saying is, though the company
will take the basic version they made for everyone,
then market that towards women. They’ll make it smaller.
They’ll make it pink. – Yeah.
Same–same thing. – Basic economics 101. It goes right to their
bottom line. – Yeah, I mean, that’s
the whole point of the surgery– went to my bottom line. You know…
[fwhips]– But there’s one lawmaker,
Congresswoman Jackie Speier,
who’s been fighting
gender discrimination
for over 20 years.– Get rid of the gender tax. Women, on the average, pay $5 more for a haircut
than does a man.– They should be paying you
to get those haircuts,
but that’s not the point.– The pink tax is a insidious institution
in America. And mind you. Women are still making 80¢ for every dollar earned by a man
to do the same job. And if you’re a woman of color,
you’re making even less money.– I ran the numbers,
and overcharged plus underpaid
equals the square root of,
what the [bleep]?
[screams] It’s so unfair. It’s like when someone
has blue eyes, everyone falls in love
with them, but you get pink eye once,
and suddenly, you’re kicked out of your
neighbor’s hot tub. It’s 3:00 in the morning.
What are they gonna use it for?Women aren’t just getting
discriminated against
with goods,
but with services as well.
– Haircuts, tailoring,
dry cleaning.– Research has shown
women pay more than men
42% of the time.In fact, a recent study showsit starts from
the time you were born
until the day you die–as displayed
in some of these products
we have with us today
in a game we call…
– $34. – $244.
– Oh, great. So while your little girl’s
learning how to walk, she’ll also learn
how to navigate the system that’s
exploiting her.Sorry.
[bright musical flourish]
– These are
two children’s snorkels. – 8.84.
16.22 for the pink? So women literally have
to pay more to breathe.Sorry.
[bright musical flourish]
– 28 women’s diapers for $15.98, but the men get 32 diapers
for the same amount of money. – This is why I stopped pooping.[bright musical flourish
winds down]
And just like me,
this system is full of shit.
How can women afford
to live in this world?
– If the man’s version is
cheaper, then just buy that one. – Yeah, sure.
If you think about it, it’s just one extra step
in a series of extra steps that women take every day
to thrive in a man’s world, like how we get up a little
extra early every morning to put on an outfit that looks
professional yet accessible, but not too accessible because we don’t wanna
be taken advantage of, or how we walk
an extra five blocks to work so that we can avoid
the construction zone because men like to tell us
to smile more. Then when we get to work,
we wanna make our voices heard, but in a way
that’s helpful and strong without being overbearing
or shrill. You know, we do all of this without even
an ounce of resentment because resentment
causes wrinkles, and society does not value
aging women.[soft dramatic music]Is there a men’s wrinkle cream
that you can recommend? – Yes, there are several. – I’m sure it costs less. – Maybe a little.– There’s gotta be
a better solution.
– I’m introducing
the Pink Tax Repeal Act. We have got to get
the federal government to protect women from this gross discrimination.– That’s right.Speier is ready to give
the pink tax some blue balls.
But why stop there?– I think there has to be
an outrage. Women should say,
“Why is this more? “This is discrimination. I’m gonna call corporate.” – Got it.
Be outraged. Make our voices heard. Take it into our own hands.Until the Repeal the Pink Tax
Act gets passed,
I’m gonna make up for all the
shit we’ve already paid for
with the help
of my little pink friend.
[grungy rock music]♪ ♪Perfect–giving women their money back
one item at a time.
We’ll call it
Desi’s Dick Tax–
strong enough for a man,
but priced just for her.
[step ladder clatters][trumpet fanfare]– Woman deserve basic
civil rights in this country. And they deserve to make these
fundamental decisions about their bodies and their
families with their doctors. And I don’t think
this is something that we should back down on, and I hope that women
continue to fight because since
President Trump’s been elected, women have been marching. The 2018 election cycle was about women running
for office and winning, getting the women’s votes out. So women are on fire, and if this is a fight
that President Trump wants with the American people
and America’s women, it’s a fight he’s gonna have, and it’s a fight
he’s gonna lose. [cheers and applause][glamorous music]♪ ♪– Wall Street has long been
thought of as a boys’ club, riddled with
coke-fuelled steak orgies.[bell dinging]And as all movies
set in the 1980s have shown,
the sexist debauchery
had no limits.
But according
to recent articles,
Wall Street
is finally addressing
its culture
of sexual harassment
in response to #MeToo.Could these bros really
be going from degenerates
to “DiGentlemen”?This is really exciting. You covered a story that I’m thinking about
ripping off as my own story about how the culture is really
shifting on Wall Street and how men are actually
changing their actions when it comes to #MeToo.
– That’s right. They are changing their actions
when it comes to #MeToo, but not in a way
that benefits women. – Oh, okay.
Sorry. I-I didn’t really read it. I’m busy. – And in fact,
it’s–it’s quite the opposite. #MeToo seems to be having
a backlash on Wall Street where men seem to think that
they should stop interacting with the women
that they work with. – What? – And we actually spoke
with some men who were rethinking about ever even
hiring a woman again. And we talked to this one man
who said that he doesn’t have dinner with women
under 35 anymore. – That’s the stupidest shit
I’ve ever heard. What are they afraid of? – There seems to be
an actual paranoia that some women will make up
a false accusation against them that could ruin their careers. – So men are pretending
that women are pretending that men are harassing them? Makes no [bleep] sense.To observe these men
in their natural habitat,
