Kern County Board of Supervisors 9:00 a.m. meeting for Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Television welcome to this week’s twenty forty. Originating from the county administrative center located at eleven fifteen Truxtun Avenue Bakersfield California. In nineteen customer center county government designed to garner the confidence support the trust of the people we serve today’s card County Board of supervisors meeting will convene moment. Right. Good morning welcome to the regular meeting of the borders of Russia this Tuesday August thirteenth. First border reconvene for Simon’s roll call. Supervisor Gleason supervisor Scrivner here supervisor Maggard here supervisor count your supervisor press. Thank you next item is the salute to the flag it’s gonna be with this morning by Viviana Patino Houten’s golden valley high school. And she’s representing swap also this morning. And you three please remain standing for limited so it’s a meditation when you at the conclusion that. For thank. Salute pledge I. Yeah thank you may be seated . Next item is our pet of the week there is a production I think his name is Monty so I’m gonna ask your neck if you’d come on out and- totaled about mark. Morning Nicole in your director for Kerr Kenny animal services I brought with me this morning the board of supervisors pet of the week his name is Monty but is about a year and a half old terrier mix he’s frightened right now however he’s available for adoption currently is adoption fees eighty five dollars is gonna make somebody really good family pet probably single dog household with no children at this point but he’s gonna be a really good family. That is a is a laptop. These. Thank you for doing that now last week was a. Digger Canada okay great thank you. Do. They connect next item is our consented gender all of those items listed with a C. A. receive a see above the item number are considered to be routine and non controversial by county staff we can act on those all in one motion this is the time if there is anything on the consent agenda for you to ask readers consideration or to make a comment about any of those items. Consent agenda starts on page two consists of items. Six on the page three Oviatt M. seven through fourteen. On page four all the items fifteen three twenty two. On the page five all the items twenty three through thirty. On page. The one page six items thirty one three three three or not on the consent agenda. Was there anything else that was removed by. Be removed by staff anything right but missed okay three one here who would like to make any comment on any of the items I just mentioned or- ask for any separate consideration of those. I believe the resume it has a question about one of those are. Thank you. Mister chairman items fourteen through eighteen. Are some and centralization programs. For job training in our community the total of those the expenditure on those items this five runs about a half million dollars. So it can somebody just. Quickly tell me I want to vote on them separately and I think we need to go through all that process but- can we just explain to the public. What level of accountability there is other metrics they have to meet if they don’t meet those metrics than there are. As much as like we’re not going to give her some money. Supervisors the Mister chairman supervisors trees H. **** directory T. R. my office will answer this question morning message got more. Good morning chairman counts and supervisor Maggard to the chair am yes employers training resource is. Issue in a number of contracts that are done through an RFP process typically in order to ensure that we had a competitive process for the training dollars that we do have were monitored by both the state and federal government as well as our county government. And all of our training providers are required to meet that training metrics that our organization has as a requirement from the federal government. So when will we look at. The look back at the process again at to assure that they are indeed hitting those marks and if they’re not they will take action we actually monitor all of our providers monthly we have a monthly report that we take a look at to see where they’re at as far as- there placements how well there are folks are doing their completion rates and all of those types of metrics. Okay. We have an opportunity could you combine seaman will I’d like talk about that. Absolutely thank you very much thank you. Mister miss my pleasure to a vote to approve the consent calendar. Your motion on the consent calendar thank a second please Gus robes. The motion is approved for eyes one absent supervisor press. Is the chief Campbell in the audience today. Good ZG five I heard that you might be here but I can’t I can’t see out there will resonate among the consecutive you were just here to show your support for but I want to acknowledge the- thank you for. They can come. But the Texas back to a page to. I’m public presentations item to this portion is reserved for persons to dress the board on any items or the jurisdiction of the board but is not on today’s agenda. During one here that would like to make a public presentation. Good morning. Good morning my name is Jaden J. A. I. D. E. N. Florida’s F. L. O. R. E. S. I am a freshman from south high school and we are swap or students working against tobacco we educate our community on the negative effects. Of tobacco by working together as a youth coalition and we are here today to