Kidz America Youth Empowerment 2

it was also and somehow we become so adult like we think we have to act a certain way instead of just being who we are ie a strongest guy strongest male to get on my leg come up or one who is that we're making a difference with non-traditional strategies to motivate our challenged you I want you to know we didn't just rain out loud many times I'll say this out and you do it I want to show you something remember this is just an experiment this is not a career I'm no gluten they say that you can move on you're pretty good now what I wants you to do he's saying that over over the safety on his doctor I'll take your fingers I'm not all hand doing gotta handle it he thought I'm going good I'm good I'm good if your name is written correctly done I'm good I'm trees now gonna get my whole hand again right are to be easier number gig on mine get into it and create a sustainable process we need to build a partnership with teachers parents and their children

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