Kennedy: The UN is outdated and hypocritical

100 thoughts on “Kennedy: The UN is outdated and hypocritical

  1. nobel peace prize is more outdated and dumb…….
    kissenger got the award…….same man send the aircraft carrier in indian ocean to threaten india in 1971 war when millions of bengalis were getting butchered by usa ally and kissenger told india ….avoid it
    this is all politics…… 1971 ussr was with india and bengalis got their nation , around 3 million killed and usa kept on giving aid to pakistan…………no one is mahatma gandhi in this world……….

  2. The U.N. is useless & bankrupt. Trump should evict this globalist monstrocity & turn the building into expensive condos! 🕊

  3. what stops usa frm pushing reforms in un……start with unsc……….but that no one want…………….p5 only interested in veto vote
    thats it………….let the rest of world go to hell

  4. until theres not 1 homeless veteran or homeless children we should stop giving money to the un and other foreign countries

  5. America should totally defund the UN and totally walk away from the UN on the basis that we will not let tyrannies sit as equals with equal say on matters concerning free nations and peoples.

  6. Talk about outdated and are you wearing Kennedy lmao….talk about far as hypocritical your foil mouth is full of lies as usual..typical trump puppet Kennedy…

  7. Cult leader of the Unification Church, Sun Myung Moon has said many many years ago that the UN is nothing but a self seeking club.

  8. The UN was a bad idea from the start. We should've restricted ourselves to the league of democratic nations. We need to stop giving legitimacy to commie/jihadi dictatorships, and outcast them as illegitimate. I would prefer that we even end all diplomatic and economic relationship with such countries. So yeah, we need to end the UN and end our membership in such illegitimate globalist organizations.

  9. Nikki the Tom Cruise driving MI sequels with India Bollywood mixed with Hollywood.

    Wow Venezuela gets Human Rights seat to fight against Maduro and Cuba and to sue the communist-hindutva nation's?

    Good progress for Venezuela.

  10. The UN building and it's location in particular, is perfectly fit for an expensive tax paying condo building – or a wonderful shelter for the NYC homeless population. You decide.

  11. Why are we still not out of the UN? We've had enough!!! Mr. President, get us out of the UN or tear them apart fr the inside out

  12. at least venezuela gives free food shelter and medicine to the best of its ability to its citizens even with the economic siege imposed on them, now tell me about the homelessness crisis in America or the contaminated public water, im all ears.

  13. UN has made a big mistake when UN let one-party totalitarian dictatorship ruling PRC(people's republic of china) replaced democracy and freedom ROC as Permanent members of the United Nations Security Council in 1971, and not allow Taiwan having her seat in UN. UN has lost her fundamental spirit since then.

  14. The UN is nothing but money redistribution criminal organization ! There's so much curruption at the UN with impunity! We know that food sent to countries to feed certain people never actually go to them instead the dictators sell it on the black market and the same for medical supplies! Muslim countries getting billions in aid have made their politicians wealthy beyond belief! The U No ipcc is even more currupt they will target certain countries as suffering from man made climate change in order for millions to be funneled into those countries where kickbacks have made these fearmongering con men millions !

  15. A new united nations alliance needs to be formed exclusively made of REAL democratic nations like; Israel, Brazil, and a few others.

  16. The USA should refund all the monies to the UN Countries that they duped with the WMD Hoax. The USA should make reparations for all their war crimes in Iraq and Vietnam.

  17. *" The trick is in the title Commonwealth … the word being Conom-welt (latin nom/christian vs conom/surname ) + welt
    /wɛlt/ noun
    1. A leather rim sewn round the edge of a shoe upper to which the sole is attached. That which remains trodden down. "*

  18. Fully agree. The members on the human rights commission are a farce. And all of the votes against Israel is a joke.

    The US should stop funding this organization. Personally tired of all the uncollected parking tickets these knuckleheads get, but use diplomatic immunity to get out of. Boot the whole corrupt lot out of the US.


  20. 0.53. I must strenuously object to Kennedy's choice of words. The term "bugger" according to the 2015 Obegefell decision is to be called "love" and protected by the 14th Amendment as such. To utter such terminology these days as a pejorative is no longer possible. The term actually means "love". Such is the nature of normative law turning into positive law, not through legislation, but by the alleged legislative prerogatives of the US Supreme Court, which apparently no longer seems to think it needs constitutional rights to make list inclusions and exclusions.

  21. They tried to pull that b***** on the US with no borders to Mexico and combine all three countries as a North America Union

  22. Kennedy is so right on this The U.N. is totally useless an should be ejected to Africa, Brazil or Switzerland anywhere but here !!!

  23. After seeing this I don't want to wear my United Nations ballcap that was given to me after performing for the UN and NATO. They've become a JOKE of HYPOCRISY. The USA provided the last shred of cred. We're OUTA here! My HAT I was once proud to be given for my performance to this once respected entity, will be retired. HYPOCRISY .. is the CORRUPT LUBE of the NEW UN's political intercourse. Venezuela IN .. USA "OUT"! NO CRED LEFT AT THE U.N.!!!

  24. why can she just read the teleprompter normally? wtf is going on, does no one else notice how wrongly accentuates parts of the text? wtf?

  25. The reason the the UN is corrupted is due to the behaviour of the five permanent members of the security council. The have the veto power, which they gave themselves. They the five largest arms dealers in the world, which they use to promote conflicts in the rest of the world. Have to sell those weapons. They only vote on their intrest not on what is right. Soon or later the smaller countries would follow their example.

  26. WOW… The U.N. is nothing but a cesspool of very dangerous Globalists that are now loosing their long held control of the world's economies and global power structures, Thanks both to Donald Trump and the great American Patriots that voted him into office!!!

  27. China is on the UN Human Rights Council??? Isn't harvesting organs from people against their will a violation of human rights??? What is the UN going to do about it???

  28. The U.N. is A Demonic Organization. We need to kick it out of our country and refuse to align Our Nation with anything such as that atrocity again! You Have No Idea How Evil & Corrupt That Organization Is .

  29. UN = united nutcases: they was form to keep peace what about 70 years ago, I like to know when are they going to start, They can't keep peace among themselves, what makes us think they can keep peace around the world if there is no peace between themselves. Those are some questions and true assumptions I never hear or have been answered. UN verses US your choice.

  30. Get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US. Let's stop wasting money on that corrupt cabal of deceivers.

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