Kari Winter, UB Faculty Expert on Culture, Society and Storytelling

[Hayes Hall, UB clock tower building] UB STORYTELLING EXPERT

When we study human societies
across space and time We find that one of the few
universals in human experience is

[University at Buffalo storytelling
expert Kari Winter speaking] The desire for stories. All human cultures have stories
at their center. The South African Nobel Laureate
Nadine Gordimer Famously asserted that art is
on the side of the oppressed. Those of us who work in the arts and
humanities want to believe that. But when we study history, we often
find that art is on the side Of the oppressor. The focus of my research and my
work as an artist Is to discover and create stories That are on the side of democracy And human liberation. TEXT: For help reaching an expert, please contact:

UB’s Media Relations Team
[email protected]

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