Kern County Board of Supervisors 9:00 a.m. special meeting for Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Government television welcome to this week’s. Originating from the county administrative center located at eleven fifteen Truxtun Avenue Bakersfield California. Customer center county government designed to garner the confidence support and trust of the people we serve today’s current County Board of supervisors meeting will convene momentarily. Ashe. Good morning. Welcome to the a special meeting of the worst registers Tuesday October twenty ninth two thousand nineteen Porter Rican being the first item is role supervisor Gleason yeah supervisor Scrivner supervisor Maggard here supervisor couch your supervisor press here the phone was the flux loop it’ll be with this morning by supervisors at Scrivner and at the conclusion that please remain standing for motor persons meditation whichever you prefer. I could. Please place here at our the live play by play. And. One it will. Lessons from. Even though this is a special meeting we don’t have a consent agenda we do have a pet of the week would wantto forget that so I’m invite Nick out- this is a dog. That is in honor of the first district. Morning the Cullen your director for current any animal services. Our district one. Representing district one is pilot this morning. Alias maverick is aliases maverick. He is sold them right yes okay. As you can see used to do well in that movie. As you can see. Maverick A. K. A. pilot- is a show about you while he’s about eight pounds- he’s not in the strangest yet so you can take some TLC for somebody- but he loves being held- and he’s a full grown is abouttwo years old and he’s available Thursday morning for adoption for just eighty five dollars from the current county animal shelter. And he’s- this week’s head of the week for the board of supervisors so we encourage you to name one after us. You just couldn’t quite go that far but you would. Close as we can come okay they can occur. The type of. Thank you. The Texas to. Item one which is the port request and the chemistry of office it’s a proposed resolution declaring a homeless shelter crisis in green county pursuant to government code section eight six nine eight. A proposed resolution dispensing with good requirements and establishing an emergency project to exploit the repairs. Too in placement of existing county police and the construction of the low barrier navigation center accounting on property located at twenty seven thirty one. Twenty seven thirty five street in Bakersfield but if you read all the record. The desk with yeah thank you the strokes thank you Mr chairman members of the board good morning. Before this morning across your border proven adopt to propose resolutions to facilitate current counties ongoing efforts to address the steadily growing population of individuals experiencing homelessness in Kern county. The first proposed resolution declares a homeless shelter crisis. Soon the government code section eight six nine eight to enable the county to utilize the applicables provisions of government code section eight six nine eight point one to facilitate the creation operations of a little bear navigation center and the services and other related actions to provide shelter and services. Kern county homes population. The second proposed resolution dispenses with bidding requirements. And establishes an emergency project to repair and replace existing county facilities. And the necessary equipment services and supplies required construct and operate facilities related to the low burn application center facility. The need for this project was brought before your board by my office on September tenth. Of this year at that meeting your board approved the construction and operation of a low bear navigation center on the specified site subject to final construction costs. In development of an operational funding plan of course. Which is what we’re here to talk to you about this morning. Part of this morning’s agenda item- miss Bruce- with my office will provide your board with that plan. An overview of both one time an ongoing funding requirements for is your where we’ve been working with the bigger so city manager and his team on how best coordinate. Roaches on this issue- this lobar navigation center you’ve approved for this county on property. North of gold state highway will be- ultimately one of two facilities are developed- these facilities- working collaboratively with one another. Once the city Celexa site works to finalize an operational plan my office- has communicated to the city manager that we will work- to the best of our abilities to ensure their success at getting that up and running- lastly you know this is quite a an endeavor- it’s a- thank frankly I’d rather not be doing and- focus focusing. Resources and energy on other other things but- we’ve had quite a quite a big county team working on this it’s been a lot of work and so I just want to thank. All of our department heads that. Many of whom were sitting in the audience- certainly Lorelei and- Jeff hill our planning department or general services department. Who got that side of the site- cleaned out right away and scored away and I want to thank. Nancy Anderson and Elsa. Martinez in my office and Jason we be. And certainly- you know this whole. Plan and offer all of this has been really spearheaded by Amanda re sitting next to me who will be presenting and so I just want to make you aware of that that were proud of her and thank her for all of her efforts and then lastly all of the service providers and everybody- letter in the audience- thank you for all of your input and support. And collaboration in ensuring- successful outcomes on this issue appreciate it very much. With that his wrist. Good morning. I am so as rain said this is been- a lot of work but it definitely want to think- general services and our departments- these are our experts- in homeless services in our local homeless providers who have- met with me- weekly or as needed to really define the services that are required in- an avocation center so I just want to think that Mrs been. Summed constant process. I’m so hello berry navigation center so there’s I think confusion on what that is so what definition we’re using is what has been defined in eighty one oh one which was signed by governor knew some and July thirty first is defined as a housing first hello barrier service in rich shelter focused on moving people into permanent housing that provides temporary living facilities while case managers connect individuals experiencing homelessness. Two income public benefits health services shelter and housing. So the main components is providing a low barrier environment and three of those are the three piece for partners pets and possessions these are barriers that keep our homeless- on the streets and keep them from coming into shelter. So this will allow partners to stay on site so it allows adult men and women. Although the sleeping separate quarters they’re able to come on site. And sleep- so they won’t have to separate or go to separate facilities. Pets are allowed I will have a separate animal area where they’ll be kennels- in other times owners will be able to have their pets either in the kennel or on a leash and will include pet vaccination. Position so if you see in this image to the right you’ll see- this is an image of a storage facility in Los Angeles. And the use trash bins originally residential trash bins to store this is- one of the mst sanitary methods that we’ve seen- we’ve heard a lot of difficulties with lockers. And indeed dition to that will have plastic totes and those are things for- items that probably are need to be accessed a little bit more. That will. Can be stored underneath their bed rescue to pose recursive reserve prisons portion. Thank you how do you define unsanitary items- though me Jess and looking there if there’s something that maybe this potential out of bed bags or is probably beyond its use I mean I think that would be something wall. Of are you wait as people come in and so one of the things is we’re not gonna allow weapons drug paraphernalia and sanitary items so that will be done. Through like a general search anything any positions beyond what we’re providing that will have to be there be donated ordered this. Disposed of thank you thanks John. And so this is just a quick snapshot of to shelters that we visited which are forty Prato in St Louis. Amber said. Homeless shelter and the alpha Elbridge shelter we had a phone discussion about- about their shelter and challenges they’ve had. Under operators in San Diego is alpha house in both St Louis and were said there’s- community action partnership agency is there operator bed capacity for San Diego is three hundred and twenty four- they allow pets which tends to be about twenty to thirty pets. They have six to eight guards and cameras. They allow positions to be stored either in totes or in the trash cans asdescribed before. And then they allow partners- to sleep in a coed living space. In St Louis- they have a hundred fifty beds. They have pets- those pets are in an outdoor kennel which is different from what San Diego does in San Diego they allow pets either sleep in a kennel bedside or actually in the bed with the resident. And they have cameras only they do not have any security guards- positions are stored either and totes under their bed or in lockers. And partners are in separate sleeping quarters. In Merced- they do not have pets at this time they are looking to. Implement that shortly their cameras only. No security guards- they have allow garbage cans and then just- totes at their and bedside and they allow coed sleeping arrangements. So here is our side- it’s just evolves over the past few weeks- what we focused on is providing access from both sides of the east and west access so you’ll see the main entrance in the top left corner. Is coming from main street M. streak sees me. That is our main entrance which is north of our fire prevention building. And yes there is parking that will be renovated and it leads into our administrative services building this is one of two tension fabric structures that will be installed on site. And those structures which assure you shortly are able to. I think the lack of them is about twenty thirty years if needed and they can be moved- so all and then there is a second entrance from street. That goes through a proposed overnight parking where there will be lighting in that parking area and separate portable restrooms. For any Adam. Anyway he wants a park and that is living in their vehicle. And so if you come from street. Sure. Rest rest thank you chairman I see adult men and women what about children are we not as worried at this stage about children. At this point we would not be including children I think there’s additional. There would be additional barriers and background checks I would have to do with children our hope is to alleviate our current service providers that are accepting children and- maybe alleviate that. The flow of adult men and women and have them come into our facility in and then allow more children to go into their area. Thank you. Inset and then it so if you see to the north that leads into a designated smoking area. Well you’ll see both access points from M. and- street feed into one and take one entrance area into the admin services building. A little bit to the north of that building you’ll see the personal storage building that is an existing warehouse structure. In is where those- trash bins that meant were mentioned will be stored. South of that is another existing metal warehouse that will- is an enclosed area I can house the animal kennels. And also provides protection from windows summer months and they’ll and as it gets colder here in the next few months. Directly adjacent to that building includes a fenced in dog run. And then we’ll have and a shower see she sees me the train and picnic tables in between that and then south of that you’ll see portable restrooms. And then I’m the main structure is the housing structure which has a capacity for a hundred and fifty beds- separated between men and women. And there’s include greenery so that- and then we’ll go into the admin services building where you’ll see all the service space and a congregation area. Yes outside and then there is lighting included- around the perimeter cameras in in the entire. Property is fenced in. So we’re talking about attention fabric structure this is what- this is an image of what that could potentially lookalike- we’re looking at an initial rollout of fifty beds. So we can- have an implementation period and then it just- as needed to the flow that is coming into the shelter- this is just an example what the beds could% lookalike. Under single air beds with some kind of partition between. And this will accommodate men and women what’s different here is we won’t have the lockers that is included in this image. And said this is a proposal lay out of what that admin services building could look like. You’ll see on the top left corner and that is the entrance into the intake desk area. Directly next to that is an exam room for the medical provider a staff break room. You’ll see- managers a manager’s office for that operator manager. A man operator staff area there’s shared office space for our service providers that are coming in on designated days- there’s a program space area. And then there is three potentially for interview rooms that will be included to fried some one on one consultation. If you see that operator staff area along that wall those are all windows that can provide full visibility into the dining slash congregation area. In addition to that you’ll see staff restaurants to the north a pantry kitchen which is essentially just a warming kitchen for transportation of meals and the serving window. And then a laundry services area. And then you’ll see one exit a set of doors to- the east at exit out into that. And at the area where the restrooms and showers are in the dining table or excuse me the picnic table area- the south exit and entrance leads to the housing structure. So this is what we envision as the process flow and how people inter into the shelter and its services to the three main intake points one being outreach services which we- we’re hoping to partner with flood in doing that currently flood ministries is providing outreach county wide. But quite franklywe they don’t have a place to refer are homeless too and so we hope to be that resource for them. Am in addition law enforcement if there- you know responding to a call or is a homeless individual and they’re able to refer them to the site as well. And then I’m general walk ins we do know that there is a lot of pedestrians- a lot of phomeleg around this area so they’ll be able to come in. And the way that we have structured the entrances. It limits any access along golden St Avenue. And then don’t go into a general and take full bill received various assessments either by operator stuff- or- Human Services. And they’ll be referred to the appropriate services whether that is behavior health- a medical examination- additional Human Services providers a job readiness- following the addressing those basic services they will continue on to housing navigation- if you’re on that pathway to behavior hall they have specific housing avocation services that. They offer- other than that and we have family reunification rental assistance. And some permanent supporting