Kitten Nursery

terrorist attack a bombing on the train and what we want to do is give the agencies that we would be working with in a situation like that an opportunity to experience something like this as closely as we can simulate it and give them a feel for what would take place, what would happen and what their role would be how we would handle this and respond to that NICK U-T-A DOES THIS EXERCISE ONCE A YEAR. LAST YEAR IT WAS HELD IN UTAH COUNTY. NICK ALSO HAPPENING TODAY- BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SOCIETY’S KITTEN NURSERY IS UP AND PURRING. NEWBORN KITTENS ARE AMONG THE MOST AT-RISK ANIMALS ENTERING LOCAL SHELTERS TODAY- AND THAT IS WHY BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SOCIETY HAS A GOAL TO SAVE 1,300 OF THESE FUZZY FELINES THIS YEAR IN THEIR NEWLY REOPENED KITTEN NURSERY. THE FACILITY BEGAN TAKING THIS YEAR’S KITTENS FROM SHELTER IN MID-MARCH. THE NURSERY CARES FOR ORPHANED KITTENS AND MOTHER CATS WITH NURSING KITTENS UNTIL THEY REACH TWO MONTHS OF AGE AND A WEIGHT OF TWO POUNDS. [A30]BEST FRIENDS KITTEN NURSERY-SOTVO we have staff and volunteers 24 hours a day that come in and bottle feed them, clean them, weight them. They weigh them before and after the feedings to see how much they are actually taking in and making sure that they are growing.

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