I had to approach them
– I could turn this around
and say, you know, I know plenty of women that
are very aggressive now, “want to be men,” want to go to Chippendales. They want booty calls,
They… There are women bosses out there that abuse their power. So-and-so. See how she got
the position because– – This woman right here?
– No, no, just saying. I’ve heard of a woman
who grabbed a guy’s ass or, you know, touched him, and he was married
and didn’t like it. – [stammers]
– Fathom. – I wouldn’t know why
somebody would do that. – Right, I don’t either, especially when
it hasn’t really happened. – Yeah.– Now we know firsthand
how hard it is
to be a woman on Wall Street.But no one knows better
than Sallie Krawcheck,
and 30-year finance veteran.
– When you get, particularly,
a bunch of young guys together, and you get as I did
when I started out Xerox copies of male genitalia
left on your desk… – Oh, my God.
– Uh, yes. – Wait, what’s a Xerox? – And the research tells us that sexism and sexual harassment
continue to exist. 81% of women say they’ve been
sexually harassed at work. – 81%?
– Yes. – So tell me about
the hundreds of thousands of false accusations against
good, upstanding, totally non-douchey
Wall Street men. – Zero men have lost their jobs
on Wall Street in the #MeToo movement. – So then why are men
so concerned about being falsely accused? – If 81% of women are saying they’ve suffered
sexual harassment from men, then some number of men
are sexually harassing.– So a false allegation
is about as common
as getting struck by lightning
during a shark attack,
but men are still using it
as an excuse
to discriminate against women.I feel like
we’re at the point now where we’re just gonna
have to do something that’s a little more permanent. – No.
– Oh. – My solution–you just
frigging promote more women because women can make
Wall Street stronger. – Sell, buy, sell. You’re doing great.
You’re fired. – When you have greater
diversity in senior leadership, you have better
business results, higher returns,
and it’s good for the economy and the markets
and the companies. – I think that’s it.
– Mm.– Sexual harassment
is like insider trading
and over-gelled hair–it’s all over Wall Street,
and it needs to stop.
But if things
are ever gonna change,
men need to quit seeing women
as sexual objects
and start seeing them…[bombastic hip-hop music]
As financial assets.
♪ ♪[cheers and applause][trumpet fanfare]– Years ago, I just decided
I was sick and tired of reading terrible parts
for women, and if it wasn’t
good enough for me, and it wasn’t good enough
for my friends, it wasn’t good enough
for my daughter to be watching how women
were represented in the world. So I just decided
to do it myself and… [laughing] Started buying books
and turning them into TV shows. And I just finished one
with Jennifer Aniston, which was really great,
for Apple. And then I’m starting–
my next one I start next week is with Kerry Washington
based on a book called
“Little Fires Everywhere.” – You read, like,
four, five books a month? – I read a lot of books, yeah. – And then you just go like, “I’m gonna turn these
into movies.” – Some of them.
Not all of them. – No, I mean, like, the ones
that you really love though. – Yeah, the ones I really love,
yeah. – You just take your passion and
you create something from it. – Yeah, because I think there’s
a better spectrum of female– the female experience than
what we’re really seeing in film and television and then…
– Right, right. – The great–the emergence
of streaming has made that just an opportunity to broaden
the storytelling for women and for every–
every person that feels like they haven’t seen themselves
represented in film. It’s a great time
to be a creator.[hip-hop music][glamorous music]♪ ♪– In other news, as the debate over abortion
rights rages on in America, things have gotten a little
testy on Capitol Hill. – It is tiring to hear from so many sex-starved males on this floor talk about a woman’s right to choose. [indistinct chatter] – Mrs. Speaker, I would just
like to ask my friend if she’d like to–
to change her last– her last statement. – If it pleases my colleague
on the other side, I will withdraw my statement about sex-starved males
on the floor. – God damn.
[laughter] All right, that was gangster.
That was really gangster. Because those guys are so mad,
but they don’t know what to do. “Mr. Speaker, let the record
show that I smash. I smash!” I actually feel bad for those
guys because it’s a trap, right? You don’t know what to do. If you don’t get mad,
it looks like she’s telling the truth
about your sex life, but if you get mad, it looks
like she hit a sore spot. Like, what do you do? Although it would be funny
if this whole thing ended up with
Republican congressmen testifying about
how much sex they have. I’m just waiting
for Mitch McConnell to come out on C-SPAN like, “[imitates accent]
Oh, no, real talk, sir. I bust a nut in the morning,
and, uh, “and for good measure,
I bust a nut at night too. [babbles]”[dramatic violin music]12 years ago,
you started the Oprah Winfrey Leadership
Academy in South Africa, which is honestly one of the
most amazing institutions… [cheers and applause] Because it goes beyond
just a school. – Yes.
– It’s an idea. – Yeah. – You’ve gotten girls
in a country where– – Thank you for saying that.
– No, it really is. It’s an idea where you’ve said
to these young black girls, who are powerful
and empowered to be like, “Hey, be the best you can be.”
– Yeah. – And you are creating leaders. But what you found–
and you speak about this– is that there was a pressure
that came with that where they went,
“I went to Oprah’s school, which was
I have to be everything.” – Yeah, but you only
have to be yourself because there’s
nobody else in the world who’s quite like you. And what your real job is to do is to come to the world
and understand that your job is to figure out
what it is you have to offer. – Oprah Winfrey, everybody.
[cheers and applause][trumpet fanfare]

