Kurt Lewin – Force/Field Theory of Change

Before we proceed further I would like
to introduce you the most interesting theory about the change in the organizations and that
will try to draw a small picture. So we can begin with our
horizontal line and it is going to be time so here we
have time. The vertical line is going to be the level of performance. … level of performance… and now let’s try to begin we are somewhere right over here so here
is our current state so increase current state. And it is defined with some current level
of performance. We can define it with anything maybe our turnover. Maybe we are doing one million dollars turnover Or we can define it through products… so that we are producing 1000 apples per day. Whatever you call you could define it somehow so we are somewhere here and
then the time flows so we are still at some level and then what we would like to do, as we have
said in the previous video we would like to improve our efficiency and that’s why
we can achieve a higher level of performance. We would like to go a little bit up and it is not of
course it will not be smooth so it will be some sense of a steps as always when we want to go one floor up and then there is going to be this
new level of performance. But what is going to be there in in this small graph… the environment around us. There going to be two kinds of forces. One is going to be the resistance resistance to change and here on the other side on the other side are the forces to change forces to change. And that will change the color for these so we have a got forces forces to change And I think it is very intuitive when we try to
draw these when there are some foresees that help
us to change which direction are they going to do well they’re going to be the up direction in
the level of performance so here are going to be some forces
that lead us or help us to change because they’re pushing us up in our level of performance scale and they’re always going to be there
even though we have improved our level of performance the forces are still there maybe now with this arrow can see some great manager who is always striving for some improvement, change and
innovations so these are the forces that are
pusching us up and on the other hand there will be some resistances so
something negative something that is pusching us down down down and we can also write these are positive for us right so these
are positive and on the other hand these are negative And we can draw them again… maybe it is some legal conditions that we
in the state we are operating with or maybe
it is some competitor that is taking our customers so that is something negative for us Now, how is this change going to occur. What happens… What happens right at this state. Well, three things can happen the first thing
that can happen is that we reduce our resistance because you can imagine them as some sense of a balance whole maybe so here is our resistance to change and on the other hand there is our force to change and they’re pushing against each other
so we can do free things the first thing we can do you reduce the negative one. This negative externality that is out there and thanks to that our blue arrow or our force to change is able to push us up. the second thing that we can try is to improve or increase our positive side. So we will we will simply improve this site we’ll
make it stronger so here we are going to add something now this side is going to be stronger and thanks to date we are able again to
push up our stake. I will try to write it …so we reduce the resitent side Here we try to improve or increase our positive side. To improve our forces to change. Finally what is the best
and what the companies are trying that they do both at the same time! Here is our resitance and here is our fourth to stay so we can we can at the same time reduce our
negative side and we try to improve our positive side This was the introduction to the force-field theory of change where you have two kinds of a forces – to and against the change. in your system and they are always against
each other and we can do three things if we want to improve our level of performance Hopefully see you in next video!

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