educate you on the impact tobacco has in our schools and on us between twenty seventeen twenty eighteen there’s a 78% increase and tobacco usagein high school students and a 48% increase in middle schoolers. In Kern county four out of five school stores in locating your school sites self flavored tobacco products well four out of five kids have used tobacco started with the flavor products. Many students have their own personal story about tobacco due to the epidemic we called vaping. Was this discreetly tobacco usage is no longer just a bathroom activity it has spread to our classrooms which is our learning environment. A place or we are supposed to be guaranteed a safe and healthy learning space. And although teachers have the training to take action against Iraq suggest school. There at a disadvantage with discrete devices such as jewel. These are causing them to. Dr own teaching agendas to combat tobacco usage instead of teaching our peers on what we need to learn for our futures. So what should I. To protect us our youth our students are teachers our health our futures and our current county. The current tobacco retail license in place is not enough we need stricter tobacco policies that will insure than no new retailers may open your school sites to reduce taxes and expose your chart peers and to stop promoting influences that affect our generation and the future wants to come. If you have any questions I have other group members who are willing to answer. For you think every time. There’s a resume. I want to ask Mr Constantine Dr super smart. Thank you ms floors can come forward again and ask a question. Do you tell me again the name of your group. It is working against tobacco so what okay and you know if there are similar groups at other high schools and- I believe. A few yes a few okay good thank you very much for your time is good because stir Constantine I’ve been discussing vaping and while I can see that there might be a an adult use of vaping to help people get off of tobacco and whatnot. The marketing of it to our youth is thank. It’s deplorable so I’d like to have a conversation with you in public I’m happy to have a conversation in private but I won’t have a public discussion mistrust teen about the use of. Vaping products that are tailored specifically for young people I don’t know what all the flavors are but the lollipop in the cotton candy in the cherry on the structure and the cinnamon and whatever else there is it’s just. Specifically targeted to young people I’d like to talk about whether. Something about that. Thank you. Thank you very much you’re gonna start tension I admire your your act act activists. I think it is a constant thank you for getting back to me. The raiders Wisconsin do you want to make any comment about the sort of. Hi good morning Mister chairman so it’s impressive to see the young folks here today and supervisor Maggard they were represent a number of different high schools throughout Kern county not just one and in I’m glad I’m grateful they’re here bring this forward some of you know but and the next generation of smoking is to use electronic cigarettes or E. cigarettes. That they look like a USB drive you can see in your pocket they don’t get hot the kind of high tech some of them light up or even playing music and they’re easy to use and then you have to fill them with a little bit E. juice or hello Chuck cigarettes and nicotine Jews that they put in there. And this is the next trying to get the smoke I’m four out of five kids that used tobacco started without leveraged tobacco electronic cigarettes. It’s as early as twelve years. All are using it we’ve had instances where even in our middle schools where we’re seeing these used in bathrooms. And it the intent is to move to mask the harsh taste of tobacco. To make it easier for kids to use. And as the chairman said and as a supervisor Maggard said there’s all these flavors now it’s sweet flavored doesn’t even seem like you’re smoking any longer. But it is it their their intent is to attract younger smokers and even girls trying to get them to smoke at a higher percentage so. This is a new approach we got to step up our efforts we have a program in public health where we actually permit to those in the county that sell cigarettes. And E. six we then we have an enforcement capability we wanna make sure the signs are posted we actually send and decoys to all of the county facilities or any city is adopted our ordinance. City bigger still the city of ridgecrest have not yet adopted that ordinance that the only two cities in the in the in the county. I and then when they do sell to our decoy we then take enforcement action against that to prevent from happening future. The swat team works with our coalition they’re active but it’s more work that needs to be done as as the next evolution of King Kong so. Revised for the. Coming back and having that discussion so thank you. I think if it we need to be effective in spending our time and efforts to combat this so. I like involved this I think I can add to the conversation and please call me. Thank you. Thank you any other public statements today. More Lewis are you. Good morning honorable board chair couch no supervisors my name is Luis Medina and I’m the director of community impact for Kern community foundation a year ago all of you generously agreed to help fund our jumpstart fundraising technical assistance program so that five nonprofits representing each of your districts could increase our capacity