housing vouchers that we can use either through- human service there’s a we can partner with Housing Authority. So these are our and major components for shelter in day use clients- we’ll have an operation staff a provides general supervision of the shelter no provide general maintenance to the site they will perform the intake process is. And then they were administer some case management. The mills will be a two to three daily- depending on what the numbers were saying sometimes that varies depending on the time of day and how many people are are there- showers will- at this time have five units with one ADA compliant- shower stall. And the restrooms really looking at a portable toilets or restroom trailer I think right now we’re looking at the capability of the site at this. At this point- have ■on site laundry services so that they’re able to wash their clothes- pets will be have food the all have donated supplies we’ve gotten- a commitment for Marley’s much to provide blankets leashes. And then we will all be administering vaccinations because I is another barrier if they cannot bring their pet and- for obviously for sanitary purposes we have to make sure that our animals are healthy in the shelter- property we’ve and discuss the two plastic toes if they’re staying in the shelter- and then everyone. Will be issued. Sixty gallon trash bin. Partners can stay on site in separate quarters- other amenities to entice them to stay during the day are are charging stations television and then just a recreation area. Security is were including two guards twenty four seven on site and serving the perimeter I’ll have security cameras throughout in the entire perimeter is fenced in. So going further into security we have one entrance into the facility with two access points- will have camera surveillance of the entire property and surrounding area we’ll have new lighting and fencing around the perimeter. I will provide de escalation training for all staff and that is something that’s proven effective at- forty product at San Luis Obispo shelter. We’ll have a security staff of two more if needed one serving inside the perimeter and a second serving outside the perimeter to discourage loitering. Well and will implement a good neighbor policy this just develops good neighborhood relations- allows that neighborhood around to address any specific concerns and also gives them a number to call if there are any incidents and makes the shelter accountable. Will implement a neighborhood cleanup program this is to incentivize our clients to clean and maintain the facility that they’re living in the around the surrounding area. Our service providers so we will have current beaver health has this is. We’ll be partnering with us revive behavioral health care substance use I’m one benefit is a sobering station is coming online shortly- on Kentucky street which is in close proximity so that will be another. Resource that we will have so they’re able to go there first and then come to our shelter providing those. They’ll be doing that general assessment for any behavior all services and then referring out- for any of their services that go beyond our shelter there is transportation included for that. Current medical they’ve- contributed one million dollars of capital funds using their whole person care housing funds. This is for this specific- purpose- there under whole person care they’re also using- allowing their shower C. trains which they call Kerr pods to be on site. The potential to purchase a second one is a possibility. They will be administering medical care whole person care is a program that specifically focuses on- recently incarcerated and homeless. So I think the rate is about 95% of those will qualify under this- under this program. Any services beyond this- under this Coker medical does provide transportation there are whole person care clinic is located on Q. street which is also in close proximity to our shelter site- in addition they provide job readiness services- which provides a warm hand off to our employers training resource to acquire job training. In it and they also provide a warm hand off to housing navigation and works hand in hand with our Housing Authority. We were working with the community action partnership they are coordinated entry system provider for our current for homeless collaborative. So any homeless person is. If they’re registered in this site it provides a risk based assessment and then the ranks- connects them to housing under the system it is a requirement for state and federal funding. And we’re looking at having staff on site to provide this resource. To connect them closer to housing. In addition they provide. Advice on- mail distribution they have their head start program so they’ve been very valuable in providing insight on what it takes to provide meals. It it it so we’ve been working with- human resources- excuse me Human Services at they would do a general- assessment and intake to assess whether they- our residents require general assistance. And other benefits they also provide general linkage to whole person care by- reviewing that medic hell eligibility and then provide that warm hand off to current medical as well. We’ve been working with Marley’s months and- animal services on providing pet services whether that’s food vaccinations and then hopefully eventually spay and neuter services. Veteran services- our veterans services director has been- credible and looking at the shelter sorry pane made as both as a neighbor and as a service provider. And yet they have committed to providing linkage to benefits and employment- on an as needed basis. The Housing Authority they will provide housing navigation and that also links into the services that Kerr medical provides. Employers training resource will provide once they are job ready they will provide that job training and- assist with their employment programs. So we wanted to address the subpopulations there are several sub populations that exists within homelessness that we would have to address one of those being the use and when we’re talking about you thought is eighteen to twenty four years old- we chatted with the dream center and they are ready to partner with us and also gave us a figure that- approximately 50% of our youth that are aging out of the foster care system are becoming homeless. So they will provide that- that linkage so we can be that housing for them- but they can till provide their services that are geared towards our youth- veteran services I think. That was Steve okay and then domestic violence were looking on preparing with our district attorney and the services that are provided at our family justice center and how we can link- and house. Our and- our residents that are experiencing domestic violence. And seniors aging and I don’t has numerous resources they just were awarded a home safe grant. That works to house our homeless seniors and as they are on a fixed income and are- housing prices and continue to increase this can continue to be an issue so were. Happy that they are parting with us on this to explore conservatorship or additional adult protection services. And then Evonne tears we are parting with city served to develop a volunteer program that will help on site with various operations and build it up. So other notable programs that we’re working on is to create an ID system that’s for anyone that is walking through the door so that we’re able to. For one one so that they can access services but also provide data tracking for all of our service providers and really take a look at the numbers we’re seeing in the flow- we’ll one program that was adopted in San Diego is our passport program. So with each connection to service our clients would receive essentially stamps towards a specific incentive- so that could be new clothes it could be a backpack- so that is to provide incentive to actually access services so- they’re moving toward something positive. And then assist them in obtaining various documents whether that’s an ID or driver’s license birth certificates of social security cards these are things we need for any type of job- that we’re getting an are homeless I don’t have that. So look at finding said these are one time can capital costs so we have the contribution from whole person care housing funds- through the generosity of current medical that is about one point one million dollars. Your word also proved that designation set aside of two million dollars we are proposing to use a one point close to one point nine million of that. For a total of three million dollars and majority of this is for those tensioned fabric structures the two. And then additional will be for- security installation and in general repair of the current existing buildings. An operational funding so the county is receiving additional friends from S. B. two the permanent local housing allocation this comes from a real estate document fee and is on going dedicated funding source our initial- allocation is one point seven million. So these would only be the ongoing costs were anticipating a one point three million dollar budget for that. So our next steps so should if with your words approval we would continue on to finalize our site plan design and find the appropriate vendor for this tension fabric structure. And begin site construction in November. We would finalize in the meantime we would work with a potential operator to finalize our policies and fine tune our procedures for the shelter and essentially complete construction by the end of the year. In January we hope better navigation is going to be operational at that point. On an ongoing basis we are we will provide monthly updates to your board thirty days from opening our doors. To let you know the progress and the. The excuse me the process on an and how are progressing with the shelter and the flow or saying and how our services are working and for an opportunity to make any necessary adjustments. And that concludes my report I’m available for any questions. Thank you. Throws a party one zero well I of give it back to you I just wanted to make a point and thank the board for- its leadership in- earlier this this year when you adopt your budget actually prior to you adopting your budget- in June I think that- run around June your board set aside shows at that time to set aside two million dollars in special a special designation of one time funding- first specifically to be used for the development of. A facility like this- that decision that you made is- has a line well with- with plans here and we’re able to tap into that and use it for some up front funding so I wanted to- express staff appreciation for your board proving that thank you thank you do you have. Any other other any other departmen heads would like to. Speak to this before we open it up. We’ll take public comment now thirty one here that would like to speak to this item. I’m sorry resurrect. Thank instrument can I ask the planning department to please. Fill in one one more aspect of this that I don’t think was in this presentation that is why we are- allowed through. The emergency process the state is put in place to operate this and why the site is suitable in. Just fill us in on that at the Super implications. As of thank you very much. Supervisor Maggard for the chair Lorelei Oviatt director of containing planning and natural resources first your board has already approved this project at your previous September hearing of as in many cases you took action on a project and you put some conditions on it and one of the conditions was that they bring back. A operation and financing plan. So at this point you have an approved project you can choose to implement the proof project or you can choose to- except the operations plan or make changes to it. The AB one on one. Of that. Mr was put up on the power point vied in an exact CEQA exemption for a low barrier navigation center the low very navigation center had a list of criteria. And if miss rose could put the power point back up that explains the AB one on one. And those criterias have been met with this low barrier navigation center for power point and the presentation as well on September tenth. The shows that we are not separating partners we are not rejecting people who are under the influence. Of and we are providing for low barrier means providing for things like they can bring their stuff and we provide storage and we are providing for pets. Therefore the exemption which allowed for a low barrier navigation center. With only a building permit and no environmental review is beyond that. The applies to this it applies because this is designated in your general plan as industrial and all our industrial and commercial zoning. Provides for what we call mixed use so there is an actual definition in a B. one oh one that identifies that mixed use means residential plus retail. So in this case in July the governor has provided because of the homeless crisis a way forward. There is also an exemption in there that clearly states that your board putting money into such a facility. On pub as a public entity is also exempt from further environmental review there’s a misunderstanding that many people have about the California environmental quality act. That somehow of- there are things that are that are- that are always have to go through that environmental review. The legislature in their ability to streamline many things everything from stadiums and Sacramento. To a variety of homeless. Initiatives as well as housing has provided different pathways this is one is only available to us in July first your staff took your referral stepped into action located the county property that is designated industrial and the general plan. Your board is not bound by the zoning of the city of Bakersfield although our plants are compatible. And so these designations are compatible and at this point what you’re doing is implementation. And you can choose to move forward with the project or not move forward the project was approved a nest of deception was filed the thirty five days has passed and the action at your boards is taking today is outside the environmental review. Thank you. No is there anyone who like to speak to this item. If you how many here would like to speak to this. Like to ask if you would please come to the front row so we can get you to the market for quickly. Will be first. More. Good morning Mister chairman and other members of the board the minaret usage just got stuck with sorry about that- I’m gonna try to limit this to about three minutes per person I will be that much to thank you very much my name is Mary Helen borrow I live at two OO one Jefferson street Bakersfield up first of all I’m very impressed with the when I see so far. I like a year focus on the services and things I’m a credentialed teacher and I can’t remember maybe it was in there but I missed it- I was thinking in- about maybe possibly linking up with the Kerr county superintendent. Of schools in Bakersfield college. To see if that if they can get their GED- because a lot of jobs require at least that high school. And maybe even a partner with BC. To transition them into their and ultimately. There they’re very smart they’re capable of getting those degrees and I’d like to see that worked into the plan if you could do that. Thank you very much. Hello a Rudy Gonzales Bakersfield California birthdate for six seven five- I’m I first want to acknowledge what she mentioned was very true right now and- to not compound a crisis that we’re