kidz America Youth Empowerment 5

our goal plenty of ADA was here is to to make some with something better in our country you know because we believe that we can change these bad things and these good things make it get better man some students call a peacemaker and motivator as effort to helping kids build better schools me inside out and early start building student esteem and leadership assures them a bright future what's your name first grade okay what did you learn today keep repeating it you're giving respect yes okay repeat after me I am somebody I am somebody I believe I can achieve so Frankie you're a fourth grader right yeah how does it feel being a fourth grader alright alright would you like to be a fifth grader yes think it'll feel better yes okay now how are you going to be honey going to get to be a fifth grader what do you have to do what I call why would you want to get good grades it it's an important yeah why so you look all right so you could pass on the fifth grade please not be your you hear that is it important to keep helping people give me help sometimes yeah and if you get help how do you feel happy happy so will you all work to help each other yeah and also crystal hey yeah crystal are you feeling better about this no and and one thing I like about you said you asked for help and look what happened everyone helped you just give everyone a hand good work

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