Leadership: Linda Herman

In her role as a manager of service
delivery, Linda is responsible for the leadership of quite a significant team.
She jointly leads the team with three other managers of service delivery and
the scope of it is it’s approximately 250 staff located through all of the
various different areas of the province. The job of the manager service delivery
is really multifaceted. One minute you could be doing HR, one minute you you’re
focusing on maybe a lean type of exercise and it does range from sort of
the people side of things to the operational side of things. So one of the
things that I think is really important to note about Linda’s leadership is that
she’s willing to step up. Every time there’s been something new emerge or a
project that needs support and guidance, Linda’s willing to take it on. Linda’s
leadership style is so unique. She’s very approachable, very personable with staff
and yet is able to deliver on any initiative in any project that she’s
assigned. She is very good at succession planning. Through Linda’s leadership, we
have seen lots of folks who have moved up in the organization in different
roles. Linda has mentored me from the beginning. She’s been very supportive and
she looks for opportunities and she she always has faith that you’re able to do
what she set you up to do. and I like the fact that she
allows me space to figure out these things on my own but she’s always there
if I need her. Mentorship, development, it’s very individual and I try really
hard to pay attention when we talk and stay in the moment and really get to
know them and in that way, I am more effective at
supporting them where they actually need it. As a leader Linda faces unique
challenges. Her team aren’t all right there with her in in Prince George in
the office that she works out of so, it creates new opportunities for her to
determine ways to connect with people in a virtual sense and feel connected to
her. The values that really resonate with me are integrity. We are a big team and
we need to work together if we’re going to accomplish anything, so we all need to
be moving toward the same goal. I really care about the people I work with and have a lot of fun with them, that keeps me motivated right there. And then I
don’t ever lose sight of the end game. The work we do in this ministry really
truly does make a difference in people’s lives. There the people are vulnerable
that require our services and so to be a part of making their lives even a little
bit easier, I’m very passionate about that. Linda is fully deserving of an
award for leadership. She’s worked very hard. She’s focused a hundred percent on
clients and staff and providing the best supports that she can. She’s an example
of what management and leadership should be and she sets the bar high for all of

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