dealing with thank you very very much for addressing the issue too by the way it’s very very important- in terms of public private- I. T. services and particularly cellphones the freeways are given- in in regards to privacy private act- the three piece probably could. A I was. To submit the salas Bispo- council. And in that a lot of the inundation was- five oh one C. with public what happens is a lot of times there’s a lot of- transparency- blind transparency. And so the I. T. services are very very important and key to protect a lot of our government officials a lot of our better the fishes live our GPS services- it’s a great location- the veteran administration being so close. And attached a possible- for I. T. services a protection they DO I- they have a wonderful wonderful ID protection service with the FCC rules coordinating in conjunction with the- subvention programs. Of I see right now currently- very very pertinent- in regards to a lot of the security purposes of- the nonprofit. Sector of- first of all let me just say it’s a great it’s a great honor to be able to identify these issues and- please and investigate and look into them because they are very very serious in terms of- home security mercy home security attachments to those. Again my name is Rudy Gonzales military one source- enlisted March ninety three. A special services United States Army. Two thousand one. Thank you very very much have a blessed day. The next. What good morning chairman into the reservoir this and- thank you Famoso as a loner seen fit to put you on the you see this is a win win situation this is a blessing for you certain of their underscore the tell us that the poor she’ll always be with you than going anywhere this is in your bottle and while most say he who lands. To the poor lends to the lord and he will reward these are the words of the lord and why was that the poor are destroyed because of their poverty the a lot of act with yet because they don’t have anything and this is what the lord is telling us so anything you do for them small a great in the sight of the lord if you want to get the tension you’re doing it right now. And that goes everybody’s in agreement with that then I want to so you’ll one of your biggest. Win win situation that you have right now. Anytime you see this CEQA tourney. Rosamond I usually I share Donna Youngblood who lord made apparent Famoso people get together and go make it a priority to go get some criminals all else enough for everybody here to stand up and shout shout show because I remember the times here where they didn’t have the time or situation though the phones to get certain cases but they have came together that we will indoor I don’t change criminals they do see when we leave here we do our thing here when we leave here everybody back to say can in a boat. Because they don’t fight with the first no more anybody canceled go for some reason if you watch in the new and so now we gonna just get tourney and I sure don’t Youngblood willing to make this a priority and all they need is phone Winslow force in the hall for phones it any phone a box the ghost band they want to get out and take a minute for us to our kids and family member could have a safe place to go no matter what neighborhood is seen. And so I would say so my the thing when you look at the one point six million now swing up to six well yes another win win for you thank whoever will is calculated right to six million dollars for the simple reason you hate to get started on a program with a little bit then they got to come back once you get going X. for more money six million dollars another. One fourth and put a lot on the line on there and so I display we consider give them what they want in a little bit yeah CEQA they fight now as we gain and with nobody out then everybody know we come and say can. These days the lord says go get worse or world. They know how to go out there. To have some of the homeless you got a hotel this will helpout too they available right now. The take somebody’s homeless people put up near clean him up and give him a ticket back to their hometown someone want to go. As a another thing you could look at but I’ll say thank you. Chairman and I’ll pray god blesses sorry one of my legs leaving. So are you you go on them but that you’re going to stay. And everybody else is doing a good job with their- put you may decide to. Stay in the supervisor will. Name a law. And say would use but thank you thank you. Leaders good morning. Hello my chairman members of the more my name is Greg terem assistant chief with personal police department I’m here this morning on behalf of chief Martin and well just delivering a letter of some questions and comments and some concerns about the facility- obviously the city of Bakersfield is made considerable efforts in trying to improve the environment in downtown area for residents to committee members. The racial pleased Gorman devotes significant number of resources- daily to deal with the issues related to homelessness- and its impact to our businesses and our committee members and certainly the emergency shelter- has merits and we need the additional beds as well but I know that you sure are concerned that we don’t want this to negatively impact the downtown area. So if it is- to be there and the actual piece part would be the primary- agency for law enforcement services we have several questions and some concerns that are listed n the letter specifically surrounding some of the screening process and the since it is going to accept those are the influence and the public safety concerns that may be generated by a high concentration of those individuals. How those in possession of weapons or drugs- will be- handle during the screening process in the expulsions from the- or denials from the shelter and its impact on the surrounding area- and so we there are some general concerns about the public safety issues around the shopper so. Did of that this morning and we look forward to working together to make this is a success- and to improve our community. Thank you very much. Because you question. I wanna make sure we respond adequately how would you like us to respond to those are you meeting with our staff on a regular basis your touch with them or not as of yet we’ve had no meetings regarding the operation of the shelter specifically. We need to fix that okay thank you very much next. Good morning chairman Kass snowboard my name is Kaelin Peterson representing the greater Bakersfield chamber yesterday we provided the letter to chairman couch and to mayor go- on the city and the counties approach to address the issue of homelessness and I’m only going to touch on a couple items here as you know this issue is of great concern to the general public and our membership in a recent poll of our top employers homelessness was cited as the highest priority on that they would like our local governments to take action on. We want to commend the local a partnership between the city and the county thus far. And we want to thank you for declaring homelessness crisis. We would urge continued partnership and where possible recommend that the city and the county you move toward collaboration. As opposed to creating potentially independent and potentially competing programs. We have no position- on the low the location for a low barrier shelter overall- more shelter capacity is a positive development we hope however that the county will work with the impact of property owners. Near the site through the process. Would ask the county develop a detailed plan operations that goes beyond staffing but also how county departments will specifically support this low barrier shelter. And how nonprofit service providers will be a part of the wraparound services as we saw here briefly today. As you know the city is also preparing a proposal for a low board to direct relevant your- department heads and staff to provide their full support to that the city can work with the county departments. To define their own operational plans we believe that nothing in the proposed shelter should preclude accounting firm providing a similar level of services within the city shelter. Finally well we have some concerns about potential overlap we are supportive of the multi agency strategy that our local governments are pursuing and want to encourage continued collaboration thank you. Because we do have a copy that with you I don’t have it with me but I can go ahead and shoot that over to use later twenty backed up Xochitl. Mrs Krause wilting. Thank you. Leaders. The Russell. Russell Jed the chief executive officer the Kern county hospital forty- the best part of my job and what brings a big smile to my face is when I see patients who have come in a horizontal and go out vertical- from our facility clearly that’s why we exist- and that’s that the best part of the job but I’ll have to say standing here today- from where Kerr medical was six years ago when I first started standing here- to be able to stand in for current medical to offer the county of Kern funds. project- we all exist to serves- and to help and to lift- those who need to be lifted and to provide resources to those who are less fortunate so we’re very excited to be a partner with this very excited to draw down these funds from the state of California to be able to- improve the overall health of our communities thank you. Thank you enough for your help thank you for coming. Hooters more good morning board Jim Miller for bigger some ministries I just wanna- applied you for your courage to- move forward with the creation of a shelter which is much needed I’ve been a broken record since I’ve been here coming to the meetings talking about the need for us to have a place for people to go. And I also want to applaud the staff for all their hard work am I can assure you that will be we’ll be here we’re gonna do our best to make sure that we’re able to do with the visibility issue- that seems to be- really because of a lot of problems along with the property crimes but I think this is a great step forward and I’m very excited about this and against one of pleasure partnership to everybody. Involved and again thank you. But he was really. Brown the chairman of the board members my name is Steven tells exactly Victor the Housing Authority cannon current I just wanna came in- right and his team- county- staff- as well as your boarding your leadership in bringing this proposal together- it’s a step in the right this direction it’s part of the solution to address the crisis of homelessness in our community. A we do support your efforts- in this and plan to be a partner in this we also operate- business- company that is within two blocks of- the side of this location and we fully support that- we understand you need to put it somewhere and that we think this is a good location. A couple things I wanted to point out one is that this may seem like a lot of money but- and actually save the taxpayer money when you provide housing we did the Kerr canning homeless collaborative did a cost benefit analysis several years ago and found that- it saved over twenty thousand dollars per person by. Taking somebody from the streets and getting them into housing so it saves the taxpayers money overall and so we came and you for that I also wanted to mention that I have the privilege of is he Trina a person and one of our citizens whose homeless in our community and he told me last week. That when you’re homeless it’s really hard to get out the situation you’re in when you’re in the state that you’re in and that state is just survival that’s all you can do is just try to try to figure out how to get from one day to the next where you’re gonna eat where you’re going to sleep. And being able and you can’t focus on any other thing else whether it’s your mental health issues or substance abuse or health issues you name it and so providing the altar is one step to help them be able to address their situation. And so thank you for your support. Response. Good morning chairman members of the board at the one. Print Dave off recovery services director. At first like to start by really- showcasing Amanda- she did such a great job with this and I know this. This is just one step of it. But you know two years ago someone holders this was the project is going to be doing I don’t think. We have an indoor on her radar so I just want to thank you for. Meeting with us and working with our department. A second. I’d I just wanna point. Is about. I can that can. Most of care for homeless services- inches one Lincoln. And one of the things that I was on the slide was are sobering station which should come online. About the same time on Kentucky straight about the same time. A sobering station is a place for someone who’s- under the influence can be taken. A low berry shelter doesn’t mean that people are shooting up. In the low barrier shelter but that they will accept someone. Who may be under the influence and if that person is under the influence of the point that they need emergency services. Are met units will respond. If they need to go to our sovereign station and then come back. We’ll have available. All part of a continuum of care. Include our collaboration with with- the sheriff and the DA and we have our services inside. Lerdo in the jail right now of. No crime is crime if someone is arrested for a crime. Our services there. If someone is not arrested involuntarily capsule. Services will be there. As well as the other service continuing my last last. Is to say I am so impressed with the dog of the week. Thank but but I know the they don’t bring your dog right off the street they don’t have you holding one that’s muddy they don’t have you holding one that has fleas jumping on your jacket while you’re holding the dog or is growling at you because it’s so nervous. It hasn’t been tamed at all they bring you a really nice dog. So for so far. And the this last week I was talking to someone who comes in our consumer family learning center who’d been almost on and off for several years and- I knew her through photography because we’re both- into photography and I knew her through these things and I was looking and I’m thinking I would like to bring you to publicly speaking for the board of supervisors and talk about what the transition is life because if you saw her. You would never guess that this woman had been on the street and a million homeless and so I’m looking forward to us bringing people from this home from this a low barrier shelter in front of you like we do in the a B. one oh nine program and say Hey because you believed in you provided this this is the person I can be today and thank you. And there will be people come as well thank you for this. His work missed him again I guess. Billed as the part department of mental health at baby earth sciences do you feel like a full partner in this effort to establish this low very shelter absolutely and this will fit within the continuum of our care and services and we again I say this this is such a needed element in the continuum of care. Thank you absolutely. For most real. Morning German members of the board. We support the county in developing additional emergency services it’s absolutely necessary as we’re seeing. Locating services that we provide. Or service providers like us is always difficult because it does create actual. But also more difficult to deal with perceived hardship. Our continuing has maximize the available services right now we’ve gone beyond its capacity. Additional options have to be created. There’s