LaSasha Walker, Prairie View A & M, Civil Engineering

(Music) LaSasha Walker – Prairie View A & M, Civil Engineering I actually went through that whole process and looked up all these different career opportunities that I can do. And engineering stuck, because it is very broad and if I want to change my major, it’s not a far leap from being a Civil Engineer to a Mechanical Engineer. So, I was like, “OK, I can try this out.” I tested the waters and I enjoyed it. I’ve been involved in several student activities. I think they are the ones that actually help you the most. You get to network with different students. So, I’ve been involved with National Society of Black Engineers, where I got to go to conferences and meet people from around the world. And that was another reason why I was attracted to transportation. Because it’s broad, but it lets you meet people all over the fields. And you kind of realize you have so many opportunities. The end result is to increase the life of the bridges as well as the roadways. That’s mainly my whole project, how can we extend the life of these systems? Because currently you see the giant cracks and they have to repave them every so many years. How can we stop that and prevent it from happening? It’s just that I can see it. I want to see it when it’s done in 20 years. I can look out and say, “Hey! I designed that bridge.”

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