today we are the ones that are going to be doing the makeover well we have definitely got enough thing I can't wait for you to see if it's out you're gonna be amazed so far I've had a roommate over and Skinner's had a roommate over but today we are the ones that are going to be doing the makeover because we are going to be make overing how excited I just said one bone over it's dad slash library slash relaxation room basically just another spare room I'm actually no it's gonna be the room only for adults where we get to escape from the kid so yes guys we're gonna be laying the kids to do a remake over I've been in on this remaking with the girls so Darren doesn't even know like what's gonna happen – it's gonna be a complete surprise for him however the girls needed a little assistance for me when I say assistance just someone to make sure that you don't put holes in the wall or you paint her like black or something yeah although if you wanted to do that you probably could but I know you're not no no okay so let's take you into the room or where we're going to be doing the remake over this is the room which me said it's gonna be dad's office stroke study library another quiet little space to work in and chill in and escape from like busyness Nick listen oh so at the moment you can see there's a lot of things going on in here already however when we first moved in can you remember fifth on what the room looked like before in here this is Darren's office but we haven't actually turned into office yet as you can see the room it's really bare and playing it needs a lot of work so today we're gonna be getting on with my you two are gonna be making it look amazing on you yeah Jenna's having fun with all this stuff so we've already had a little bit of help from the IKEA men they delivered a few of the furniture items which the girl bought the other day we'll go into what they've got and the shopping in a moment and they actually feared this shelf for us start up the sofa and they also are coming boy what else they did but they helped up for that yeah they put up a coffee table and then we also had some handy men come around yesterday and they fitted the shelves they fit this bookcase to the wall and these shall cheer didn't they Mia because we're not able to hang up shelf because obviously we can't get that one's helped in his remake of and he had like seen a few items but he don't he does really know what's going on he's seen this safe back and he saw the bookcase in the wall because there's all drilling going on in here and he had to like check that they were doing it properly so he's seen the bookcase has seen the sofa but he doesn't know what theme you've got planned or what color scheme or anything so girls I pass it all over to you neither torch okay whoever that means I'm sorry salient a 1 B and C and I went out to Ikea for the furniture so we've got the baby pieces like this and it's sofa we're now looking at the sofa so we've got our plan here of all the things that we need so I really like this style of sofa it's really really comfy and I think Dad will really find this really nice and I think we're probably gonna get it in this color and then you found out Ryan do you like this why I think it looks really pretty I do like yeah yeah so this color in that style I know this table this would've been looking around trying to find some shelving space for like a bookshelf and also to put like the printer and stuck on and they all are just like really big and I full and they're gonna make the room look really crap however I've actually found a really nice solution so there's this which is a floating bookcase I feel like I love the wood just like a fact as well I think that looks really nice and then for the printer and some more shelves there's this which is another wooden shelf which is floating as well and then to make like a nice sort of like collage of them there's this which could go here and then we can have this going above Harris Cox gonna create like a nice at posh like bits that we need to put up on the shelves so I feel like that would be a really nice option then it doesn't clutter up the floor e4 and it makes the room feel bigger that is really nice but I think we should definitely get that it looked nice in the shelves wilderness you know we go way back yeah that's a really nice color put it in the basket that is so nice yeah that is way better it looks really cool it's like it looks like a brain and I like my fairy lights I really like this lamp I think we should get that one I think Dad would love it don't you Sienna I'm just joking we've found the best rug ever look how soft and figure is and the color is amazing it's like white and then different shades of gray I think it'll be lovely and it's so so soft business you know yeah and it matches our the show food like the cream color as well yeah and it's really big so it'd look really nice in the room and very comfy for me and karma to play on and then all day – I went out shopping for all the accessories that you can see so it is now day two of shopping for the room and we're actually currently shopping for accessories sceneries are home though so I'm doing this shopping and I just noticed that in this shop there's actually loads of nautical things like the look at this is like coral and so I was thinking I think we should incorporate a bit of a nautical theme into the room like that little fish nice really cute so accessory it's like this I feel like that really put together the room cuz we've currently got like a blue theme so I feel like a little nautical theme along with that would breathe in look at this gorgeous dream capture alright we're gonna have to get