a demand that something be done. Now moving to address this crisis in our community has created riffs. The people are suffering. So these individuals that feel that their suffering the loss of their quality of life. Which is one of those perceptions. And then there’s others that are living outside. As if they were in a developing nation. Not the USA. Something else has been remarkable to me is that the anger and frustration has allowed. Our communities heart to shift to the point. The human waste has become the tragedy. As opposed to that life. They didn’t have a dignity of the bathroom. So no matter how Harry this process get. Push forward. The services are needed and we welcome the partnership. It was real. I’m sorry to reserve rest. Thank you Louis in particular for all the good work you do in this community- I appreciate you. I have a question about the shelter for children- as you and I have for many years together down the pajama drive for kids and I recall your staff updating my office up until a few days leading up to the Christmas party with new children arriving at the shelter before the Christmas party. Some of them six months twelve months a year to year I mean I recall distinctly- the increase in particular over the holidays of small children into your facility so. My question is earlier we received a fabulous presentation about- some proposals to deal with homeless adults of which you have a particular expertise- I’m not concerned about- children in particular as over the holidays because we have personal experience together about how that increases right around after thanksgiving and leading up to Christmas. So. How do you feel about our numbers for a check for children- getting to the holidays I’m not as familiar with the stock. Of available beds and as it relates to children in particular can do you have that now if not we can meet later it’s not a big deal. So what I can tell you is that there is a demand for additional beds for children- I support and agree with- the king county’s conclusion that this new shelter with the population it is to be served. Would be very difficult and problematic to include children in that location- I will say also that the city of Bakersfield has committed- to the creation of forty additional beds in our facility- to make- more options available. And then also what I will say is stay tuned organization has a great deal to announce in the very near future which will- discuss how we’re moving aggressively. And hopefully- to address at a technique. So could you please keep us abreast of the accounts of children that are in the facility and at least to me keep me abreast of what those numbers look like in particular to the holidays. And as we can better comprehend are spread of resources your available stock and make sure that our children are not homeless we absolutely will the holidays thank you. Thank you. The crystal. I recognize you you do Mister chairman and board members even red Sox fan board members. Hi want to thank all of you for having your staff work collaboratively with us I think it’s been under sold the significance of the action the city intake county took. In establishing a new funding pattern so that the home was collaborative in continuous care will have the right level of staffing and an executive board that represents city county service providers and related interests we have a meeting I think after this one- with that board and it’s very significant. I’d also like to thank you and your staff for your cooperation with us during this process for the exchange of information. And you must be good luck to us because as I sat in the audience. Staff presentation I got an email saying that the building we’ve been negotiating for purchase. Finally had the documents executed. And so within the next twenty four hours we’re going to be announcing- our shelter its geographic. Sibley separated from yours. There’s some different nuances about the nature of some of the services but there is also some- some parallel- we will need your staff’s cooperation your extended staffs- mental health the- KMC others- in our facility as well in order to round out the service provision- and I think it’s a very big day for. Addressing the homeless issue in the community thank you. Hello thank you for coming today and I apologize for not getting back to you I think I missed a message from you number one. Number two. Congratulations on your retirement thank you for your services city papers filled and lastly I never thought I would hear you say that the county was good luck for you. My gym either. Thank you it’s good to see you Jim ask questions of razor Gleason sure business had even a Yankee fan like yourself the CPAC was I may be do you feel that you are you have been a full partner full collaboration developing this program. You know the. The clarity board that I mentioned. Is such a sea change from what it used to be because I used to you know try to get an appointment with Mister gill and he would be busy we get together on Thursday or- Amish Balvin on us and it would be on Friday everybody gets together now regularly in these meetings- and the exchanges positive and thorough and everybody who needs to be there can be or is there. And so yes it’s working much better and going well. The room here. Good morning. Warnings chairman members aboard a gesture danger cannabis and service officer it’s gonna be a tough act to follow- I want to begin by thanking the CEO and his staff specifically Amanda reasons we’ve heard many times today already- for welcoming specifically my participation an initial discussions of navigation center site- specifically- and the process by which members of the homeless population automobile access at site. We talked a little bear your navigation center began it was important to me. To be involved precisely because of the propose locations proximity to my apartment. And apartment Veterans Affairs. Lebec jewel that center. It’s incumbent on me to ensure the veterans and their dependents are able access benefits earned by the veteran service whether it be disability claims advocacy. Or mental health treatment. It was with that focus on mine that I offered many suggestions to the CEOs team. That I believe will facilitate the navigation centers ultimate success- at the proposed site. Without creating any undue barriers to veterans and their dependents looking to access services at my office. And they’re still that center. The vios team was respond receptive and understanding and after many many iterations- I’m happy to say that- I not only support the county’s vision and leadership to address the homeless crisis. In our community but I’m also pleased to support the current plan- to house and bring much needed services. To many of those who most need in our community. According to the recent point in time count. There were a hundred twenty three almost adults- as defined as veterans. And that’s probably 10% of the population living throughout Kern county. Almost half of those individuals are sheltered at the time of the count most working with California veterans assistance foundation CVA half. Veterans service department has continued to partner with CAF to help veterans who find themselves. Without permanent housing for whatever reason. In this new navigation center will be another way to help identify veterans in need of assistance. I look forward to working with the navigation centers operator. To help make this a success. And I’m happy to hear- divisional police department is also willing to work for the county to make this a success in a safe location for- homeless individuals using the center. And then for the restaurant a community as well thank you very much. Thank you students. If others if you’d like to speak please. Mr T. come on down to the front room which is like real quickly. More ms Jan members aboard lead somewhere a lawyer director of aging and all services I too wanted to extend my appreciation for all the hard work that departments. I put in to put this project together especially our sales office in particular a Amanda wheeze- as you all know- we service seniors and disabled adults into someone’s population of we’re talking about. Absolutely not only includes adults and families but definitely seniors and individuals with disabilities. One of the things that- I really appreciate but this project is the classroom is that we’ve been involved in in trying to. Be part of the solution- we offer a lot of services to seniors and disabled adults that we think we can really help and benefit those individuals that come to this little bury a shelter. But providing these wraparound services I think the community as a whole benefits and I think this is a great. Step in the right direction I just want to extend my support to the sales office in this board- for this wonderful project. Thank you. The Coast real. What Mister chairman good morning Michael Turnipseed representing the current county taxpayers association. We’ve been following this issue regionally for the last two years whether it’s Seattle Spokane Portland LA. Sacramento San Antonio Modesto or Bakersfield. Paralysis gets contagious when you’re talking about solving the homeless problem. Action today is imperative it’s not an option. A hundred fifty beds it’s just start. We need the city to open the second shelter. Complement your program and I’m glad Mr canyon nouns that they’ve identified a spot. We know. The county and city been working together for over the last six months collaborative Lee with providers to address this problem. And this today is a day that needs to happen. And we need to get this started. The path will have a few bumps in the road. But you keep moving forward. And it’ll be a day one hopefully we can get a majority of the homeless people off the streets. Thank you very much. German catch and stepped away for a moment are there any other members of the public that would like to make twenty.e opportunity. Okay thank you all for being a ring to close the public. Is there anybody else would like to make come if you. If you do would you please come down seven faro. Please give us your name and Percy. Yes my name is John Spaulding number present in the building and construction trades council one of the things that comes to mind is the alleviation of the normal bidding procedures for what we’re about to do. Understanding that most of these facilities are pretty fat. And we’ll be right on site but there’s quite a bit of work to be done. For site preparation. You won’t be bidding you will be selecting so one of the things I want to caution you is. The requirements for under the I. R. for. Preventing wages for permission. For skilled and trained workforce. And course keep in mind local higher. And we do support this it’s an emergency situation we all are suffered with the and thank you. The crucible. Any other comments today what’s your. A good morning Mister chairman and thank you for the opportunity. We’re doing something today I just don’t want to go on as her eyes close I want to go into this with our eyes wide open. We have facilities throughout the county right now that house people have mental health issues- drug issues and- we respond those every single day we’ve got homicides we’ve had sexual salts. I don’t want to go into this. Keene that we’re gonna mix a bunch of people that have drug issues under the influence and mental health issues. And that bad things are going to happen because they are. Of I don’t know who’s going to make sure there’s no guns taken or our knives that are taking this facility I don’t know how you’re going to do that- no one’s asked. I don’t know how we’re going to- it to keep people. On the streets we in the parking you can watch and get together you can watch what happens. Put them in a place that is has beds isn’t gonna change that behavior so- I’m I’m in support of this I think they were were. It’s a step in the right direction. But never lose sight of the fact they were they were dealing with a large percentage of these people that have drug issues. Are under the influence they’re not thinking with a clear mind they have mental health issues. And if we think that nothing bad is going to happen we’re going to be shocked and I just was doing this with our eyes wide open because- anytime. You take people input into a building- that. Have issues severe issues. You can’t expect things to not happen so I just wanna make sure that. That I that I laid that out there so you understand no one’s asked the city stood up the city police department they haven’t been asked. We haven’t been asked- we don’t want to provide security for this facility we do that on the streets I think the city was asking for direction. The big so pleased farmer on how these things are going to occur. And. And I hope that we that we do that because this is in the city. Sure sorry how do we ensure that you your department and the police department. Are engaged in this because it’s. Well the city in in the chief and the share for engaged with each other but we’re not engaged with with this facility hi I’m I can’t speak for the city and how they’re going to respond to- to calls for services in this facility but they are there’s% gonna be numerous calls for services. People if you find a way that people can take drugs and firearms and knives into this facility they’re going to store them outside the surrounding area you’re gonna see an increase- in in crime you’re gonna see an increase in and- issues and the people have businesses in those areas are going to be back to this board- because they’re absolutely right doesn’t work removing a problem. And at in my opinion work we’re gonna start treating a symptom of the problem has to treating the problem. In I don’t know if that’s going to. Decrease the issues that we’re gonna have a might centralize it into certain location but- I just want to go into this thinking that we fixed it a problem because we haven’t these people still have mental health issues in you know when you go there you can’t force feed someone with mental health treatment- you can’t force feed someone with drug treatment programsthey have to want to do that when you can come and go from a facility where at will. They’re not going to choose that option in- that was the issue that we were talking about with people that are committing these a level crimes on the streets when the part of prop forty seven they were arrested they were taken to jail and they chose to enter the programs and they chose to work ith mental health drug treatment programs and we were having successes I’m not sure we’re gonna have the same success is in and these facilities when people can come and go and when you have a drug addiction and you can go. You’re gonna have a tendency to go. And that’s where the police to. As I understand it. That’s where the police department and the sheriff’s department. Are going to have to make arrests of people who break the law. And I recognize those repairs huge financial ramifications that replications to you in your department. To put them in jail. Where are we in the discussions I just remember comments that were you made in the district attorney had made watches before her but where are we in that other side of the equation we’re working with the CIA- now to try and find a way to phase in- jail beds for people that are- Betul criminals. In in I wanna make you make a very clear work we’re not interested in or not arresting people for being homeless right were interested in weldonresting people who are