K20 Ek Sedan Turbo Build | Taking The k20 Turbo civic home

wait a minute yo welcome back to day two of this video pretty much going back to Palm Beach just our hearts by perceived Motorsports so for today's video all right so I gotta get some stuff situated and ready to bring to Jason this is my old exhaust that I had when I had the B Series so what I wanted to do it for cut here to like here and then cut a straight so I can bring it to him and run it for my exhaust um from the turbo yeah that's what I'm gonna do so I'm gonna set the camera i'ma go get the cutter and cut it [Applause] [Applause] not a bad cut over all right said I'm bringing up to Jason yep like that done so I can actually throw away at the rest of this and call it a day this is the piece that I just cut off as you can see I kind of just clean it up I've sanded it down so I'll have a clean material to use and it's also a clean material to weld so yeah that's a plus I might have to cut right here a little bit shorter though like right here and then kind of tilt it so we'll see what happens when you go to Jason thanks Emma he brought me back up here so a big shout out to you back here at the shop in beacon fabric I've been and that's pretty much it last night we had to change the way that I had a power here at the house was an opening all the way we had to change the frames and change wearable okay so that that's good this one's working fine and this is the piece that I've got the gaping holes once we're done with the table work you're gonna try to do the drain and knock everything out that you know so meanwhile Jason is doing some welding I kind of we kind of put together back to old ways knit that we had that I find it funny and we're gonna see if it opens all the way and we put a 15 15 to 17 pound spring in there so this is just a test to see if it's gonna open all the way and I gotta show the bottom of it to see if it opens all the way home from so much of cameras all right hold it [Applause] see it's like it goes way better than before because before it went to like [Applause] but it's official open more than that he a should but that goes to show you that it was damaged before yeah and it's still not damaged so we're gonna put everything apart you see what what we're talking about it doesn't go all the way down we went to like halfway and it stopped right here so that's to show you that the wastegate is so bad we feel me so on top the next clip whose how we're doing the actual tile wastegate that we have just to show you the difference with how the spring is on the inside this is what a 7-pound spring stone Palm Springs the gate should start to open at about seven pounds six to seven pounds open up Gilligan under slowly [Applause] so yeah about five six pound he starts to open and it goes all the way and you can see it right there opens up yo so it is the next day today is officially Tuesday so our right now I just want to I just want to say thank you to Jason this is a big thank you to Jason because he has helped me out a lot my heart slipped out of shop for two days today Sunday Monday yeah two days and I'm really appreciative he has helped me a lot he's taught me a lot and he's done a lot on the car it may it might not look like a lot but to me it's a lot and I'm really appreciative so you don't mind go ahead and support him if you need work to be done on your car hit him up or you can hit me up and I'll get you in contact with him don't forget bro prestige Motorsports one good guy he's very straightforward he's he he's not one of those those guys that beat around the bush or tell you something and don't do it or he you or anything he's very straightforward he tells you what you need to get done he does it in a timely manner so be sure to check him out so with that being said um so right now I am waiting on a drive to go to Jason to pick up a car today unfortunately I didn't get to do the exhaust which is what I really wanted to get done but it's kind of my fault because I don't have the affordable turbo exhaust fans along with the gasket I just I might be ordering that today so hopefully by this weekend I can get that done so apart from that I mean I just needed throw oil back in the car and I need to put this on the coolant passage on the k-series let me see if I can show it on you on my brother's car here where you see this little loop right here it makes a loop too right here so on mine which when I get to Jason out show it to you I we remove this piece here from the block we blocked it off here and I just need a little nipple or a bung to put right here to block it off so the whole coolant passage is blocked off and I will be fine with that so and it also cleaned up to be a lot so now that I know what to do where to put stuff I will be doing a video with me cleaning up my brother's engine be a lot better than how it looks I mean it's not bad but it can be better and now that I know better I'll put it to good use so be sure for more content on the ek hatch I haven't really been doing anything content wise for the hatch I mean I have been working on it behind the scenes but I'll start recording more on the car especially since it's in my presence right now so I'll be sure to get more work on that done so for now I'm just chill until my drive gets here and we are on the way to West Palm Beach pace here for a while now we've just been talking chopping it up having a good conversation the cars here cars ready to go just waiting on a tow truck and we got Jason's car here you're gonna start this up one time for the one time [Applause] oh this again [Applause] good actually I can even open a can see we got Alex back here too [Applause] man so we got a nice little turbo setup for y'all for sale there's a BorgWarner that's 400 that's back in 50 and this is yours man mr. right ceramic coated in the back and front housing here is powder-coated black so it's a nice nice little setup for someone who needs a nice table just hit me up and I'll get in contact with Jason Wow sounds a lot better 10 paddles a lot better [Applause] take a video I can't really see you sorry let me see you can't raise that [Applause] this is not a good idea if you like I feel like my face is gonna get like burned off right now it's kind of sketchy this is kind of sketchy shouldn't be doing this but it's kind of sketchy definitely you've done it grindy we got it yeah I said [Laughter] must be nicer must be nice I think I see you must be nice it lost a lot right a lot more coming what up dog little more all right all right that's what I'm talking about everybody make some jam got your home where you guys do it's a little homework that's a little home i'ma leave that up to you yeah yeah

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  1. My youth.
    We still gonna have that roll?
    20-100 or 0-100??

    Car a forward proppa man.
    You gonna love that boost.

  2. Fast guy here! Car came alone way bro happy for you man. I’m a tell the roaches to subscribe to your channel too!

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