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What can be done against the spread of the virus? Nothing. However, there must be anything to stop the virus. No. Isn‘t there an antidote? The zombie apocalypse is unstoppable. But you can save yourself. When do you think it will happen? If you can not distinguish zombies from humans anymore. But now you can still distinguish them. For sure. According to the classification, there are masters, men and women, transformers and zombies. And how can a transformer be identified? That’s a little tricky because transformers are intermediate beings. Transformers think they were masters. They think they were the master of their thoughts and had an eye on the big picture. They reject the existence of any truth and regulation of behavior. They don’t realize that the virus has been nesting inside them and transforming them relentlessly. Only very few of them make the reverse transformation. And how can you kill off the virus inside yourself? For this we recommend the Books of Life. Is this all? No, furthermore, we practice 5 rituals and with some discipline, every transformer could bring himself back into his human life yet. And there is no salvage for zombies? No. Only in the rarest cases. How many zombies are there among us? According to our investigation, the number amounts to 20 to 40 percent. Actually, people say that a society should be classless. Classes discriminate. This is zombie propaganda. Does science discriminate? Science without classes, without systematics, without classification is inconceivable. But who determines a subject to be a master, a woman, a man, a transformer or a zombie? I strictly reject a legal basis. Everyone has to decide and to execute this to the best of his knowledge by himself. Eschew someone only if you can be sure that he is a zombie. Everyone should be seen as he is and treated as he deserves it. Otherwise a society is without ethics and morality. But there is the constitutional state: police, laws, courts, prisons. The police will only come if you commit a crime. If you regularly wipe out the economical or the social existences of others within the laws today, this won’t even be noticed by anyone. Wouldn’t this class system cause a rush against people? No, but a rush against zombies. With which facts can this class system be justified? World Wars, class struggle from top to bottom, redistribution from hardworking to rich, neoimperialism economic wars, consolidated dictatorship, tax havens, welfare cuts, wage dumping, mass manipulation super-capitalism, super-profanity, anti-enlightenment, infantilism, environmental degradation exhaustive animal cruelty, mass exodus, control of crises … and many other things more. Does the fish stink from the head? I agree. But zombies also carry out their nefarious deeds in the family, at work, among friends in the neighborhood. The fish is the same fish on the head and on the tail. The only thing that can be changed is the water in which they swim. The today’s society lacks less for external goods than for inner goods. Can the Integral Revolution bring these inner goods and avert the zombie apocalypse? Nobody can answer this question. But undoubtedly, he who reads the Books of Life can become a master. Our slogan is: Don’t let the zombies win! Long live the Integral Revolution! Long live the Books of Life!

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