and sustainability by learning how to fundraise and cultivate long term donors better. Today I’ve come to give you abrief update on jumpstart which is a little over halfway through its first year Kathy I just passed out for each of you a packet that includes the latest issue of the current business journal featuring an article on some start on page seven a memo that shows how well all participating nonprofits are doing and featuring break out highlights from one participant independence through grace which is able to more than double its give big corn fundraising efforts in. Twenty nineteen over twenty eighteen by applying the jumpstart method. And a print out of a power point presentation prepared by speakers of master chorale in their fundraising coach. To show how just in. Seven months jumpstart help them achieve a 65% increase in dollars raised in a 73% increase in donors engaged over the last fiscal year. I want to thank you on behalf of current community foundation and the agencies to help subsidize through jumpstart because the results are much better than anyone could have anticipated. I reminder of who the participating agencies are Indian Wells valley economic development corporation. Have a heart Humane Society Bakersfield master chorale. Bakersfield and Bakersfield homeless center independence to grace comes in because even though they did not score high enough on the grant application to receive a subsidy like the others the board found the program worthwhile enough to have them participate at full tuition. And they’re doing a great job. Jumpstart is not rocket science. It simply pairs up a fundraising coach of the program participant and train someone how to use fundraising software to better organize data. About their donors so that they can do such things as keep them engaged even when they move out of area. Send them thank you notes and birthday cards in a timely manner. So to let them know that they are appreciated and develop better email marketing strategies. The relationships that have developed between the cultures and are non profits as well as myself and jumpstart management are also solid for example Rebeca McCourt opinion rules valley. Economic development corporation header coach chip checking up on her soon after the July fourth and fifth earthquakes. And neatness Rollo the managing director I deal with made a one hundred dollar donation to community foundations earthquake relief efforts so some really solid relationships have developed. Finally I just wanted to let you know that I would like to reach out to each of you in the coming weeks through your chiefs of staff. With a proposal for your consideration and possibly helping to fund the program again in twenty twenty so that another local group of agencies can participate. The program has been enhanced by network for good to allow for more coaching hours and a more structured data management training. You again for your support and I would be glad to answer any questions you might have. I don’t see any questions with a humorous it you’re right did I think everyone went into with a little bit of. Hope it was going to work and it really did so you guys are great job with that thank you very much secure support. But. Any other public statements Silect. Good morning. Good morning Mr chairman members of the board merry Bedard register voters. With regard to the request last week for information on elections security measures I would like to take this opportunity to update your board on the security issues facing the elections office and the cautions we’ve taken. Some of the issues that have been discussed nationally include not having a paper trail the problem of aging elections equipment and the ability to defend against cyber attacks. California has certain controls built in that some other states do not including required out it’s during the vote counting process. In Kern county all ballots are cast by paper ballot so we definitely have a paper trail. Our voting system is standalone meeting that it it is a closed system is not connected to the internet or any outside network it is located in a controlled key card access room with twenty four seven camera surveillance. Processing Kern county involves having polling sites by precinct using paper rosters listing all the registered voters in that precinct. Beau tabulation is centralized in the elections office unlike some other places the tabulate results at the polling sites. Voted ballot for in the possession of at least two people at all times in teams of two people drive the sealed paper ballots from each polling site to the elections office after polls close on election night. Two thirds of current voters our vote by mail. Election staff is trained in signature comparison techniques. And examine every returned vote by mail envelope. If the signature is missing or does not compare to the signature we have on file the voters notified and given an opportunity to verify their signature. Only vote by mail ballots with a valid signature are eligible to be counted. Observers are welcome to observe the process throughout the election period. And we throughout the elections office so there is a record of everything that goes on throughout the process. Current doesn’t have the problem with aging elections equipment to some other places have. In twenty fifteen as soon as the first new elections equipment with certified for use in California and many years. We were the first county purchased the new tabulating equipment using