[K-POP NEWS] Member of “THE BOYS” Hwall officially left group

Korean pop news on September 23rd 2019 see our eager entertainment confirmed that Hall decided to leave the boys the agency announced the reason for Hall’s departure from the boys due to health problems this started with ankle pain due to an injury he suffered in 2018 which made him have to undergo surgery in July he was again absent from his group activities due to his deteriorating health this also led to discussions between the agency together with wall and family for careful consideration while expressed his wish to stop all activities for health reasons and mental burdens CRE doctor entertainment wrote following the news while wrote a letter to fans in the letter hall thanked all those who supported him he is also grateful to all the members who are always there and cheering for him fans also respect wilds decision and thanked him by making hashtag thank you all on Twitter thank you for watching kay Stiles

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