committing crimes are neighborhoods and- decrease in the quality of life for the people who are law abiding citizens who are demanding action. And the action isn’t just to give them a place to sleep- the action is- there has to be consequences for your negative reaction most of these people got to where the rabbi making poor choices. They’re going to continue to make those poor choices unless are given the opportunity to enter programs in a in an environment where- the they can’t just leave in and so I think this is a one prong. Of about a four pronged approach and I hope that we understand that that this isn’t just a fix this is- but I a part of a plan overall plan to address this problem. I agree with you thank you. HM gifts researcher. I’m sorry to reserve proportions when we go to her and then. Thank you just a second a chair by the same concern about weapons is there a way to. Take a traveling magnetometer there and- I imagine one would be adequate for staff and four hundred fifty bodies. Well certainly you can there are there are cheaper ways there’s ones and that they can use on people but that’s it you’re gonna have private security that’ll that’ll be doing this not police officers. And you know the if they don’t if they have a weapon I can’t take it and they’re going to hide it somewhere in the vicinity where they can. Come and go when they choose and- I suspect when you come into this building most everyone that walks through the magnetometer in and now they know that they can’t bring firearm or something like that and they don’t. But these people are not thinking clearly these people are are there are any influence a lot of them. A lot- have middle health issues that are severe mental health issues- they’d they need treatment I’m the first to say that jails up the place for people with mental health issues. But when are committing crimes as that then it and they have a mental health issue it gives us an opportunity to have a captive audience. For Mister Walker and his people- to deal with them we do in the streets we have we have teams of work together with mental health. Where we have the opportunity to respond to these- this this is social media change the game for all this. And just this week we had one that was alive- in I was getting social media- head so I was getting phone calls I think supervisor Maggard was getting phone calls on to somebody needs to go do something. Well when law enforcement response those there’s a tendency for bad things to happen in Seoul in this particular case we chose to. Build a differently with- working with health and that is going to be what you’re going to see in the future because people that are having a severe. Episode and they’re in a secure location we’re not gonna kick the door in and going trend saving because it. Has a great chance of ending badly. But that’s that’s world we now live in. Thank servers wasn’t yes. Jeff thanks for coming she comments of trying to understand what you’re saying. And this is let me put my words in Tommy factory where I’m wrong. The you support. The effort for the slow Barry shelter. I do you are trying to you’re making a statement to alerting us the fact or not solving a problem per se we’re dealing with a symptom and it is one step. Along the way to hopefully someday find a solution. That is correct. I’m but I also want to emphasize that we’re going to have a building with people and at that have mental health issues and drug issues. And if we don’t provide. Enough security for that bit building bad things are going to happen. You have people that are the influence good any park in our county- in the city of bigger Phil were then where these people hang out we have stabbings we have fights every single day- on north road day before yesterday on my way to work. I found someone sleeping on this on the sidewalk their pants down around her ankles in coherent that’s he norm that’s that’s still not what we’re dealing with every single day. Taking this person to give him a bed to sleep in like suffering from extreme mental illness or drug addiction. Isn’t going to be fixed the problem what is. The well first of all there’s no magic pill we’re gonna always have homeless people we’ve always have them and we always will. And we’re not gonna lemonade that that situation but people that have the drug addiction and are committing crimes need to be incarcerated. And need to have the opportunity to change our life whether in custody if they choose notto they’re going to life on installment plan. We have that we’re never gonna change that was some people- there is no magic pill to fix all this we can only make it better so are we making a better. I hope for making a better but my point is don’t go into this thinking we’re gonna have a low barrier facility that is going to house people people have this thought process that. We have a bunch almost people out there third down there lock and I need a place to stay that’s not what we’ve got. We’ve got people that are in severe drug addiction severe all call addiction. Severe mental illness and when you mix those people together in one building- and we can anticipate they’re gonna all get along because they’re not. So I believe you I think what you’re saying is that you know a lot more about it than I do. So we notice. We know that wait we’re changing the problem with dealing with a symptom and we’re moving the problem from the downtown area we’re concentrating in a place we can provide the wraparound services. Is low navigation low threshold. Nothing and I think you’re right when you say they’re going to be problems that we are going to create in that area. So we know that now so what are we doing now. To deal with that problem that your forecasting that’s gonna hit us down the road if we if you don’t have the proper security then you’re going to deal with it. After the fact so are you going to provide a proper security first we are or the Bakersfield police about or are you how are you. Are you involved in overseeing incoming developing options for us so that we can manage the security issues we have not been. Thank sure. Thank you across. I’d like to submit a letter for earlier rcords. My name is Kyle arter of a businessman in the area- we own the bigger sell music my wife and I own the bigger some music all frame which is three blocks. From where you’re anticipating putting this. I you know I really really appreciate the work that you’ve done here it’s excellent. And it sounds so encouraging but the truth of the matter is. When you go in there and you stand on the corner and you talk to these people you deal with them on a daily basis. You see the what what the sheriff says is true. You’ve got a situation downtown which is to the point of almost total anarchy. It’s to the point we want to take our guns and shoot these people is like the walking dead. People are mad they’re upset you’ve heard this already but I can’t emphasize it enough. And you think you’re gonna put him in this place is gonna be all rosy and everything all you have to do is get online and read for. Take an hour which which I’ve done and read all the stories about these other places and I’ve gone to those places. I I’m on the board the bed at the home center but I’m not representing them here but Louis skill and I. We’ve gone to these places we see how they run how the operating. And for the most part you think oh wow this is all smooth and great but- it’s not. It’s just not I think you’re creating a potential real problem here. And if you’re thinking about eleven employees are in the in the paper you have eleven employees as a joke. You can’t take so many more than that two security guards we have two security guards at a concert. And we still get cars broken into. You think you’re gonna police as well to hired rented security guards. It’s not the same quality as as as a police officer is this year about officer it’s not the same person. So. I don’t know what you’re thinking but you need to rethink it and everybody here is all in a in the opinion that this is all rosy and beautiful let’s move forward in praise god we finally got an answer to the problem I agree with the sheriff this is. This is not at. This is not an end all answer. We’re we’re we’re coming to. But you you plop this down in the middle of our businesses- my wife and I we spent book close to four million dollars. On this one property that we have down there we’re double what you’re well almost well. More more than what you plan on spending here as a construction guys down here in the audience. Construction guy fifty two years ago I got my first job in construction. I don’t think you have enough money to build this I just don’t. Especially if you’re gonna do a prevailing wage. I just think there’s a lot of holes in your in your operation here just from a guy sitting in the front row. So I know you’re going to do this. I know you’re thinking that I’m I’m just the you know the guy that doesn’t want to three blocks away from his business another name be you’re having to deal with. But there’s a lot more to it. And I would like to see you move further out. I’d like t see you you. Enforces a little bit differently. Again I explain to you some of the areas that we went to when we visited other homeless centers and what worked and what didn’t work. I got a good education on that. And I think what you’re doing is great as wonderful as a lot of elements that are going to work well. But they have it yes mail wants to the just. In my opinion. Are gonna be very will. Go very well for the people downtown and for the business folders the stakeholders downtown. I know you’ve got around some CEQA. Deals you have I don’t think this is been vetted very well and I don’t think that you’ve you’ve mitigated I know in San Francisco. They went to a huge vetting process they have a bladder the you show the film of it up here the one in San Francisco. Have a bladder on the side of you can show that. They won’t allow them to the hook up into the sewer because they don’t want to be there forever so they all their waste goes into the bladder and they come in a pump it out every so often. That’s because they don’t with this the people in the town of fought this. But yet you come Darktown the county comes our city and tells us if you’re going to build this thing right in the middle of our city. We spent millions of dollars and invested our lives. To make something better. I didn’t it hasn’t been mitigated it hasn’t been vetted but you’ve gotten around it. Even the governor and all the other people in government. So. She what you’ve done and I appreciate what you are doing and I agree with it wholeheartedly. But I don’t I don’t appreciate put it three blocks from me and I don’t think anybody’s gonna appreciate so. With that I thank you. The risk for repurchase carpets. Just very quickly we’re excited to be part of what’s happening here through city serving and being part of the volunteerism that will happen there and being sure that people are trained well for this. Just wanna say that even though there may be negatives to this- it’s kinda like the starfish story you know I may not save save everyone but I’m gonna save this one and I think there are wraparound services I think that that has been very well thought out the things that will be there to help people right they’re located inside the low barrier shelter for navigation of helping people and I just want to say you know if it hadn’t been for that kind of. Services in my own life as a drug addict as a younger adult I wouldn’t be who I am today not that I’m anybody but I’m glad that that somebody was willing to do something I think we can’t do nothing and so to me this first step is an amazing first step for us to come together city county. Community organizations nonprofits and say look we’re gonna take a stab at this and we’re gonna make a difference and I believe we can because I believe in people invest in people relationship because transformation and I’m grateful for the relationship I’ve had in my life for that I’m grateful for this county in the city that we live in that say we’re gonna do something so thank you for all that you’ve done- stir Alsop. Amanda all of you guys is spent so much time it’s a blessing to live in this community and I believe in the days ahead. When she transformation as we work together. If you next. Hi chairman board I appreciate to I. Melanie farmer the president and CEO of the downtown business association I appreciate all your work but sitting here listening today I had to get up and to speak- with the downtown and with our block captain program we have worked this year with directly with the police department and the city on these issues. And if you haven’t talked to the Bakersfield police department or the county sheriff’s department and gotten approval that scares us that’s gears are downtown businesses it really does because we’re we’ve been dealing with this with this element downtown- for the last few years and again this is drugs this is mental issues and again the security of two security guards on staff with not having the backup of the city police department in our downtown core. Or the sheriff as the sheriff was speaking. I really urge you to speak with him first before moving forward and get backing. From those two departments because what we’re dealing with right ow isn’t your regular homeless and yes they need help they do and I believe this could be a first step. But what you could be an opening to our downtown businesses by bringing in what we’re afraid of is bringing in more into our downtown core- that’s what scares us. So if you would please consider speaking with those two departments before moving for we would really appreciate it. Thank you. For readers. Thank you chairman supervisors- I’m a little nervous about this and I have mixed emotions because the services are amazing there is no doubt that we don’t need those here in Bakersfield- my disappointment is that it’s in the downtown area were commerce and- entertainment and- food in excitement is supposed to be brought in we bring more services to that specific area. I feel. Supervisor Gleason thank you for addressing the security issue the D. B. A. M. the Bakersfield city police department been trying to work together to try to figure out. How to how to solve the problem is it is downtown now I had a gentleman sitting on my steps would not respond to me last week- my first experience with math never seen it before but- I have a real clear. Knowledge now but it looks like because a woman came up and sprinkled it into his hands. He was sitting there and he does Mettler my steps of my business and there was nobody to help me. I step in front of my female employees because- there is nobody else and I am the business owner there. And I feel that three blocks away now. And we know there’s going to be problems and it’s been addressed that. I’m also gonna have more problems there already hiding the drugs in our bushes. They’re already doing the drugs on white steps. And I don’t have the help I need now. So when this happens. We also need to make sure that the businesses are protected. That you provided the security not just for. This facility but three blocks away from this facility as well because that’s where they’re gonna hide their guns. That’s circular but their drugs until they get out and that hundred and fifty beds is that a permanent place for them. What about the rest of the people out there that need those beds where they can be located. The B. standing around this facility waiting to get one of