Leadership Panel member ‘Kemi Okwuegbuna: Uniting Patients, survivors, caregivers and professionals

Hi my name is my name is ‘Kemi Okwuegbuna. I’m a hemapathologist from Nigeria. and also am asst course director at the University of California San Diego. Over the course of my career I find that care of cancer
has very difficult of the diagnosis management as well as psychological and financial for the patient’s family and friend space. And so I believe that by
Fight Cancer Global it will be affirmed as people collectively come together across borders to all locations with expertise with the caregivers and the
cancer survivors as well. Come collectively …………we’re working towards I believe cancer generally an enemy against it
absolutely I was either it will be able to retain hospital cure for cancer
eventually and I believe also that no one should face the fight alone and I joined the fight against cancer. Cancer impacts us all. Become part of
something bigger than yourself stand with us as we build a global framework
uniting patients survivors health care professionals and organizations within
the global cancer space. Join the global fight and support us in our crowdfunding
efforts today so that no one should face the fight alone.

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