Kipling Mobility Hub Construction Update Ep.1 (TTC, GO, MiWay) [CC]

Hey guys, welcome back to the channel! Today, we’re on the west side of the city,
and we’re at Kipling station to give you guys an overview of the construction here
at this station. Kipling is the western most station on the TTC subway system, and that
means it is a prime location for a regional transit hub with multiple modes of transit
including the subway, regional buses, and the Milton GO Line. This construction project at Kipling aims
to better connect all the current modes of transit, as well as creating a new regional
bus terminal that will serve GO and MiWay buses on the west side of the network, removing
the latter from neighbouring Islington Station. Let’s head down there to take
a look! [Music] Exiting the station through its west end exit
and walking down the path beside Aukland Road, we get a clear view of the vast construction
site just to our left. Most of the site for construction is the original north parking
lot of the station, as well as the old passenger pick up & drop off area and entrance building
near the lot, so as of right now there is no parking at the north lot of the station,
and a temporary kiss and ride area has been put in place at the north end of the lot. This part of the lot is currently used to
facilitate the construction of the bus terminal, and after that is finished, a new and improved
parking lot and kiss and ride area will be put in place here, and instead of accessing
the lot from Aukland Road here, commuters will instead be using a newly extended Acorn
Avenue at the middle of the lot for access. And of course, lots of green space will be
added surrounding the parking lot, so it’ll look much greener and livelier than the current
drabby and grey construction site. Alright, let’s head down to the GO platform
and take a look at construction on that end of the lot. Kipling GO station serves the Milton Line
during weekday peak hours, and right now the western end of its platform is out of service
due to the construction here. And as we walk further down the platform,
we can finally get a close look at the bus terminal under construction. The frame of
the pedestrian bridge connection to the GO platform has been installed, and construction
is steadily ongoing to finish construction of the frame of the bus terminal building,
as well as finishing the exterior of the pedestrian bridge, and establish accessibility options
here. In addition, there’ll also be a pedestrian tunnel connecting the bus terminal to the TTC station. A better look at the construction site can
be had at 5343 and 5353 Dundas Street West, the buildings at the northwest end of the
station with a balcony overlooking the bus terminal and pedestrian bridge. Overall, progress has been ongoing here at
Kipling station, and we can already see a rough shape of this future intermodal and
inter regional transit hub. While the official timeline for completion
was set to be in 2019, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be feasible given that we’re in
the last few months of the year. We do hope that this transit hub will be completed soon,
and we’ll surely be back in the future to update you guys on the construction progress
here at Kipling. Like, subscribe, and comment down below to
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you guys in the next one! [Music]

5 thoughts on “Kipling Mobility Hub Construction Update Ep.1 (TTC, GO, MiWay) [CC]

  1. The Kipling area has undergone huge changes in the last couple of years. The spaghetti junction (5 points) is finally going to walkable.. they should have put mi-way buses when Kipling was built in the early 80's. they all drive by kipling station .. its actully making me mad rn. lol

  2. Would be great if the TTC subway line continued into Mississauga to square one to help relieve car traffic coming in and out of Toronto from the west.

  3. Hi guys. The MiWay 2020 plans have this mobility hub opening in September 2020. GO Transit have not yet announced which of their routes, new and existing, will use this terminus. Thanks for your video update; as a Mississauga resident this will be a big deal for me next year.

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