those one hundred and fifty beds. And lord knows we have so many more people that need them. I agree the veterans the these beds I agree the- the elderly need these places to sleep. Hi I’m in complete. Frustration that drug addicts. And people who need these services will also be scrambles. Getting those beds as well. Thank you. Recorder. Carlos bolivianos with the mission of Kern county- Ryan Amanda good job on it presentation we have been through this process with you all for the last several months and I was I sat here back in September and supported this project and I still am very supportive of this project- there’s obviously still that needs to be done in the days ahead. But we got to get away from not in my backyard approach I mean we’re seeing a crisis like we haven’t seen and other times I mean it is it is all over California if we just sit here and just keep talking about it and talking about it nothing’s gonna get done so I do think this is an opportunity as a was approved last month. This is just a continuation of the next steps in Ryan in Amanda and board of supervisors- I commend you for the work that you’re doing. As the director at the mission I’m in support of this- I look forward to the day that it’s open and- we can just keep collaborating and moving the ball forward as we help. Our less fortunate in our community thank you. The control rooms. Good morning my name is Sheila she gets on I represent community action partnership of current here today. I wanted to- share with you all that- about twenty plus years ago is it I was in the same seat as all of you and those in this community. In opening up a low barrier shelter. I will tell you that it was a hard road. It was a relative uncertainty- but it was also a road that lead us to success. Over the twenty plus years I have been back to flint Michigan one of the highest- crime ridden low Parvati areas of our nation. To help build on that success of what happened twenty plus years ago. I will tell you that- bringing this community together leadership providers law enforcement everyone can and will happen if we decide that it will. And that is happening and there is a sense of urgency ascential a sense of caring and- togetherness in making this a very successful project. We hope that you will see that this can be done. They are with everyone coming together that it can be a success and will there be issues yes but their issues that can be solved if we decide that we can do it together. Thank you. Thank you. Any other comments. Seeing none will overtures toward for questions or comments were first of all let me go to Mr also. I appreciate that Mister chairman thank you- you know just for the record we are not homeless. Problem solving wizards- here- we’re just a group of people here in the county and in the city. Her trying to get something done. To address what Mr Carter Carter just just defined as anarchy. Total anarchy is a situation downtown and I don’t know how this is. A bigger problem than that. I wanted to just specifically address. Hello law enforcement- those are the first the first time I’ve heard those comments. I’m sorry that we didn’t ask the sheriff I would say that I didn’t think he needed to be asked. We’ve been working on this for months- I have met with the- we’ve been meeting with the city manager on a pretty regular basis. The city manager the assistant city manager I believe the chief of police was on at least two of those meetings. We’ve had meetings organized by a congressman McCarthy that all of these individuals have been in- this is just this was never- brought as an issue of a huge concern- my commitment is to work- is close close as I can with with the city and the chief of police to insure that they’re comfortable available they have a level of knowledge that they’re comfortable with about how this will work. I’m not sure what the special secure. Patrol do you know security concerns are or things that are. In place for the Bakersfield homeless center or the mission and I don’t know if the city has sat down and you know they have detailed out how all that works but I can tell you- last time I looked this facility will have more security at it than either of those facilities and- while they’re- there might be. Different populations of folks there are some similarities so buy a. I like to start like the just commit that we will work with- with chief Martin all work with- our share of- to make sure that they have a detailed understanding of how this is all going to flow and work. And. Make sure they’re comfortable and- you know any issues that they have any any% insider are- suggestions that they have we will- be all ears and interested in. Anything they have to obviously anything they have to say the bottom line is that the number one goal- with this facility. Number one is to get people off the street period. There is a- whatever you wanna call it a crisis we’ve been talking about this in the paper on the TV’s- you as a body this the city we have a homeless crisis we have a big problem. In the metro Bakersfield area with folks camping out on the street loitering. Vandalizing being being. Taking advantage of other of other folks it’s a it’s a widespread problem the there is no available space. And no available treatment. For these people. This will allow law enforcement they will give them the opportunity in a tool of to have. Move people along off the street. Out of residential areas. If you parked overnight in a residential area. Law enforcement and say Hey you can’t park here anymore you can go and park up. At the- selected place that we have you’ll find a bathroom up their lighting. They’ll be security. A safe place you can go and do it up there. That’s what this is about at the end of the day getting people off the street and alternately these people are going to be- receive services. Whether that’s you know mental health treatment or substance abuse treatment- the G. E. D. ideas fantastic. Those are things that we can roll and job placement all of these things that- they’re going to be- offered the trying get these folks where we can we will be successful all the time but where we can. Get them back on their feet and it’s some sort of a sustainable way where if they do decide to go out and walk around on the streets. They look better they feel better their act better. If that’s the end result in I think that’s probably a win. At the end of the day but again the number one goal is to move people off the streets and into this facility. As a community were already dealing with with these law enforcement people are are are our offices are already dealing with this folks. Boron sheriff Youngblood talked about somebody sleeping on the sidewalk with their pants down. Well. Maybe we can Adam sleeping in this facility with their pants down and not out in public on the sidewalk with their pants down I mean if I mean it’s I believe that’s a win at the end of the day and possibly getting this. Individual whoever it is some treatment. Whether it’s mental health or substance abuse because of those probably are two things going on. But we will commit to working with with all law enforcement agencies as we move forward- to and ensure that they have a full- full understanding of exactly how this is all going to work the intake process that we’ve got. And security measures in place. Thank you servers Bedard. Thank you ashe chairman thank you for the public come and share with us their concerns today I do take them seriously and- take them to heart I want to think that. Those of spoken in favor of it as well. I want to thank our- partners at the city for being. Open to this and for the city manager’s expressed support of this effort I want to thank the mayor Karen go mayor city bears will for her- immediate and unflinching upport of this effort from the very beginning. I’m grateful for that I hope will see the same kind of- enthusiasm from our colleagues on the diversity council as it moves forward. We want to be a partner with the city- I am I am grateful for their their assistance and their help- I assure you with the city that we will also likewise be of. Help in a partner with you in the in the establishment of your facility- the services that the county provides are vital I think to the success of the city’s. Ject yeah and this is just the first step in a whole continuum of steps. That will happen so- nobody’s in line in front of anyone else this is just- we happen to. Have have the- world today in the city will have the role tomorrow. Of how to roll this out so. I we don’t have all the questions answered. I don’t know how we’ll we’ll do that I know that the time will come when- the city will come to the county and- ask our departments to. To be of assistance and I. Want to make sure that and Mr also up. And my colleagues agree that we will- try to be as corporate as we as we can about that I want to. Make sure that our department heads go directly to the CEO’s office so we coordinate how we- go about responding and- and make sure that we are completely in line so we don’t. Get out of missed make it don’t get misstep anywhere. I it is it. It is- there’s no question other than- the mandate is that we must be a good neighbor. So the immediate neighbor. Within fifty feet of this facility. Is a county building veteran services- the next most immediate neighbor. A hundred feet away is. An arm of the county fire department. Two hundred feet away is the county general on a general services but planning and- public works departments at the with this is surrounded by. County facilities so the first. Most affected- users of this. Will be our employees and our- our- facilities- so we- that that will I think give us a good feel for. What kind of implications we have in the neighborhood. These are our constituents who live in the city- you you might live in the city of bigger so you might live in the city of. Ridgecrest you might live in the city of Delano any any of the- fourteen or so on a- but that are incorporated cities in Kern county. But you also live in the county your our constituents so- I assure you that we will be. Committed to being a good neighbor- I want to work and I want to make sure that we- direct our staff to go back to make sure that we have. I left no stone unturned to particular with there’s a police department. Two of. Us wage their concerns. These are serious- issues about- bringing drugs in. Weapons in- if they aren’t allowed to be and where will they be stashed just outside those are. Concerns just like they are when somebody walks into this building- and they- realize they can’t bring a weapon in this building. There are weapons that are put back either in the cars or somewhere around this building. The reality is that the issues that we’re going to see in this facility. Are the very same issues. That are walking around in the neighborhoods. In the alleys of right behind the backs. Ance of my constituents and the city’s constituents that live. In the downtown area so I don’t I don’t take that likely it is also the case that there are other areas that we have. A dire problem and we must find a solution so I’m not gonna belabor this but- we this is just one element it we cannot move homeless people out of our parks. Out of our alleys out of- all the places where they are- making their Cantin encampments now unless we have an alternative to offer them and this is the county’s efforts by that our colleagues at the C. bigger so we’ll do the same thing. And it it is also the only way we have the most effective way we have I should say that differently it is the most effective way we have that we can conceive of. As to how we’re gonna get mental health services to them and drug treatment services to them so- it is just one. Tool and a whole box full of tools that we need to develop and we don’t have all the answers today but I assure you that we will try to come up with them. One of my other concerns is that we- effectively find a way to go. Out on the streets find those people that are homeless that are that are being disruptive to the- the fabric of our community- and bring them into this facility whether that be. In a county area or in a city or a so we’ll we’ll have to work diligently on that. I have some concerns as well you know there I don’t know if the- if the- day use areas big enough I don’t I mean I don’t know what all the answers to these things are yet. But I assure you that we will work on and I appreciated- the speaker who spoke you’re near the end about. You know that it was from the late from cap K. that you know we will we will deal with it. Because it is it is will our will that we deal with it. Hi I’m- this doesn’t address some of the people that live outside of the greater personal area. I think particularly about. The Kern river valley that when I’ve spent time there. The family that I have visited there that I have that live in that area. The meetings that I’ve been to a and the Kern river valley. There are other areas like that that are isolated from this that that don’t have a way to get here. We need to address those areas as well so. I hope that that’s something that we- that wedon’t- that that we- don’t. Overlook that with- move for trying to help them as well. But I am grateful for the effort I am looking forward to. Making a success and. I hi. I take to heart the concerns of those that have fear about this- in and I’m encouraged him to work with us I’m sure that they will tell us- the areas that were we need. To improve because there will be those areas but I look forward to approving this and I think my colleagues for their interest and passion for it as well. Super Scrivner thank you Mister chairman- first of all the I’d I do want to extend my thanks and appreciation to- first of all our staffs and in the Italian ministry of office that- has been tasked with taking the lead on this and being the point for us- and helping to coordinate all the carrot apartments and this recent that particular your efforts I know that you for pretty much a full time on this for and many weeks now and you I think you did an excellent job. In laying out and the different services that are going to be provided I think so much- has or has been- thought through and identified that are going to be necessary things to have their and clearly there were some concerns were brought here today- that will be and I’m sure a work in progress as we get set up there’s going to be- tweaks and. And changes that we’re going to I’m sure make to address issues that. We identified down the line but I think you’ve done a marvelous job as far as- and- as far as looking- at what we can anticipate they’re going to need there so thank you- I wanted to express. Also appreciation to the city for your collaboration and thus far this has been an I think an excellent- working relationship that we’ve had and so. Helpful that that. Continues on. I think that all of us to understand that this is not olving the homeless problem. And by on I don’t think that there there are any of us up here on the board that think that. That we do this and then we can move on to other issues is going to be something that’s our community is going to be dealing with. I think for the for the long term- unfortunately- but- what’s so critical. In moving forward with this particular facility. Is that the courts have ruled you cannot move. Homeless people off of public property off of public private property unless you have. Beds for them. And so that’s really what we’re doing here we’re we’re creating. A vehicle by which we can. We