49 thoughts on “KPOP DEBUT SONGS VS. NOW | 20 KPOP Groups

  1. IKON did debut with RHYTHM THA and not MY TYPE. (My Type was a warm-up single, just check out the beginning of the official MV)
    EXO did debut with MAMA and not with HISTORY (updated in part 2: )
    B.A.P debuted in 2012 and not 2014 (updated in part 2: )

    Sorry for the mistakes. Please read this before any more comments about this haha. <3

  2. I Stan :
    GOT7 (I don’t now why, but they’ve become my ultimate group. JB as an ultimate bias 💚)
    SHINee (they brought me to K-Pop. R.I.P Jonghyun 😭)
    EXO (my second K-POP group. Their vocals are crazy)
    DAY6 ( they are so underrated. I wish more people get to know them)
    B.A.P (😭)
    Stray Kids (JYP has a strong 4th(?) generation)
    ATEEZ (also some monster rookies)

    Love their music, but still don’t know all the members well or don’t know at all :
    SEVENTEEN (I tried to learn all of them, but still didn’t succeed)
    BTS (Get to know names and faces recently, but don’t now personalities)
    BigBang (know names and faces but don’t now personalities)
    iKON (Know only B.I, Jay, Bobby and one face without name XD)
    Red Velvet (don’t know at all)
    SuJu (Know only Heechul)
    Block B (Know only Zico)
    BTOB (Know their faces (mostly))

    And a strange situation with INFINITE XD I know all of them, their personalities and inside jokes, love them, but don’t really like their music style 🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. My favorites
    1)Monsta x😍😍😍
    5)BTS 👍👍👍👍

  4. Mamamoo e do futuro todos os outros grupos as ultimas musicas e de 2017-2016 ja mamamoo e de 2018

  5. Kings: BTS😍
    Queens: Blackpink and Mamamoo😍

    (My opinion)❤️❤️

    Yes I am a Blink, A.R.M.Y and a Moomoo😊😍❤️

  6. BAP was the shortest lived legend. They were even more popular than EXO and people went to KCON just to see their stage. And now one is going to jail while another left the group as others wait for disbandment. fuck.

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