Leadership Panel member Venky Ramakrishna: Bringing more affordable treatments to cancer patients

I’m an independent immunology
consultant for small to mid cap bio- technology companies as well as academic groups interested in translating a lot of potential discoveries into innovative
medicines for cancer. I’ve been in the immunology middle oncology space for 21 years in the US biotech arena and I offer insights and strategic
decision-making for the technology platforms to develop such treatments.
Over the years, I have come to realize that the void in
our understanding the types of treatments that can ultimately help cancer patients my call to bring such effective
treatments to cancer patients the industry has developed such treatments
become unaffordable to many of these patients. So we shouldn’t be spending all
our time and money developing treatments that people cannot access. So having
joined Fight Cancer Global that resonates totally with my vision for
being the most effective patient advocate and bringing all of these
options to these patients is the best thing I could ever do. In the end I
believed that no one should have to face the fight alone. Thank you very much Cancer impacts us all. Become part of
something bigger than yourself. Stand with us as we build a global framework
uniting patients survivors health care professionals and organizations within
the global cancer space. Join the global fight and support us in our crowdfunding
efforts today so that no one should face the fight alone.

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