can see homeless that arm removed from our streets and into a facility- where they’re going to have access to a tremendous amount of services that hopefully are going to help them. To transition out of that lifestyle and that’s that’s what we’re doing here- the security issues that were brought up those are. Of great concern to me- there been multiple meetings that we’ve had with- the sheriff’s department with the city- I’ve been in meetings that had the chief of police there. The sheriff there these are. And these are concerns that I’m glad that they- have brought up today I think that it’s good for us all the now. The letter from the police department lays out a lot of questions. And I think these are questions that that could have been asked- earlier but never the less- I’m glad that they were asked and I think that it’s important. That our staff makes a concerted effort to come back to this board. With a report on how we’re going to address those concerns were brought up and so I’d like to- make a referral to staff. To come back with a security plan at a deacon detail it out a little bit more on how- we plan to address the questions that were raised. By our our friends in law enforcement. I do acknowledge that this facility will have much more security than any other almost facility. That currently exists in the county I think that’s an important thing to point out- but nevertheless I think the coming back with- a little more detail security plan would be good for the board to help my colleagues would like to support me in that. And. I’d like to get a it was alluded to a little bit earlier- but I would like to get- from the C. A. S. perspective- where we stand and some of our efforts to address the criminal element- this seriously drug addicted to serial thieves he folks that have multiple failures to appear that’s what the sheriff and the DA have been talking about we’re not talking about incarcerating people- for being homeless that something I think that- detractors have tried to push as a narrative and- unfortunately the media I think it’s done- has played a role in trying to with that. Sentiment up as well. But can we Mr also can you address- briefly where we stand as far as our discussions with the city and with the sheriff and the DA. Yeah Germantown supervisor Scrivner. The for the reasons you just- discussed I mean this isn’t really a separate issue in our mind- not unrelated to- the development of a longer shelter- in and dealing with homeless populations in this context- that proposal which is a proposal that was- first- I believe provided by our district attorney. And ashe sheriff Youngblood. We continue to- to work on that that is the- proposal that requires some some additional thought and planning. And we’re working as close as we can as we can with- with those stakeholders- in others to- to ensure that- at the end of the day- whatever plan we go forward with. Elevating the prosecution- of- in an address of the home Mr means in the community is done- in an effective and successful way- that actually produces. Results but that’s those are. Requires more planning more discussion and- really separate from this particular issue here today I agree that it separate but it’s also and I think. An issue that’s very important to folks that- our business owners people who are in the downtown quarter I mean I think that they have identified that there truly is a criminal element that. Is. Creating an environment that’s not not safer business not safe not safe for- books the community and so I think it’s important. That we at some point come back and address that issue encourage you to. Move as quickly as possible with the discussions- with the sheriff and the DA and also the city and to the extent to which they will partner with us. In an effort- although I make a motion right now the staff comes back with a- with this. A details security plan for the facility so- I’ll make that much now. Could I. Ask you to. Add something to that. I think it’s important when it comes back. That the sheriff’s department and the police department here to. That’s a given but it might not be are here to. The surest the plan. Has their support. Yes certainly yeah I encourage them to do so. Okay supervisors discovers does your motion include directing staff to proceed with the shelter or is that a separate motion- I guess I make a separate for our during its keep it keep going. We have a second thank you for your motion CEQA please gosford. The motion is approved Allah’s. But I will be supporting- moving forward on staff’s recommendation. When that motions may thank you. Richard was. Thanks Jim Bridget I’m all over the place you’re you’re my nose so you have to bear with me I thank Mister survive Maggard for addressing- curry county as a whole and we have the situation Kern river valley- intimately familiar with that I’m also aware of the pitch count numbers that are all over the county including to hatch a bee Delano and other places- I know they don’t marry up they don’t match up to the- to the significance- in terms of numbers that- Bakersfield and Oildale in the immediate area enjoys but- enjoys wrong more. We have but- it’s a real problem throughout Kerr county you need to be dressed Walker county not just big field but I’m glad to take a try to take a step this so I guess I’m I got some thoughts and- outorga for small talk about money whatever costs Mr also print my first thing is Amanda I want to thank you for doing outstanding job getting this up Outlander all out for us to understand and put some plan together that makes sense and there’s a logic blowing through stitched together very well. I wanna thank you. And your staff for doing the- job. Secondly I must also let’s talk money how much is going to cost us. Our total one time capital expenses up front estimated three million dollars one point one proximally one point one million of that is the whole person care. Funding that’s being- so generously provided by current medical. And the- remaining- balance of one point nine. Million dollars will be- taken out of the special designation of one time money that your board approved. And set aside in your- budget for this fiscal year. This does that include any costs for security the security plan on talking about does not that is capital. Up front. So they’ll be done that will be depending upon the details with that plan that will be an additional cost of the one point eight million dollars. Upfront costs no- the security will be an annual on going cost at the facility- which we have estimated one point three million that is not for security that is for. Operations in addition to security. And that is S. B. two so one point three million dollars that we use talked about is it is other than this one point eight million dollars one point nine million dollars this additional cost that’s yearly annual costs that’s going to. Going to include security. Yes that’s correct. Okay and by the way you know we’re starting with two two full time twenty four hour seven day a week security personnel in addition to cameras. Really which is a lot more than a lot of the shelters are doing up and down the state- will ramp up if we need to add a security guard or a- two security guards we will. On we will it just depends on how this thing involved and rolls out in. When we get going- will will be flexible enough to address. A situation where it’s needed- I think you stay stated. That you thought you felt and I think the design of this whole project the number one goal of this project was to I think you said get people off the street. Sir would you agree with me that the second goal would be to create a secure environment to move these people to. Yeah I believe the I think it goes hand in hand with the first goal in order to get people off the street we need to create an and buy a place for them to go that’s secure it’s secure for them. And secure for. The neighborhood that they are located in so then the goal may be number one goal be get people off the street and put him in a secure in our- correct. Okay sure. Then I’m sure that’s going to change. The cost structures associated with. This because the word secure has. Different definitions to different people I heard was to Maggard say that- you see this facility will be similar to what we’re experiencing streets were just this can mean different places. I think I don’t know this. But I bet the sheriff would say. That the security issues we see in this environment can be some of the security issues receipt Lara. And he manages those years jails in jail mas and security guys with police with but all kinds of stuff so I think security. Is I agree completely with supervisors Maggard and- Scrivner that security is going to be a major issue and I think it has to be flushed out because I think we did done and I know that’s going to be a- inhibit a low barrier definition of what we’re trying to do so this can be a bounce there and I just don’t understand how into that bounced you. Yes can explain to me we’re gonna have to full time security staff. At this facility twenty four seven. Every single day of the week all day all night long. Carrying weapons. Again have the ability to arrest somebody other gonna be have the milk to no there will be no police- used at the site- I think there’s probably good reason for that if you think that’s sufficient to provide security. This place yes. Is that word with security has that happened in if I’m cutting off on me too which is no no I feel like I’m cutting you off on so you know you’re right. Do you feel that okay so you feel that that security is gonna be adequate for what we’re trying to provide. I’d I believe it’s- we believe it is- at. For a start and like I said as we- ramp up we’re gonna start with fifty beds- our- operators and on site personnel are going to. Get a feel for how that works what the intake process is- how that’s working will modify as we go along but we will start from day one. With two full time. Security staff again that’s more staff- than any other facility has- here in Kern county and frankly in our conversations with the three shelters that we put up here- has- examples of. Of other low fare shelters they claim minimal minimal issues that was my next question animal issues with with security at the sites with the with the- security that they have in place in San Diego’s case. They have three hundred and twenty four beds they have six to eight. Security personnel that arts private security- the different times- they also have cameras. Similar to what we’re gonna be doing although we’re gonna start with fifty ramp up to a hundred and fifty that’s only the other two facilities one of them as a hundred and fifty beds they don’t have any security. Guards there they just have cameras and they have a staff- but the security is important it’s why we started with it- we are dedicated to spending money on it- we will have two full time a security staff. Not only patrolling inside the patrolling the perimeter outside. And the will have an extensive network of cameras. As an additional tool for our use and if we need to change up and improve and bolster- that security effort we will do it. Immediately and who’s gonna pay for we are not aware. That will come out of our- espy two permanent local how housing allocation in general fund so money’s so the funding for our- plan is gonna be flexible they go up they go down we don’t know yet we know that the on going the initial costs are going to be but we don’t know if the security plan gonna cost additional have additional costs associated with it. But any of the and we manage our way through this this noble effort that were on and we’re doing and it any of those funds that we’re gonna be diverting or we have already have allocated for this which artist in one point eight million dollars already been allocated but I those additional costs that we may occur at the course of the year are they gonna cause us to divert funds from. Employee pay raises or union negotiations or any other places where we need to spend money. And if so how. Yeah well your one point the one point eight the two million dollars that you’re bored set aside in this year’s budget has not been allocated. It is set aside in designated. Okay us what has been appropriated. We’re suggesting that you make that a preparation toward this effort which is what the plan is always been and that’s one time funding to set aside- the ongoing operational. Costs of this facility we believe can be paid for through- grants that were receiving and that’s the plan. Then we’ll do the we believe that- the funding that were receiving from the state is adequate. To deal with the operational costs and so to answer your question is. Thankfully no th. Is a security plan include- discussion I this may or may not have an answer for this but the buffer zone to me to be a buffer zone people talk about hiding weapons and hiding knives and business. Businesses that are in a immediate location or close to this thing- what security other can be involved in the plan to develop the security plan I’m gonna ask those businesses to participate. In security plan. Or offer their perspectives on we will- some Rosamond the immediate- tenants our county tenants. On the site. The rest are buffered by its you know about the free way- vacant buildings on the west of recycling. Center whatever that is really- on the- the west and train tracks in MT warehousing. On the north it’s pretty isolated- we will work with whoever- however they would like we will have to. Full time security staff every single day of the week all day long and all night long one- insuring that the perimeter. Is safe- moving people along moving people who were loitering along insuring that clientele at this particular facility or not. Meeting crimes if they are committing any crimes the police will be called- if anybody inside will be committing any crimes the police will be called it they’re committing a crime- we hope that what the security measures that we’re gonna have in place with with our personnel. Are going to prevent- this to a large extent those things from happening Lorelei you’re lifting a finger. With. If I may the public services building has over four hundred employees of the planning department is one of the departments that helps manage it. Mr Judd has his entire administrative team from Kern Medical Center on the second floor we have KDC we have air pollution. Of the building funds its own security guards. Through our department budgets we are planning to talk to the CA- about. Our building- working through our budgets to get another security guard for the parking lot so that we can also be part of the solution of moving people along. But we have our own issues with the homeless in our parking lots and the Kern medical. Staff has been you know we now have to go as buddies through that parking lot we support the center because we believe that we can now move the people who are kind of migrating into that area. To a place where they can get the services in the context they need at this navigation center but I wanted to assure you that we are part of this conversation about security in the area and that is. You know our. Partners in along with general services who manage that building. Thanks I’ll I’m almost done a couple more questions. The public is watching it may not be as informed is- some of us could you talk about the fact for a minute that this is not an original idea. This has- this has had applications and other places and- just expand on that from