KICK A$$ 2020 – Give Freely, Receive Openly, Gratitude for your Year

We’re back. Happy Friday, Hi everybody. So good to see you. So we’re still kicking off, kick ass for 2020. And this is episode number two. And the topic of today is Give Freely Receive
Openly Gratitude for your Year. And I love it because it segways our last talk,
which was last Monday and we talked about finding the wins and noticing the challenges,
the breakthroughs you had and getting the learning. And also, I don’t know if we talked about
this, but we always talk about finding the gratitude for that, auditing your year. Yes. And being grateful for all the opportunities
that you failed forward, fast, made a fool out of yourself kind of like this opportunity
that I did with our Facebook group. changing the name to
Mastering Sales for Coaches and Entrepreneurs It’s easy. It’s not a big deal. Yes. And it was it’s so funny because I told myself
this story that I mess up my spelling all the time. So then I created an opportunity to do that
same thing. So be very careful the story that you’re talking
about yourself in your mind and sharing with others, because you will create that. And so it’s a tremendous learning for me. And thank you so much for your patience and
being open. So one thing we were looking at is auditing
our 2019 where we gave money like to donations to charitable causes. Yeah, where can we give more in 2020? Because a lot of people are motivated by giving
away money, which is really cool. Yeah, attitude for gratitude. When you give it it comes freely. And it’s like giving openly though some people
I think, have a real challenge. It’s like when they give $1 to someone and
they’re just like, they don’t want to give it up. Right. And so or there’s something some sort of internal
circumstance like they’re giving it for control or power and it may not be it may not be conscious
at all, or maybe they give because they want people to think that they’re doing the right
thing or people to like them or it and it can be very subtle or people are just giving
because they enjoy doing it and And it’s a money block if we don’t give with
an open heart and open mind, and with no attachment, if we give and we expect something back, you’re
already damming the flow. Unfortunately, you’re damming the flow from
the universe for prosperity come back to you. Absolutely. Oh, you know, and I don’t mean like, Look,
it’s great to, you know, give to the homeless and come up with some kind of a shelter giveaway
or something, you know, but let’s also not give for manipulation or give to, you know, enable, because a lot of people
give for enablement, you know, they feel guilty or feeling guilty about it, or they think
that that’s socially, socially acceptable, or that’s what you do. There’s any negative emotions when you’re
about to get anyway, it’s not coming from a clear, clear heart of just wanting to give
without any out clauses going on behind the scenes. Right. Right. So, notice what you’re doing when you’re
giving this Christmas like really, truly are you giving the gift to give Just because you want to and because you
love that person, and you don’t expect them to do anything with your gift. I know a lot of times in the past with, you
know what we do with coaching and training, like we would give education to people and
then we would want to control how they use it for the outcome. I know a lot of people that have given money
to people before and then they want them to spend the money a certain way. So just start auditing yourself. You can give a gift card and say By the way,
this is this is the contingency of you getting this gift. This is what I want you to buy me this Christmas
with this gift card doesn’t really work that way, folks. Right, but also have a gratitude for where
you are in your business. How far you’ve come celebrate the wins and
have some gratitude for the amount of money you made to be able to help people this year
right. Hopefully we all help some clients. And we all want to help more clients even
more at a volume as far as a higher volume of clients helping them next year in 2020. So we’re coming We’re just auditing all of that, where we
can really learn more where we can give or maybe for some of you that give too much,
then maybe you need to give to yourself because if you do anything into
extremes, this year, one of my huge learnings was finding balance. So if you’re doing anything too extreme, paradoxically,
you’re not doing it from a center place. And it actually is doing the thing that you
want, don’t want to do. So if you’re giving too much, then you’re
not filling up your container and you’re not allowing yourself to receive so that’s the
next thing, it’s receiving. receiving. where in your life you’re receiving. Some people have a really challenging time to receive
something with gratitude. Right? Thank you. Thank you for allowing me to receive the universe
and that’s something that when we ask for money when it comes to business, and we’re
not open to receiving and we’re not okay receiving, our business is going to suffer. It really is going to suffer, or you even
receive a compliment. I know this happens in a lot of the women’s
circles, and I’ve caught myself to like when I receive a really gracious compliment, then
I’ll downplay the compliment. Yeah, it can be something as simple as receiving
someone’s help, right? I know that us women and men, when we get
into entrepreneurship, we want to do it all ourselves. And then it’s hard for us to receive help
from others, receive feedback. Yes. Yes, giving feedback and receiving. giving
and receiving, right. Yeah, it’s not criticism. It’s feedback. And I think the only way you can grow is to
really be so open to feedback. And the more we do this work, the more
we help people, the more we are so open to feedback. Oh, my gosh, yes, it’s the greatest thing we could
receive, to change ourselves, which changes our mindset toward maybe a very specific topic,
