Kellyanne Conway rips Hunter Biden for serving on Chinese firm board

100 thoughts on “Kellyanne Conway rips Hunter Biden for serving on Chinese firm board

  1. great show thank God for Kelly Inn I know how she can be married to the guy she's married to but they say love is blind

  2. Are you kidding me? The biden has already made the money they sought to make. And now they're trying to run away to save face.

  3. We want the Cheeto guy kids to quite the foreign business too, I mean the ones who saying make America great again have to bring they business to 🇺🇸

  4. See these people that pretend to be Christian and to believe in God while at the same time they are comitting crimes easily forget that the light always shines on and exposes their crimes! They never learn! Just keep thinking only stupid people get caught. They don't see themselves as stupid even though THEY ARE!!

  5. have you ever heard of a democratic person sitting on a communist board what did he do for over a billion dollars doesthishave a smell hunters timing is a joke american people are smarter than the bidens thinkt hey are

  6. As a progressive it's nice being able to be consistent and call what Hunter did corrupt and what Ivanka, Don Jr, and Jared also corrupt. The cognitive dissonance of Trump supports screaming about Hunter is insane. You think Ivanka got those Chinese copyrights because of hard work…oook.

  7. It's funny that this ugly woman Is talking about corruption when she went on Fox News and encouraged people to buy a Ivanka trump's clothing line. She should had been fired right then and there for her corruption.

  8. Wow maria, so quick to find fault. Plus how you said about Schiff says" it right there in plane sight." Leaving it that way and moving on to new topic. I'd think you'd focus a bit on what was done, which was get the market moving again. Your attitude is like all or nothing. Reminds me of someone change of heart over the wall. Not vary "trust the plan" of you.

  9. Why have you all got the blinkers on. Seriously! Why does anyone listen to anything Kellyanne conwoman says.

    Diversionary tactics to attempt to shift the spotlight from Trump and co. They are all as crooked as each other.

    United States of corruption working as intended

  10. The democrats are criminals and they trying to cover up all their crimes… and most of the demo criminals come from the state if California…

  11. Trump is not the POTUS, he's the POTRNC. How can he represent all US voters, while demonizing over half of US? He has never stopped campaigning long enough to realize that US citizens are NOT his enemies. But, if that's the way he wants it, Dems will turn out in force next November to defeat their #1 enemy!

  12. Oh, Maria, don't be just another sellout to Trump. I can't stress enough how compromised you look next to Kellyanne Conjob. Boy-oh-boy, good $$$ puts anyone at risk.

  13. 1:50 AND EVERYBODY KNOWS, Kellyanne, that Ivodka tRump and Jarhead Kushner do not have the skills for their current White House positions, yet there they are! Scooping up buckets of taxpayer dollars AND reaping the benefit of behind-the-scene deals with foreign players who value their proximate positions to the Chump!

  14. With all that came out. I don't think their acting out of HATE. I feel they are in FEAR. Using their voter's to act out in HATE against all Republican voter's.. So much has been exposed about them and more to come. A lot more by Friday. Barr has only scratched the tip of this ice burg.

  15. Once again,we can post comments all day ,but the truth is that as Americans we need to really crawl under the skin of our almost useless Congressman and demand the bidens asses on a stick or go find the sticks our self's and put them on it.time to fight these Democratic criminals

  16. Once again,we can post comments all day ,but the truth is that as Americans we need to really crawl under the skin of our almost useless Congressman and demand the bidens asses on a stick or go find the sticks our self's and put them on it.time to fight these Democratic criminals

  17. Trump brought this to light. Dems not sure what to do!
    One things is sure though, they know how to cry wolf and accuse others of what they’re guilty of themselves.

  18. The polls are a joke. Every poll is only as good as the people polled. Most of True American Citizen will not contribute to the fake news. What we will do, is wait until it matters and let our votes be counted. On another note, The misuse of the Biden family entitlements or lack thereof. Can the former VP be prosecuted? I checked and he and his son both can be prosecuted for their actions. Where is Obama? Well he is hiding. POTUS is going to reveal what Americans have been asking for all along. The complete records of the Obama administration. Not in camera. We want to see and read all for ourselves.

  19. hahahaahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaahhaahahahahahahahah somebody has to talk under oath since he lies a lot hahahahaahahahahah when she is working for DONAL TRUMP!!!!

  20. Look Kellyanne, Hunter Biden needs to extort China as the middle man for his daddy. They worked over the Ukraine good. Try them both and make them give back the extortion and bribery money. They are crooked as hell.

  21. Fun fact: Fox News is NOT fake news (that implies that it is a news program that is lying, it is not).
    It is not real news either (that implies that it is registered as a news program, it is not).
    Fox News is registered with the FCC as an entertainment program (I recommend you google it for yourself, it IS public record…).
    This means that Fox News is entertainment news, or not news at all, depending on your point of view…

  22. Keith Allison

    I Was Just Wondering

    I see all these people

    shouting with hate,

    and I was just wondering,

    now are we great?

    We’ve demonized immigrants,

    locked children in crates,

    and I was just wondering,

    now are we great?

    We attacked your rights

    if you weren’t straight,

    and I was just wondering,

    now are we great?

    We declared a religion

    we won’t tolerate,

    and I was just wondering,

    now are we great?

    Hate crimes have climbed

    at an alarming rate,

    and I was just wondering,

    now are we great?