federal how the money at no cost to the general fund. In twenty eighteen we replaced our aging touch screens that were used at the polling sites for ADA purposes with new I. C. X. agreement which produces a paper ballot. They just tell it with all of the balance. This purchase was also made with federal hava money. Indeed twenty nineteen we are purchasing new sorting equipment for the vote by mail ballots. Using a combination of state and federal funds. Since implementation the accuracy of our voting system has been proven in both the required manual tally of votes conducted for every election ended requested recounts. Regarding defending against cyber attacks all righty staff follows best practices such as keeping patches up to date. The secretary of state’s office notifies counties of any issues they learn of from the department of homeland security or the FBI. And the department of homeland security hold cyber security exercises with the state’s current county has participated in both the twenty eighteen and the twenty nineteen exercises. With our paper ballots paper rosters up to date centralized tabulation equipment in security measures in place in the elections office during the election process. The voters of Kern county can have confidence in the integrity and accuracy of the voting process that includes my remarks. This bird here one second I think rather members when the request this last weekend tree was a common thank you Mister chairman is with our thank you for coming forward and coming for so quickly with a response there has been. Add discussion and national media about threats to the election process and- cyber attacks and things like that what you just explained I think. Adequately effectively communicates to us that we are isolated from that threat. And I’ve been one of my specific questions had been but I just want to have your rhetoric reiterated you can’t I think you just said that aging. Election equipment is not really our threat here defeat you that is that your that’s correct and we have the most up to date equipment that you can have unlike a lot of other counties in in the state they are just now buying the new equipment and having to install it tested and train their staff on it we’ve been using the newer equipment now for the last two. Election cycles so that’s not our problem so is there a threat is there any weakness in our system is there any aspect of it that you think. We should. Contemplate so as to make sure the public our elections are safe and accurate. Fundamentally we are position very well I would say probably the biggest problem. Attention problem Kern county is facing is with the retirement of our experienced elections officials which which we have discussed with the board over the last several years but a retired employees they’ve done an excellent job of positioning us by getting the new equipment a head of in most other counties by putting processes in place. To implement controls reconciliations during the process in a training our newer newer staff we we’ll see we are in the process of can be recruiting for new assistant registrar of voters soon and we have to chief deputy registrar of voters currently. One has thirty years of elections experience the other one has twenty years so they will be here through the twenty twenty election so I think well well twenty twenty will be maybe a little more challenge because of the loss of the very experienced a senior management in the elections office I do believe we are we are positioned very well in order. To overcome those challenges into. The photos can’t have confidence in the elections process forgettable please extend our- to those who are retiring to all of your election staff and well we do know that we are grateful for your leadership and- being ahead of the curve so that. We can have confidence in our elections here. Thank you the was Bedard. Any other published it was this morning. Seen under the and three wishes board member else reports yes Sir resolution thank you couple things or talk about first the referring back to the earthquake in ridgecrest I want to notify and thank the small business administration for offering disaster existed assistance to California businesses and residences all affected by the earthquake. The disaster declaration is official this declaration provide low interest loans to help in business recovery as locate the Kerr McGee center in downtown ridgecrest. Second issue is I’ve got kick some thank you notes and I want to share those there from well first ones from Tom Mr Burke the chancellor of the Kern county college district. And he goes on to say a sincere thank you to the staff of current county. For your emergency assistance in the recent earthquakes in getting kcera coso communicable it’s back up and running to meet the needs of our students are community. He’s a cop manning the staff Kern county. The other one I got is from cars McAfee. Who says that after visiting the current county emergency operations center while our community struggled your professionalism the professionalism your team was inspiring. I want to commend county emergency response officials on their quick mobilization to help ensure that residents of east and current county had access to life saving. And sustaining food water these just to that we posted on our website they’re just two of the many thanks I get across. A current county for of the performance of our current county staff in response to the earthquake a sincere thank you to all