Krystyna Pawłowicz in National Judiciary Council bans judges for visiting EC

Recording of the session of National Judiciary Council in PL She is active in association – it is not about this? So please, you are welcome The thing is that judge Marta Kożuchowska Warywoda is on the list of people visiting Brussels to speak ill of Poland, simply she is strongly engaged politically In the photos she is standing with a candle next to judge Żurek and she calls on with him…. …they stay together with candles in front of the court and in front of the parliament And simply she is politically active and I…. And this is a judge, who, seems that she found innocent….. no, it is not that judge… anyway, this is the lady judge, extremely politically active she is not hiding it, she went to Brussels, I strongly object that such …In the documents presented by a candidate, she is not presenting yyyy……….maybe differently, let’s …. Chair: maybe please, one person at a time …i am not negating any information, the thing is that the candidates attach various documents to their applications.. related not only to their professional activities, but also to their additional activities. the candidate is silent about her activity in this field though, without any doubts, majority of us here, these members of the council who are or were members of Iustitia judges asociation know that judge Warywoda is also active member of this association. i have here an important document, I did not read it elsewhere. This is an entry list to Brussels (EC) and with judge Żurek, Zawistowski, Marczynski, they were in Brussels, so the full list… in english… …full list that you may familiarise yourselves with, The reform wasn’t done to allow such persons to shamelessly apply, violating of course … the articleof course we can make a photocopy….OK, so I would like to ask, please, to make a photocopy and distribute it to members of the council. Pawłowicz: I wanted once again say… that there is the english version of the entry to Brussels…. Chair: so maybe everyone familiarises himself after photocopy. You have watched part of transmission of so called National Judiciary Council’s meeting in Poland.

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