Lawrence family camps out at animal shelter to find the perfect dog

BEST FRIENDS TODAY. KSNT IS A PROUD SPONSOR OF CLEAR THE SHELTERS DAY IN NORTHEAST KANSAS AND HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE ARE TAKING HOME A NEW FURRY FRIEND. PEOPLE EVEN CAMPED OUT ALL NIGHT TO BE FIRST IN LINE. AND KSNT NEWS REPORTER REINA GARCIA INTRODUCES US TO A LOCAL FAMILY WHO DID JUST THAT. – “People have been camping out here at the Lawrence Humane Society since midnight, all for the chance to pick out an animal to add to their family.” THIS IS CHERISH. SHE’S THE REASON VERN RIDDLE AND HIS FAMILY CAME WITH CHAIRS AND SNACKS IN HAND AT 3 O CLOCK THIS MORNING TO MAKE SURE THEY COULD BE FIRST IN LINE TO GET HER.AFTER MEETING HER EALIER IN THE WEEK, THEY KNEW SHE WOULD MAKE A GREAT ADDITION TO THE FAMILY. Vern Riddle – “As soon as we did a meet and greet with our dog, and we had all the kids here, and seeing how they hit it off, she’s got a little crazy loop to her ear. It’s really cute. We knew she was the one we wanted.” THE RIDDLES ALSO HAVE A SIXTEEN MONTH OLD DOG NAMED CHAOS. Vern Riddle – “with the kids going back to school, and our work schedule, we kind of thought it would be a good idea to get him another companion, and what better incentive than when they’re waiving all the fees.” AFTER SEVEN HOURS OF WAITING, THEY WERE FINALLY ABLE TO TAKE CHERISH HOME FOR GOOD. Kimberly Riddle – “Chaos is going to be very very excited to get a new sibling and a new friend to keep him company.” -“The Riddles say while adding another young pup to the family may be a lot to handle, they’re up for the challenge. In Lawrence, Reina Garcia KSNT News.”<:molly patt:>IN TOPEKA, HELPING HANDS HUMANE

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