there well look at this treasure chest is so cool I think this would look really nice on the coffee table in front of the sofa I feel like that would look really cool wow we have definitely got enough thing right you know I think the first thing that we should do is you okay I think we should put the rug out because if we stop doing all the accessories on the coffee table and stuff then we'll just have to take off when we want to put the bug out so let's do that fast also girls that might be all like curled up and it needs oh yeah doesn't it also we need to work out where you wanna put like it's a sofa where you monster is that way yeah I think that would be nice and then we could I was thinking we could put a plug there or see what looks nice there was that one or that one for sure come on the rug looks really nice it's so comfy the only thing is like we said it's a bit like crinkled up over here guys gonna take some time but luckily we've got you know a while to set the room up happy yeah so do you want the rug like this yeah yes I think that looks very nice and it kind of has already brought the room together it looks less like just rounded pieces thrown everywhere doesn't it I pass you feel like sorry after button is ready making me feel weird but you shouldn't really go in front of that there I feel like it should go yes and I don't think and also it shouldn't go so close up because how can you like to sit on it like a coffee table sorry I have to give you a little bit your basically I'm numbering makeover master and um you've got my DNA but you still need a little bit guidance Yeah right so he's looking really plain at the moment it doesn't nice but still very plain so I think we should add in or the accessories because we've got a lot yeah to have got all the accessories out in the middle of the room now we just need to juggle and try to find out where they go and I reckon is probably gonna take a lot of experimentation we've also got to set up this lab here which actually looks quite difficult not gonna lie and I don't really know where we're gonna put this and like I think we're gonna have to leave this part there and this pond well we bought it to go there but I'm not really sure if it looks that clear over there I feel like we should leave this plant here because it's like really sticks out and I don't really know where else it could go cuz if we put it over there then it would just like be sticking out onto the sofa if we put it here it'll be covering the window so that has to stay there but this plant well we originally bought it to go there but I don't really know where to put it because it doesn't really look that good over there I mean it looks ok doesn't it but I feel like it look I don't really know where to put that one yeah I know we've got a lot of Bath's we go to speak one we've got this one which is actually like a team partner there was a lot I work out how that goes about electrocuting ourselves don't worry that's why I'm here yes and they were like well because I think we got some Obama I don't I get one of the other back side class assembling the numbers arty taking the girls I'm really really long time I think that's trying on your bed by least they're learning some life skills here aren't you girls yeah yeah it's nice that we're not relying on dad to do one of these things in a way isn't it yeah and I reckon he's gonna appreciate that we're doing something for him because he does usually fix everything and so out all our problems doesn't it yeah it's quite a long lamp is net I know I'm actually a little bit like worried about where everything is gonna fit in this room be careful be very careful girl taking like a really weird lamp at the moment isn't it right you've doing a bit of teamwork here me and like it's spinning around it is hitting everything I don't know what the girls are doing here but annex I don't know it looks weird you've got this day girls you've got this wow that looks really cool actually yes yeah and it's really cool do you think that I like that yeah sometimes he does like cool looking stuff but then sometimes he doesn't like this is too like random does it yeah I see nerd you wanna do the honors yes wow that actually looks really nice and cozy really nice yeah are you thinking of putting this lamp then I don't even go on the bookshelf yeah or I could go one of those shelves but we do okay so I think you're probably gonna have to go on that one because if not that's not now I plug those Bears plugs Urmia oh yeah we can always get an extension cake you might really see the wire line but it's gonna mean there might be a plant there though oh yeah okay we'll just have to see do you know what's probably going to happen this is what I did a few makeovers I decided some for would go somewhere but they're not very last man I moved it all around yeah well then looks pretty cool though though I'm really interested in seeing what this lumps gonna look like oh man it's cool wow that looks world cool I think that's gonna look like stripy one I love this one we're kind of struggling in terms of where to put like the lamp and the plant and stuff so we feel like if we organize all the store and put out all the cushions and the throw that will probably help us till I visualize it more because it's looking a bit bare at the moment so we've got lots of North Dakota's going to sleep we've got lots of nautical cushions say this was my favorite cushion ever so when we were shopping I really loved this one and then I like these ones because we wanted some more plain ones and also patent ones so we could put these behind the pattern I really like this one and the fluffy one yeah I think Dad would really