Begay let's dive both way ye worldwide exclusive with your boy metal serum weird enough building and we breaking the virginity of another artist today another band Korn y'all be tell me I got to react to freak on at least for a hot minute but I gotta do a little research for his I got it put some respect on fans as the artist the group everybody was involved got to do some research what so they've been active active since 1993 to from California South to Cali man it's a five member group and one past member freak on a leash the song we got to react to was made in 1999 and was a Jonathan Davis he's the lead vocalist of the group it was his complaint against the music industry that abuses him leaving him feeling like a freak touring corporate America fuckin making all the money while it's taken a part of me so is they like they take controls they take an event to this man he's touring America making all his money but he makes him feel like he owned the leash he a freak on at least that control him like he ain't the master so hey Ryan pilots I get a bling-bling throw it in more banker says ok the opens if these go on at any point of the song it's a banger is self-explanatory you'll see me rocking those haters I know you always got some of the same my comment section it's okay though I brought some for that ass eraser for the haters but still drop that comment below still go hard that thing just doesn't know what pisses you off but corn is in the better what's all the hype been about freak on the leash let's get it that's a weird title for song but I'm hold all judgments over here okay [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] in vain so favela and I hold on distressed gray okay [Applause] [Applause] I'm annoyed let me get it later Corporate America nobility box righto ah let me fire a shot says you've your whole life for autumn lo holes in the wall in shots and bullets fired like let me be no that would not be unnoticed it will not go unheard untalked about what was that Remax let's get it you know he said nope okay quit firing the mothers right back so I said best of corn up here like y'all want me to go check out some s this got to be one of the best so you're doing this beverage the matron yeah you are y'all know the symbolism y'all gonna have to break that little bit more baby they fired shots they try to control you they try to take you there I'm out here making you all this money out here for corporate America but you gonna be a fan like you you gonna end up being a fan and you're not gonna do this to me for life like already shot you fired at me I've died tomorrow you're not gonna destroy this character what I've built in all that sort of thing and let me hand you that bullet back let me hand you that why don't you watch me be a fan why don't you ask me go be independent while I'm making you all this money because you should be happy because I'm out come on y'all get y'all understand a bank bank let me stop that Ted Kord y'all did not disappoint man bang that thumbs up button right now if you recommended this song if you like corn if you a rebel man if you just came to get a little six titties hey drop your comments below if you dislike this video later it is what it is that's why we got this for you aspect is what it is I thoroughly enjoyed that freak on a leash what's the next song I got to react to let me know what y'all really think the corn all my social media links on the screen if you want it DM me if you wanna follow me on Instagram Twitter all that sort of thing I'm always active on these things links in the description for anything you need get me gay thank you thank you I thoroughly enjoyed something different like metal is crazy metal is great my neck thanks you too cuz that was just like a a bob and bounce type of a Man City type of jam you know they know just oh hey I ain't talking about nice but right now be Gibby that's Prieto because you know me cousin goes in yo and I would never I would never I would never fall yo seriously y'all need to start trading I don't care what it is you do for a career I don't care whether you like it or not if you don't like it what are you doing you need to be trading it's been around since the 80s it's what I've been doing for a couple years and that's what I do full-time for a job I'm looking out for y'all I don't I don't need to tell you about this there's not no secrets not no hidden Jim but you need to be doing it if you go to my Instagram you can see what I'm talking about go to my Instagram I have two results tab y'all see the numbers y'all see the profits y'all see what I'm doing it's a skill you take time to learn the skill it's not something you just gonna jump in one night one day one week one month one year and you're gonna be a complete expert but after a couple months if you've learned you definitely are adding five hundred thousand two thousand whatever the learning curve is different for each person but you need to be trained you need to learn this skill if your money is just sitting in the bank not working for you you're playing yourself you need to put that money that you're working hard for every single day clocking in nine five eight ten whatever it is however me hours you're working a week you need to learn this skill called Forex indices there's a bunch of different markets you can trade but you need to learn how to trade in general the skill will pay you for the rest of your life you'll be able to take care of your family you'll be able to be like he gives move my family to Florida that's where I'm going within the next two months y'all know I'm in the house if I can speak properly you know I'm saying but y'all need to learn this skill 4x if you got questions DM me on Instagram get a hold of me check out my put my page my results check out other people pages on Google whatever it is but you need to be trading I'm letting y'all know right now it's on the screen I'm showing you results but hey get to it man stop playing yourself it's time to start living


  1. Korn and Cory Taylor of slipknot did a song together called a different world. Check it out i think you would like it! The official video or the live version Louder then life festival.

  2. Of course another great reaction. Great energy. Great respect to the artist. I think you will enjoy Korn and Limp Bizkit doing All in the Family or Korn doing Shoots and Ladders. Keep it up D-Gibby

  3. U ain't heard this bruh? 😂 I remember when this came out homie. One of the best metal songs of ALL-TIME bruh. 🔥🔥🔥

  4. You gotta do Twist. Especially if you like the last part of this song. Kinda his own language he sometimes.

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