Labour Party on drug policy – David Clark MP

ALISON MAU: Do you all support
some kind of law reform? POLITICAL PANELISTS: Yes. ALISON MAU: Hands up. Right, OK. DAVID CLARK: We are unashamedly
on the side of a path to reform that the law
commission sets out and that is in line with what
several other members here have seen treating
this as a health issue, primarily, and not a [INAUDIBLE] INTERVIEWER: Does that
mean decriminalization, or legalization? DAVID CLARK: It means
following that path and having a conversation. And I think it does
lead down a road that has us treating things
in a pragmatic way, acknowledging that drugs
are there in our communities and that people use them,
and that not all drugs are harm free, and that goes
for legal ones, too.

2 thoughts on “Labour Party on drug policy – David Clark MP

  1. This country is busting for change. We're tired of nothing ever changing. David Clark spoke better than many other politicians on this issue. If National wins we have three more years of more of the same.

  2. Medical help shouldn't only be available to people with less than 12 months to live. Have some compassion. Lots of people have been having 'the conversation' for decades.
    Clark could just talk to some doctors who prescribe cannabis and have seen the remarkable improvements.
    Experienced doctors are in Israel or California, not NZ.

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