Leadership Panel member Dr. Stanislav Praslov: Help patients more easily find advice and treatment

My name is Stanislav Praslov and I’m
clinical research professional from Russia. A new treatment can be very long
process, involves not only investigators, nurses, doctors, patients and their
parents and their relatives, everybody. What I found during these years is that
bring together the patients and the doctors can be very difficult, especially
in Russia. When the when the patient faced the problem, when they face the
diagnosis, it’s very difficult to find somebody. They don’t sometimes
know where to turn to to find advise to find the treatment and I do hope the Fight
Cancer Global will close this gap and bring together the patients and the
doctors. That’s why I joined Fight Cancer Global. No one should face the cancer
alone. Cancer impacts us all. Become part of
something bigger than yourself. Stand with us as we build a global framework
uniting patients survivors health care professionals and organizations within
the global cancer space. Join the global fight and support us in our crowdfunding
efforts today so that no one should face the fight alone.

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