like this one as well because of what it says happiness is peace of mind so I just feel like that would look really nice the girls have just finished hit all the cushions on the sofa because now she took well you girls a long time to work out how it should go but I feel like you've got it going really good hair so gives a little bit asymmetry ha there definitely is as difficult wasn't it yeah it's like you kept paying them in certain ways and it just had to look good sienna put the little blue fro on the corner there which really ties it all in nicely I like how there's even a little bit there so if you want to lay there got something like that cushions that it looks amazing girls really really good yeah yeah stupid but now that looks like it actually fits in yeah we have to do now skin is work out what we're gonna put that stool okay so I was thinking we can put this flat and I'm over here next to the bookcase and that way you'll only squicky the bookshop looks a bit bare as well I follow you now to get some I was gonna put them randomly and then we'll organize it yeah so I think we've roughly worked out where we're gonna put all of the accessories but we're not going to show you that now because we want to reveal it to you guys when we reveal it to die so it's like a big surprise while they're looking really really good so now what we need to do is work out where all of these wall hangings are going to go we've also got this really nice candle and what we liked about this is it's actually the scent of Seychelles and that's obviously a really beachy place so it smells amazing have you smelled – yes you know oh wow I know it smells like the beach but like also like I don't know how to describe it but it smells really nice yeah and then we've also got this treasure chest over here have you seen that sienna I think it looks wordy before obviously this is a nautical theme in me I saw Birds ready yeah family once yeah come on and let's do it I mean it is amazing girls are you excited yeah I don't think dad's gonna be amazed yeah are you proud of yourself yeah yeah no mini interior designers it looks so good yes this fam it looks so good I'll give you a few little sneak peeks of what we've done we've got one candle lit to give all that lovely smell and sent for and dad walks in one really cute little gray footstool those are plumped up cozy cushions one funny little random lobster and then wow all the rest it's gonna look good shall we go and tell Dad yeah shall we I can't wait for you to see if this bow you're gonna be amazed we're now just laying for dad to finish its walk with Karma I've been waiting so long really excited should I go never know that yeah yeah high ever finish the rain we can't wait for you to see ads looks oh my goodness it's it's literally amazing I think I might be to see you soon bye bye bye guys the beach is so nice so good idea chief everything feels like some sort of studio yeah I love it dreamcatcher woods everything it feels like a beach yeah yeah I love it it's amazing it's not just my dream about me yeah I'll say that now just the big natively correct but obviously keep you all out and peaceful sanctuary that's really nice I love that thank you everyone well dick about ten like so sway I haven't showered because I knew this came out started to see well don't give out of ten well I mean we didn't some so see anything here I give it 100 out of K I think you did an amazing choose a little book and then I can sit in your little stool that also um Siena suggested that you could look at yourself in the mirror she loved doing that yeah comfy that let's do that then I've been here another part of course yeah then over here is just like when you can do it relaxing you also read your book over here me as well if dad wants to like lounge a little bit more this the line I know you were always too hot and you Jovi's blankets but I'm gonna come in here and you so this was like shelves so it's like a kind of a storage area at the moment yes but I thought well it's nice about this is this could also double issued a seat but like your keyboard and your laptop and the stuff on here Oh perfect height yeah it's a standing desk isn't it so just because we've got these things here you can move a few things around if you are yeah I looked give more time you can show you all that year paperwork in there anything yeah amazing yeah you can put the screen on that one cuz we felt like if we had a desk then you're gonna be able to have the sofa other goodies we'd have to get rid of one of them it was just too much so if well why don't we lift them up so it's not I love it yeah and I know also you like having like that yes yes because I have been using these windowsills because there are a good pie but you have to then you can't have a separate keyboard in the screen this is bad because then you have your wireless keyboard and then you've got a screen I see this is the thing why I just can't do about room decorating when you get all these little extras that's the bits what don't cross my mind or evening anything's on like never think to do that but we actually feel like there could have been a few more accessories in here no I think it's nice it's just the right amount I was it feel quiet I don't like that very much this is perfect and it's a nice oh yeah literally a bed also comes another place where you could we do buckets you if you want in if you like you need come here just like for yoga yeah oh well girls I think it should be really really proud of yourself that's an amazing if you enjoyed this video make sure to check out my roommate over here and maybe we can play here

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