so that we can go out and help somebody else in that same area, but more importantly, in
our business. What better way to clear out your own stuff
is to receive really good feedback from people. Absolutely. Because, you know, I mean, I, sometimes I
even get nervous with feedback too because I’m like, Oh, I think it is saying something
that hurts my little ego. I’m not talking about my my confident ego
I’m talking about I’m a scared immature selfish. And I’m not saying selfish is a bad thing
because you know, being selfish is good and certain circumstance, but I’m talking about
the selfish part of me that doesn’t want to get hurt, right? Well, I’m taking the feedback openly. Yeah, don’t take it personally. And also don’t take it where it’s like, you
know, take it with a grain of salt, if it’s if it’s constructive, and it’s really good
feedback, you know, think about it, let it settle in. And also don’t shame yourself or don’t let
someone else. beating yourself up. Don’t let someone else shame you just because
maybe that’s their projection to you and you know, and we, we talked about this in
the training, you know, look at the person that’s giving you feedback. Are they a reputable source? Are they going out there courageously in their
arena of life? Are they taking massive action, is this
an opportunity for you to listen to some wisdom from someone else, and I still believe every
feedback, even if it’s coming from an invalid source is still a projection. So there’s something there to learn, right? And if you’re auditing your year of 2019,
and let’s say that you really found out that maybe you didn’t get very much, maybe
you didn’t give a lot of money away, maybe you didn’t help, you know, energy, you
know, energetically didn’t help someone Yes, of course, maybe that maybe you’re finding that, you
know, the Reserve was a little bit low, you’re like, Well, my business didn’t do quite as
well, I didn’t make quite as much money. So I really didn’t give, I would stretch those
individuals to look at 2020 and say, regardless, that could be a massive money block, just
because you don’t have it means that I can’t give it. Yeah. And I think that’s part of the reason why
a lot of people when they say, well, I’ve invested so much in my personal growth and
development. I’ve invested so much in my personal growth
and development. I just can’t afford to take this training. I can’t afford to hire this coach. And that’s a really great example. It’s really a chance, chances are that’s a
good reason probably why most people are feeling the way they are, is it’s they,
they don’t believe in themselves. A lot of times when it comes to that, it’s
like, when you invest in yourself, you take it, you apply that and you go stretch yourself
to go do more every training we take, we get something out of it. And we go make even more money in the return. It’s like an ROI speaking to giving to yourself,
you know, what better way to give to yourself is invest in yourself. I see this all the time people freeze up about
investing in their education and themselves, investing time in themselves. And so like, audit yourself, have you truly
invested time and energy and your resources in yourself? Have you given back to yourself this year? Because if you’re not giving back to yourself,
then how can you expect other people to give right and in the relationship right? Yeah, you know, love crumbs giving,
love crumbs, right unconditionally. And where’s the boundary that it’s equal,
right? It’s a two sided it’s a two way street. Maybe you’re giving too much in the relationship
and you’re not allowing yourself to receive or you’re people pleasing
and people pleasing doesn’t get us anywhere if we don’t have firm boundaries. And if we set boundaries and we step all over
them, then we’re really not holding ourselves accountable either. So we just have to be real careful with this
attitude for gratitude and how it relates to money, how it relates to our income or
revenue, and the flow of money. Let’s see who’s on here. Hey, Monica. Hey, Sarah Bella. Hey, Jen. Hey, Karla, and Karla put a comment. It says that’s been me for so long, I was
afraid to sign up for trainings, but I am excited to start moving towards investing
in myself. And see there, here’s the thing, Karla, it’s because
now that you’re investing in yourself, you already have so much to offer to the world. I mean, your story’s incredible and just having
the short amount of time, you know, on the phone with you, I’m super excited to, you know,
be along side by side with you in the journey. And now you’re going to have even more skill
set to give back to where then you can receive more and then give more I think as we grow as entrepreneurs and business
owners as we get more skillful and more able to channel more energy, which aka means money,
then we’re able to give back more because then we can educate ourselves more to where
then we can help more. It’s this beautiful symbiotic process,
you have to remember Money, money is just a gauge. And some of us gets so caught up about money. It’s important, yes, it makes the world go
round, right? We got to pay bills we got to provide for
you know, our families, and our employees and so forth. And at the same time, money is just, it’s,
it’s this thing that we can’t put so much into it, whether it’s negative or positive,
we can put so much into it that actually dams that flow so that it’s controlling us, when
money begins to control us. This is why it’s like a free will of giving. Giving needs to be this symbiotic flow, and
the money should come into your life and the money should go out of your life and some
people get so stressed out of having debt, they just get obsessed and they get so just anxious and anxiety and they’re just shaking,
and they can’t get anything done. It’s debilitating. That’s when money has become something that
it shouldn’t be for that. it’s having power over you, instead of you using it as a tool, money should never control us, right? emotionally, physically, mentally, it’s just