who participated. Like super super is pressed. Thank you very much chairman couch I would like to announce our county annual blood drive of as you know every year right before the fair we have a blood drive here at the county we bring all of the tools to you and we usually give away in admission pass and a parking pass well this year we will be giving away to admission passes a parking pass and a box lunch counsel. **** Rivera and so the day of the blood drive is a Friday which is before Memorial Day excuse me Labor Day and so we’re a little concerned about turn out truthfully but it was the date that how to needed and so we’re really laying it on thick with two admission tickets a parking pass this is. With the lunch will be you know forty forty five dollar value so yes I am paying you off for your blood and I ask you to please please get your departments get your folks I see some people here have been very very supportive of this effort as you know we at any moment can have a kind of county wide. Disaster in catastrophe that we see happening around the country and we would hate to find ourselves in short supply we have found ourselves before in short supply this is the way in which we can be prepared. As a community that we can think about whether our neighbors. Get the role. Very little you know expense yourself and plus you can take your family to the fair and not spend five hundred dollars which is traditionally what happened so will will help you reduce that bill just a tad August thirtieth there are flyers in the back my chief of staff Nicole is in the back she’s put flyers around the back so please please encourage your folks to sign up August thirty. Friday nine to one thank you chairman. Thank you in years. Out I want to just a second and the report of something that got to do last night which is. For UNIKOM pretty fun. The television show extreme makeover home edition is coming to Kerr county and they have their. The court the kickoff for I don’t know I’m not quite sure what the call last night’s event but- it’s really when they bring all the builder and all the contractors together. And told me what they need and encourage other people to come how many of you know about this by the way the goods coming. I think it is. Not this Wednesday but the fault not tomorrow but the following Wednesday will be. The morning when they show up at someone’s house and they say okay. Get your stuff get out to the cinema a weeks long vacation when they come back we have an entirely they’ve. In the house down that they live in and they built a minute tire new house. Women as you know they got the big bus in Frederick makes a move that bus in the families there and they see the new house they’re going to get for the first time so. I just want courage anyone who has. Knowledge in the building trades of any kind to. Volunteer for that even if you don’t. If you just want to come in. They said literally if you just want to build a hand somebody a tool. You know the difference between a screwdriver hammer. The they can use you. They were here several years ago I see several maybe ten years ago. And I don’t know how many communities they have come back to. But I wanna. The recognizer planning department and all departments are involved in this because. Excuse me I don’t think they would come back to a community. That really didn’t. Support them and show them. Really what they what they really need to get the job done and it’s just really stepped up so not only did the county family all you over departments but- everybody lives in Kern county really stepped up and help them out a lot and they’ve come back. So I would invite you to a- the department project I’m sure you can find it on. Their website somewhere it’s on HGTV and again it’s extreme makeover home edition by the way our mayor Karen go mayor bill Kristol was her usual energetic outstanding self last night. Anyway rumors. I think the Texas through everything on the consent agenda. In Texas. Doesn’t but to item thirty. Four thirty five thirty six. I’m sorry. Sort of jump into the afternoon early. Thirty one three thirty three and I don’t recall can we hear these concurrently a little more once or three separate public hearings. Separate okay. So item thirty one is the device three committee hearing pursuant to the tax equity and fiscal responsibility act but it wasn’t as tough for. This resolution. There were thank you Mr chairman members of the board good morning yeah so we have three items before you all very similar they’re all Taffer hearings on they do all have to be even though they’re similar they have to be held separately each separate project has to have its own hearing so. The tephra the tax equity and fiscal responsibility act of nineteen eighty two does require approval for the issuance of tax exempt private activity bonds I’m so each project proposed to be financed by an issue of private activity bonds must be approved by the governmental unit issuing the ball once and then the reason we’re here before you today also by the governmental unit having jurisdiction over the area in which the project is located in order to qualify for tax exempt status. So that background item thirty one is a. Approval to issue an amount not to exceed ten million dollars in revenue bonds by the California municipal finance authority. On behalf of waste management Inc. Related to improvements to the existing the kid Strickland Phil facility located on highway fifty eight in my kid trick. The California municipal