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  1. I can't watch this without cringing. does that make me sexist against my own gender? any other ladies out there who are cringing when watching this?

  2. Doctors are required by CMS to speak to obese people about weight loss. Stroke and Heart disease are top risks in American lives both exacerbated by increased Blood Pressure. Weight loss is a powerful tool in risk reduction for these premature killers, also Caloric restriction appears to be a life extending factor. Anti body shaming needs asterisks if it talks about mental health more than physiological health. People shouldn’t be harassed by others for their looks but they also shouldn’t glorify unhealthy body compositions.

  3. "81% of women say they've suffered sexual harassment at work"
    "if ^, then some number of men are sexually harassing"
    This makes sense.

    This could be 5% of men harassing 40 women each. This could be 95% of men harassing every woman they see, all the time. The above statistic doesn't cover that, and it doesn't try to.

    "So a false allegation is about as common as getting struck by lightning, during a shark attack"
    This does not make sense. The statistics just quoted do not support this. There may be statistics that do, but it's super disingenuous to make this claim on top of this one data point.

    The woman interviewed makes a lot of sense though.

    What gets to me is that with cancel culture, there is no due process. We should believe women, yes, in that we should follow up these sorts of claims with every possible bit of support and legal action as though we know their claims to be true – but that's not how these things can go. Increasingly, the accused are being cancelled – boycotted, artists lose gigs, etc., on nothing but a claim. We see it happening all the time – the social (and sometimes financial) backlash can be real, before or without any legal action being necessary.

    I do realize that these things are exceedingly hard to prove to the extent which the law requires to act – but the presumption of innocence exists for a reason. It sucks when people get away with horrendous things, yeah, I've had loved ones experience this too, but if zero evidence is needed for someone's reputation to drop to some of the lowest levels our social system allocates, that isn't justice, and it'll just fuel resistance to the advancement of women's rights as a whole – which includes a whole lot of way more reasonable things.

    So from my perspective, yes, believe and support women who make these claims, but the accused shouldn't be persecuted for things we don't know they did. I can understand why men in positions of power might choose to not be alone with a subordinate woman.

    Not making a point here, just anecdotal, but I'd totally recommend other guys try buying the women's versions of some things. Razors, cream, deodorant, skin stuff – I do, and a lot of it's way better (/gentler, more pleasant-smelling) than the same stuff that some of these same companies make for & market toward men. Maybe dudes are just less discerning, I dunno.

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  9. Okay, please don't get me wrong, but if your team can score 13 goals and hold your opponent scoreless, that doesn't speak much about your competition. Secondly, women are not expected to play sports with the same level of intensity. Boring performances don't command high salaries. You can't suddenly demand more money for mediocre gameplay. Let's all be a little more realistic on the topic.

