LCCC Employee Recognition

Wouldn’t you like to say you work in a
place that makes a difference in the community you live? Wouldn’t that be the
ultimate thing? To believe it and then do it? A place that has seen the changes. A place that has led the changes. And the
years have gone but you have stayed in this place. A man we all know well has
made it a habit to say we want Lorain County Community College to be a place
where you come to work and hope to retire from someday. That’s a long time.
Someday. And it’s a high hope, but with the right atmosphere and friendships and
pride and work done well and the knowledge of your work’s impact on
community, the mix makes something special. You find yourself here
celebrating work. And when we do, we would be wise to take stock in how it has all
happened. Work and us. Some of us came with the bricks and some came along a
lot later with something called embedded technology. It takes all kinds to make
something special happen because the place you see from the street or from
the sky, the buildings that spot the landscape are just structures. Bricks and
mortar, Unless there are people inside to bring them to life. People who care. People like you. After all, a team doesn’t get to play
unless there is someone to coach it. A building doesn’t sparkle in the sun
unless there is someone to clean it. A student doesn’t become a success unless
there’s someone to teach and guide them. And what of opportunity? Opportunity is a
friend to anyone who finds it and if you can work in a place, be a part of a place
that creates opportunity, well wouldn’t that make you smile? Well of course you
would. So here you are in the genesis moment of your career, in a place that
welcomes you and can’t wait to share your gift with all who call this place
Lorain County Community College.

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