it’s just energy really going in and out, you know, and money comes from other people. So all it is, is where do we need to provide
value and value exceeds price people always buy from you, right? They always buy your product, they always
buy your service, you know, when you exceed that value. And so I think the thing to look at for 2019
and auditing your year is where did money control you? And what did you get out of that control? You know, and how can we shift that mindset
to the future of 2020 and saying really change our perspective, our perceptions, perception
of money, and what can we look at it and do differently as far as giving it receiving
it, letting it flow, in and out of our life, you know, like water, like food,
like anything else that we we do on a daily How can we just not be so overly controlled
by it? And I see some clients that come in and out
when we coach them. When they when they get a hold of that and
they make that shift. Its massive. They’re not afraid of money. There’s no fear there. And I think that’s where we want
to be we want to be to where, we’re confident, an audit your other areas of life
of business and your relationships. Where did you give freely? Where did you give just to give
because you want it to help someone without any out clauses or any intentions. And maybe maybe that area of life needs to
happen more for you. I know that sometimes in our relationship,
I could give a little bit more in our relationship because he’s a very, very giving type of person
and I like to receive in the relationship so sometimes that gets out of balance and
sometimes you have to put your boundary down exactly so I can be more giving and he can
receive more from certain specific areas of our relationship. So there’s this you know, audit every area of life with how you show up and
your relationships with your family, with your friends, your clients, are you giving
more and not receiving the finances coming back to you are you not charging what you’re
worth, because that off balance of the cause and effect the universal cause
and effect is damming the flow of energy in your life. And over time this is and we’re it’s not something
that you’ll notice right away. But over time, it’s not sustainable in any
relationship, whether a business, a sexual relationship, a family relationship, because
if you’re giving, giving giving too much, then you don’t have anything to fill yourself
back up. you’re receiving all the time then nobody
wants to give and you’re damming the flow as well if you’re just taking because that
becomes taking versus actually openly receiving. I hope that makes sense. And then having the level of gratitude and
being open to everything that is presented to you and your life. Last time. We were talking about, you know celebrating
the wins and the mistakes. And the challenges, I, all growth moments, all the
growth moments, I have a girlfriend, that we’ve been sharing back and
forth everything that we’ve been receiving, and it’s literally all of the lessons, whether
they’re showing up in a pattern of grumpiness, or they’re showing up as exactly what we want
in abundance because there is so much gifts and everything that we’re receiving. And so start taking inventory with gratitude
and open heart of all the things that you’re receiving in your life. And that’s where you’re going to have happiness
and be in a high vibrant state, because when you can give and you can invest in yourself,
you can give so much more to others. That’s something that we’ve really learned
is that the more we invest in ourselves, the more we invest in our relationship, the more
we can give to our clients or students, the more we can go out and talk to people about
this kind of change where and how profound it is for businesses and relationships, you
know, to have personal growth development and not just casual personal growth and development,
you know, we’re talking about The deep stuff, about serious learning, right? Yeah, you know, it’s great to read books. This is like your shadow work honestly serious learning. I mean, Carl Jung talks about your shadow
like, whatever you’re out of balance it technically is your shadow, like it’s a
part of you that you’re not conscious of until you are and then you have the opportunity
to bring it to the light and do something about it. And for couples out there, where can they
invest in themselves in a relationship, right? Just like that. Like you said, Yeah, I need to be receiving more and you need to be giving more. Is that right? Yes. In some areas, right. Yeah. So where can we? Where can we as couples for relationships,
where can we truly evolve to find wholeness? Because that’s really why we’re and there’s
going to be times in your life that you’re giving more and receiving more. So it just depends on what part and what season
you’re into and your business. I mean, there’s going to be and so take that
into accountability too, like what season Are you in your business? Are you going out there and just giving stuff out. I know in the beginning of our business opening
up, I was saying yes to pretty much everything because I was getting the word out there of
who we are and what we do. And so I was doing a lot of free work. And that’s not as much anymore. Like, we don’t just go out there and do free
stuff anymore. And it’s okay, like when you’re
in the beginning of a certain phase of stuff, you may be giving more than receiving,
and then may take some time and then the receiving will start building up and you’ll start getting
all these gifts. So there are cycles, yes, cycles, and we’ll
get more into that later. But for now, take that inventory. Look at yourself, look at where you gave,
what have you received, if you blocked yourself in any of those areas and put in the comments. So we know and thank yourself for having gratitude
on your year. Yes. And grow the gratitude moving into 2020. Yeah, absolutely. We love you all look forward to seeing you
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