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  15. mix them if they want to get paid like men let them play with them. Boy that would be interesting…I can already see one girl becoming so good she gets attacked for being to manly for the men lool. This world is weird

  16. The cultish “Fellowship Foundation” is a christian, fascist, Hitler loving monstrosity with tentacles stretching from C street in D.C. to the heart of Moscow. Their goal is to dominate the world. To get a closer look, check out, “The Family”, on NetFlix. It will blow your mind.

  17. I encourage everyone to look up FOSTA/SESTA and read the articles that say they’re bad, because they’re right. Listen to the sex workers. Listen to survivors. This is woman’s agency. Consensual adult sex work is fine, sex-trafficking is obviously bad. Sex work is fine, sell your services, but FOSTA/SESTA is such sneaky legislature, it’s censoring so many people and it’s ruining lives. It’s literally caused deaths. Carry on.

  18. omg thats cause more men are invested in rhe mens sports teams and more men buy tickets to watch the men's sports not to mention all the women who would buy tickets to see men's teams playing, also messi and ronaldo get paid waaaaaaaaay more than other men players. get over yourself you're getting paid 100K per game, don't complain you have a happy rich life by kicking a ball around and playing what you love. majority of people in america have retail jobs and get minimum wage and are unhappy.

  19. in regards to womens products costing more for the exact same thing… I am absolutely appalled by that. Either same price or woments health products should be much cheaper. I remember a time when my mother couldn't afford to by clothes cause it was so expensive

  20. I think that it's not that they were celebrating their goals, it's that Americans in general come across as arrogant and up themselves and you can see it in their behaviour.
    I mean, when has anybody ever (EVER) complained that a FOOTBALL team has celebrated their goals? Only with Americans.

  21. Yo, they straight up just tried to pull a jedi mind trick and make us think the USWNT's classless display was about the patriarchy, and we actually fell for it smh…

  22. The first 5 minutes are so dumb. I dont think the writers have ever watched a football game or know what defence in football is.

  23. Sexism rearing it's ugly head. An NFL player scores a touchdown, then proceeds to do a victory dance in the endzone to cheering masses. But women's soccer has a big win and players have to tone it down?! It's right up there with agressive men in power being revered while powerful women are seen as bitches. It's busllshit!

  24. Check out this video commenting on a false accusation. It's actually really common. https://youtu.be/qvNHwTJlJ3Q


  26. To me, the PINK TAX issue is not connected with gender discrimination. It is just exploitation by business corporations.
    Example: In India for a buffet on Sunday it cost Rs. 800 but on other days it cost Rs. 700. Even though they provide the same food, they charge more because of the higher demand on Sunday's. In the same way, pink products are highly demanded product from women, so they exploit it. So, in this case, it is a mere business.
    I accept gender discrimination exist. But the mere difference in salary doesn't say anything.
    Example: let's take Cricket as an example. Men cricket team attract more crowd and women cricket team. Fans wanted to pay and see men's cricket more than women's cricket. Hence the cricket board earn more money from men's cricket match that women's cricket match. Hence they pay more to men than women. If they pay more to women also, they might go into losses also. So it is better to run business by cutting cost than shutting it down.
    But in the fields where men and women can perform equally, pay must be the same for both of them.
    Note: I support the business but not the exploitation. I support gender equality as well as "work more pay more".

  27. More videos like this PLEASE…Soccer Buurrrrrrrn!!! Incorporate that pussy!!! OMG the awesomeness doesn't end <3<3<3

  28. She tries to be funny, too much. It came out very bland… Look so fake, the dialogue is funny but the person who said it, except Trevor, is NOT FUNNY.
    Blonde lady, please don't call yourself a comedian, it's disrespectful to all comedian, can't even be considered as a funny person, and… about your slashing tire joke, it's a waste of my electricity for streaming you through Youtube.

  29. If being watched more still is more important than skill then i am taught that in america, no matter how much you try, people only watch their men loose and not their women win.

  30. Women in Soccer get payed less because they are watched less.
    Female sports get very few viewers and sell very few tickets.
    It's about attendance and viewers not patriarchy.

  31. Misleading title. I thought it was going to show actually leading ladies. I have zero interest in hearing your commentator taking up the whole show.

  32. Wall Street is pimp's profession business. Fuck who is there to make money and complaining about pimp's manipulation sport.

  33. 1:43– Head ICE vs Rone (title match). Shout out to Trevor for being up on his battle rap game…..should've used a SMACK battle but I'll take it.

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