finance authority proposes to issue tax exempt revenue bonds to finance the construction of new cells in liners additions and improvements to the leachate collection and treatment system. Improvements to the methane gas system and installation of new liners for intermittent and final closure of completed sections of the landfill facilities so that is the project the amount is. Not to exceed ten million dollars and the counties did advisory committee met on July thirty first with the applicant and representative from the authority. The county of Kern will not be the issue were very important so there is no financial liability to the county with this bond issue. The committee reviewed the issue for consistency with the county’s debt financing policies and did not find any significant deviation from those policies. Data by three he determined that the project offers public benefit by continuing to provide a more efficient deliver of local services. To residential and commercial felt. The authority publish the required notice in the Bakersfield Californian we receive proof of that publication. And a representative from the California municipal finance authority is here today in case your border any member of the public has any questions regarding the project or the financing. So the recommendation its recommended that the board conduct the test for hearing for the purpose of financing the project the California municipal finance authorities request to issue tax exempt bonds and adopt the attached resolution. Okay thank you so will open the public hearing. Receive public comments or anyone who what Cullen of the sort of. Signal close the public hearing Richard the board for questions comments in action. Thank you for always oak skis jam. Forget. My apologies thank you chairman always a scene and the excellent presentation the commotion staffs recommendation thank you. Sir your bushes. The motion is approved all lies. Thank you I am thirty two is this same here is interfering in advisory committee hearing pursuant to the terror for acts in a proposed resolution restaurant with yes so this step for hearing and proposed approval to issue an amount not to exceed six million dollars in multi family housing revenue bonds by the Housing Authority of the county of Kern. For the pioneer cottages project in this project consists of a thirty seven unit affordable multi family rental housing project located at thirty one forty one pioneer drive in Bakersfield. The county’s divisor committee again met on July thirty first with representatives from the authority. Again the county of Kern will not be the issue were and has no financial liability with the bond issue. The committee review the issue for consistency with the county’s debt financing policies and did not find any significant deviations. I in the dead of visor committee determined that the project offers. Public benefit by providing affordable houses. For about housing to the community. The current county Housing Authority did publish the required notice in the Bakersfield Californian. And we receive proof of publication and are also representatives from the current county Housing Authority are here in the audience if you have questions. So therefore it’srecommended that your board conducted after hearing for the purpose of financing the project. Approved the Housing Authority of the county of currents request to issue tax. Exempt bonds and adopt the attached resolution. Thank Mister Kaufman will open the public hearing us there’s anyone here the looks because this item. Seeing none close the public hearing returning to the board for action. National dance recommendation. Your motion. Second a second please Gus rose. The motion is approved all eyes. Thank you arvin thirty threes identifies recommit hearing pursuant to the act in a proposed resolution Kaufman. All right this will sound vaguely familiar temper hearing and proposed approval to issue not to exceed six point five million dollars in multi family housing revenue bonds by the Housing Authority of Kern county. For the Benton park cottages project this project consists of a thirty seven unit affordable multi family rental housing project located at twenty three forty one excuse me twenty four thirty one terrorist way. And three oh eight Stephens drive. Sets project again the county’s divisor committee met with representatives of the authority. The county will not be the issue were. The committee report view the issue for consistency with the county’s debt financing policies and found no significant deviations and determined that the project definitely offers public benefit again by providing affordable housing. To the community. Again we received or the excuse maker county Housing Authority publish the required notice in the Californian. And yes so therefore it’s recommended that your board conducted after hearing for the proposed for the purpose of financing the project. Approved the Housing Authority of the county of current request to issue tax exempt bonds and adopt the attach resolution. Thank you. Will the public hearing this there’s anyone who look to speak to this item. Seeing none will close the public hearing Richard or correction. Motions that segmentation. Seven Famoso second please Gus rules. The motion is approved all eyes the thank you Brooks that bridges the end of the morning agenda I just need a motion to adjourn the closest. Motion the objection were injured thank you

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