it. Yeah so- those were just three examples that we had showed you earlier but we’re seeing this up and down the state whether it’s a city or county or whether it’s a nonprofit that is taking it on- and- our proposal is nothing new it’s a compilation of everything that we’ve read everything that we seen what’s working and hasn’t worked. I think as rain mention on the security points those are- all components that we’ve seen however we realize that there is a higher level of security- you know to put our- residents at ease and that’s why we- are proposing that edition of security guards. The tension fabric structures are. You know easy to move there- not permanent structures and so that is. Another component and it’s also quick to put. In this area and something that can be done very quickly to address this issue. In so everything that we have seen has been- yes actually borrowed from up and down the state and- Taylor to accommodate our population. And given the proximity to address the downtown area- for people that you know on any given day visiting that site we already see people around that area and that is why we made sure to bring in our veterans services director as a neighbor in. An address- his concerns and address are the concerns of our county employees but. Yeah this is nothing new is popping up even with San Diego they are adding a second- structure and specifically with San Diego. The employee that neighborhood cleanup program within their shelter to create that perimeter to clean up the perimeter and also- they will tell you that they have to elementary schools that are in close proximity. Unfortunately we are not near any residential or any elementary schools so- and then they applaud their efforts in actually have said that there is better than they have then when it began so. Very nice supervisor I didn’t mean to interrupt you I’m was gonna add to that the San Diego- structure which I believe they could the call- bridge facility- was really was the subject of the primary subject of the- meeting that was organized by congressman- McCarthy. And a some women falling- awhile back that I attended was there was quite a few people that were in attendance there and mayor Faulkner from- San Diego was there to present- there- their journey- to create- the low barrier and to operated and it’s- been done with- a fair amount of success- and- results. Thanks my last question is okay so from one way anova taxpayers a could be thrown millions of dollars at this. Effort whether it’s out of my general fonder which grants or whatever it is as millions of dollars would be putting into this program. In order to help alleviate a blight in the case in the city which I. We have to take action how a year from now. So next thanksgiving or Halloween we’ll be sitting here and we say okay how do we know how we going to measure the fact that we can call this a success or a failure and if it’s a success great if it’s a fast. Is if it’s a failure how we gonna get out. So part of the ID program that we’re proposing is- if we are able to do that is expand our homeless management information system. That is a requirement of our team of care or homeless collaborative. That program is operated buyer behavior health recovery services has the ability to add an ID program. Part of that is to is for the data tracking into. A in abide by head standards under. On what is you know consider successful so we will look at housing on comes how many are we getting them into a permanent sustainable housing so how many number of exits how many are we are getting an actual job how many are you know and then we can aso use behavior holes- measurements is are they clean and sober I’m sure they have specific ones that- they’re probably more eloquent but and- so we will look to- you know current medical and be overhauled and decide what specifically are their measurements. But as far as housing goes we would look at successful exits how many are financially independent and then how many are obtaining a job. So we can assume is the housing elements go up. People on the streets are gonna go down. I hope so. Okay we need an element that we need to nail that down so we have the actual say this isn’t success for us is clearly defined and we still we’re doing right I’m at a point on of sit here today that I think at inaction is unacceptable. N. no matter what we do we have to act we have to take a course of action and- I think you’ve done an outstanding job lay this out I think- we have some challenges with it I think collaboration with the all agencies in the local area or sexual for us but- for Xochitl success as long as we properly defined. And god bless curry county is the right thing to be doing. I’m gonna offer support to have mixed emotions. I’ve got a couple people have already punched in I want to ask a couple questions but let’s go to serve reserve presidents resume. His book already. Ladies first thank you chairman of I my colleagues have really done a great job I think of outlining the challenges opportunities and concerns here- all of which are important and I so appreciate hearing from the public you know I’m so happy to see our public defender here Pam seeing- following these next steps by the county because I think. I recall distinctly my time as a public defender for several years and I’ve said this a hundred times and I’ll keep saying it because it’s a good reminder to me that while I was a deputy public defender the number one question that I was ever asked by a client- and I mean at the ratio of ten to one- was miss press can you help me get a job- it was always the number one topic of conversation- between my clients and I. And almost every time I was looking at somebody who- was ill equipped to compete in the market that we have. Today. And I and I have never forgotten- those realities as I become supervisor and I’ve had the opportunity to. Acquire the expertise- and inside of people like of my Turnipseed at our taxpayers association- I have learned. That Kern county has the second highest use disconnected rate in America meaning between sixteen and twenty four one either in school or working. For any city above two hundred fifty thousand with the least literate. On the flip side of that is we have incredible. Loyalty factor in index these things are testable and they are proven. We have an incredibly patriotic faith oriented many many faiths but we are a faith oriented patriotic family oriented population that’s who we are the culture of Kern county I love that culture- and I know the current county does as well. But part of this long term problem because our sheriff Donnie on but is correct this is not a long term solution it s not a magic bullet. This is one step in moving what is a very very challenging population which is a lot of us guys a lot of us in Kern county fall into these categories. Of disconnected youth of homeless foster children of whom do not have the skill set to compete to get into the housing market- to sustain themselves on their own. And I love his father Boyle says nothing stops a bullet like a job right I so I am very. Proud to be working with the CFO up for the jobs element of this roll out of which we will present to you here as we continue to lay out the ways in which current county must change to meet the needs of our actual population. When we trained two thousand workers Lorelei you’ll remember this might you remember this many people involved in that process we train two thousand entry level workers- with a twenty four hour certificate training program that was dirt cheap- and is not- saddled with all the government bureaucracy that we know is problematic. In moving people to the next rung of stability. At and so in the coming months we will lay out for you eight jobs plan. That is consistent with moving people to a place of stability. Not everybody is going to be wealthy not everybody’s going to have the same level of material wealth that is. A reality but we have discovered through. Community partnerships and very little financial investment we can really close the job skills gap we can move people to stability which is what I have found most people want I genuinely believe that- thereare many many people. But they need to be jailed that need to be house we need to be kept away from otherwise good faith players but the vast majority of my clients the vast majority of people I come across. Are desperate for work I thank you John for the reminder of local higher because those are opportunities to put our people of which we know are on the lowest rung of capacity to complete to compete. And skill set- and I appreciate the opportunity to look honestly at our population love our population but close the gaps that are in place that prevent people. From moving to the next level of which I believe- the vast majority of us are inspired to do so. Someone I think Alan candy- for the joint city and county effort that we are rolling out in the MLK region because the focus is on jobs the focus is on letting- anyone who walks through the door. Of our staff office AT T. R. anyone in any position in any deficiency they may have to be addressed but- in a very simplistic fashion so people can get on to the life that they need to live. So thank you Alan for your support of that council **** Rivera you we have really. Started like this project an unprecedented partnership between the city and the county and looking at how we best serve our people any practical efficient inexpensive way that gets people’s foot for. One foot in the door I. To stability- and sustainability so that is a part of this process a check see a and I were talking extensively about it yesterday were very excited. To include the jobs plan as part of this roll out because as our sheriff indicated in as my colleagues have indicated- this is not a magic bullet this is the necessary and first step to stabilize folks at or any profound. Disadvantage but as we have discovered. That when we close the gaps in an inexpensive efficient and intelligent way people become remarkably productive and that is good for all of us so. I’m excited CO thank you for your support in that Alan candy hats off to you- for being a such a visionary and that MLK region because we are going to transform it it is not. Rocket science we have done it multiple times out throughout the county I and this is an opportunity to build and develop the kind of community. That is going to transform these populations to at least be a sustainable debt hopefully dragon especially crime free. A so- thank you Lorelei thank you my colleagues for being forward thinking on these matters. This is not easy it is not fun for anybody a but it must be done and it must be done with an eye on the realities of our population. And how we can be efficient. And answer the call of the public to do something about this problem and not just keep talking and meeting about it- this is what we’re doing here I’m so grateful. Lorelei Amanda you’ve been phenomena I know we’re gonna be in Sacramento Monday for the jointly the cities and see CPAC operation. Up to come together and we- before I think when we do that with an eye on community we can have the kind of results that. Be a better quality of life for all of us are and that is sustainable economically and financially because people need to work they need to be independent- but until they have a job skill. And a stable pathway forward we all I pay for the consequences of that jointly. Sell a chairman thank you for the opportunity to address the public. I’d like to make. Shin instep recommendation and move forward I to what I think is really an exciting new chapter for all of us the current the city and many others so. Thank you. Thank you I just have a couple of questions or comments. Going to speak on behalf of the whole board but I think I can say that we are committed to public safety and public safety in the downtown is included in that. I’m glad to read your Maggard Gleason brought up the issue of the rural areas- just briefly the city Delano- in. Their pointed time county the county about forty five they think they really have seventy five to eighty. Almost people in the Delano area and they are. Attempting to address that with a day shelter. Which also or maybe on Cullen late afternoon and early evening shelter where they’re gonna be. Utilizing a separate. Already existing facility the use for different services. To just bring people and provides much the same services we’re talking about- showers that sort of thing just lay people rest- giving them the services the county provides so. I guess I’m I’m looking to see a- be I’d like to discuss with you- the way that we can assist in that regard it’s very inexpensive. Compared to what we’re talking about here extremely expensive. Effort on their part but they are attempting to address the issue. In their location and what I’ve learned it also is I think a lot of people who are experiencing homelessness. The ones they were they are. And we need is right I think meet them where they are and that means I don’t know that we want to uproot them bring them. To some other location but we can address- their needs and concerns were they are I think that’s- the best thing to do. So. Your response to that yeah I just say Mister chairman. Thank thank you for that I. Look forward to discussing that more with you and the other board members and- insuring. The Delano success and getting that done thank. I’m gonna restate the obvious there is not a good spot to do this- I know Mr Pell’s realize that there’s no no good spot to do what his. His places as try to undertake. So I’m going to support the motion but I am we do need to keep a careful while I’m glad this recipe you said Hey we’re gonna start with two security guards or whatever- but we can wrap that up if needed- in fact I want to display it receive your might we might wanna start higher than that and maybe ripped down as we- see. With the news they’re not. Just for something for you to consider I am concerned that the- the police department I think of a good job of laying out the concerns- but the late amounts. Here and so concerned that maybe the. And I I’m not I’m not blaming youall I think this is a difficult thing to get your arms around and there’s lots of tentacles to and what’s of departments in the view of all but I hope to or out reach continues with. Knowledge is the cedars filled are there project but also- specifically the police department on ours and I do think we the sheriff needs to we need to work with the sheriff on. What he sees the police were Missy’s as the problems may be on our side. To address the before they occur if possible or be ready for them. The that’s all the comments- I want to mention to Mister Carter we received the letter that you submitted prior to submitting its origin others on that’s on the record those are my comments Frazier Bedard thank you- I would like to make sure that the motion to approve includes as making the proper findings and declaration that are necessary that we can avail ourselves of all of the resources of the state- yeah. To make sure that this is properly authorized and funded so. If you’re if you’re okay with that I will be happy to second the motion. As you wish to. Stephanie to make any comments of emotional thank you your motion CEQA prescription drugs. The motion is approved allies. Vicki where was the one and only god we have the agenda we just need a motion to adjourn closer. The objection we are adjourned thank you

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