    Too many students

    keep losing classmates,

    and I was just wondering,

    now are we great?

    We left the Paris accord,

    disbelieving our fate,

    and I was just wondering,

    now are we great?

    We ignored the homeless,

    but the rich celebrate,

    and I was just wondering,

    now are we great?

    We attacked the free press

    and their right to debate,

    and I was just wondering,

    now are we great?

    Women’s rights to

    their bodies evaporate,

    and I was just wondering,

    now are we great?

    Not just great, but great again

    and that has me wondering,


    The time of tribal extinction

    or when we shackled our slaves?

    When women couldn’t vote?

    Oh those were the days

    When we hid in our closets

    from genuine fear?

    When we were locked in prison

    for just being queer?

    When American citizens

    of Japanese descent

    were held indefinitely

    in internment?

    When we granted rights

    based on the color of skin?

    When “Segregation forever”

    our governors grinned?

    When Nazis marched openly

    out on the street?

    Something I never

    thought we’d repeat

    Is it greatness now

    and greatness then

    that our government kills

    with a fountain pen?

    Is this greatness we see

    as we look all over?

    I guess greatness is in

    the eye of the beholder

    Just a little something I came across….

  23. Was not very impressed with the CIBC commercial. It's clear that these communist and Islamists are commiting acts of war in the appearance of banking …. In no sense do these commercials conform to reality …the populations they use are fake. And their behavior is odious.

    It's clear 'taunting'

    And there will be a reaction. I have a feeling that there private banks won't be around much longer.

  24. why would anyone support a criminal president kellyanne , by the time all the charges come out on your wonderful president , that you by the way helped to get elected , there will be a stack of court documents a foot thick , so who is the criminal?

  25. Give em hell president Trump. These people have destroyed American citizens lives. But they can't take being called out. MAGA FOREVER! ! ! ! ! ! ! WWG1WGA! !!!!

  26. Liberals and progressives socialist radicals are vindictive bigots, indoctrinating our school with hate and socialist ideas, indoctrination recruitments center for the left. The Republican Party is now the Trump Party for our nation because he unleashes the republicans and conservatives to fight back and fight back corruption in the government and not apologize because he wants transparency for this great nation. Trump is a patriot and he is willing to stand up for the American citizen of this great nation. As a patriot nation President Trump has won our ideology, because these politicians’ radicals, liberals socialist and progressives hate Christians, hate white people, they attack conventions rallies and chant “Dead to America” burned our flag, they hate America. President Trump 2020!!

  27. Biden got paid by the Chinese Communist Party to sell out America and American citizens. Just like Hanoi Jane, the Democrats hate America and the working class.

  28. Phase 1 isn't rocket science. China buys 2/3rd food elsewhere. They have bought up vast tracts in Australia. They need US tech.

  29. 3:25 GAWD! These people are Sooooooo STUPID. THEY DON'T EVEN SEEM TO KNOW THAT PENCE IS THE VICE PRESIDENT! They keep calling Joe Biden "Vice President" !

  30. It is very clear and it's been well known, Hillary and bill are stone cold communist and started the process of ruining America since the 70's

  31. These host have learned nothing, Biden the front runner, no way! I don't care what their poll's say, they had Hillary winning 100% and lokk how thst ended they all went into meltdown and cried and as always he stole it or had help, come on seriously!

  32. President Trump is now at his best, he thrives in chaos, he is unstoppable.
    The dragon is unleashed and the Swamp is burning.
    The beginning of a new America!

  33. We are all just plain and simple tired of double standards from the left. This crap has been going on for way too long. Please show them all the videos of them doing the same things they call out as wrong. I would like to see their responses.

  34. Wheres Mr Conway? Can he not ask his money mad wife to stop lying? Does she need more botox, another facelift? Can he not give her the money?

  35. Kellyanne Conway sold her soul to the devil if you don't believe me and before you start attacking me go back and look at what she said about Donald Trump the day before she went to work for him

  36. What a disgusting person. What rubbish she talks, why do t the dems back a black Candidate, erm but what about, you know what never mind!

  37. 2:35 Obama's presidency was bought out on the contingent that Biden will be Vice-President. He's a phony president, that's all there is.

  38. 5:29 I want Kellyanne under Oath every time she talks from now on because she does what liars and cheaters do all the time when they don't have the facts on their side; she lies to the American people, she has no credibility, she should be censured.

  39. The sitting president's children are profiting from his corrupt foreign schemes, but sure, let's focus on the former vide president's son on the board of a Chinese company.
    Fake News.

  40. point 1) Biden used his position to get his son power (corruption, specifically nepotism)
    —How much of Trump's family works in the White House? (more nepotism)
    point 2) Biden used his position to get rid of someone investigating him and/or his son (corruption)
    —Trump fired Comey and then admitted it was because of the Russia investigation on national television (more corruption)

    Biden and Trump can share a jail cell.

  41. The desperate Democratic need to get Trump out of office By Hook Or By Crook as soon as possible , or he will be in office for the next term then I believe yet more of the past administration's corruption will be then exposed . Donald J. Trump the 45th President of the United States of America 2016 – 2024.

  42. These two bimbos need to put something in there no nothing big mouths,, Afraid of the Biden's,look at TRAMpS fu,,,,king brats CROOK'S and CON'S

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