JW Watchtower Bible and Tract Society Governing Body Blood Sacrifices

Hello, my name is Penny Tarrant The purpose of this video is to declare that I denounce and do not accept the teachings of Jehovah’s Witnesses as directed by the leadership of seven men, a governing body at the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society corporation in Brooklyn, New York, [U.S.A.] Murder in the name of loyalty to God has been legalized by these men. This printing corporation. Any person who is associated with Jehovah’s Witnesses including those who are raised in the cult and forced into baptism. (potentially several generations) of family members and friends, must practice shunning or banishment If a person decides, for whatever reason that they do not want to follow the Watchtower’s doctrine, perhaps because it’s flip-flopped so many times, they keep changing their doctrine, they must be cut off from Jehovah’s Witness’ association altogether. The term that most people understand is shunning or banishing. That, is to say, every Jehovah’s Witness Is expected, also, to practice bannishing and shunning. One of the main beliefs, of that religion, or, CULT, [it] is more likely [accurately] identified. is that God will reject anyone who takes a blood transfusion. And, taking a blood transfusion is rejecting God. This is a disfellowshipping offense. [in many cases a death sentence, literally] I already mentioned the punishement for such a violation. “shunning”, and totally being cut off from the lives of everyone that one considers family, friends, even, employers. The seriousness of this consequence is extra traumatic because The Watchtower corporation forbids forming relationships outside of the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ faith. In the case of, Éloise Dupuis, a young, first-time mom, . who, sacrificed her life, by refusing a blood transfusion. At the same time relinquishing motherhood and depriving her baby of his mother. My purpose for recording this video, Is to send a clear and decisive message, to the world, that I do not accept Jehovah’s Witnesses [as a] religion. It is a CULT [a corporate legal entity] they are following, seven men, in a printing corporation. I denounce that leadership. [their purpose is to acquire money property and power] I denounce the Watchtower printing corporation’s, governing body, which dictates the legal murder and blood sacrifice [offering their life] in the name of god [Jehovah]. Their INTERPRETATION of what [Jehovah] God requires. NOT what the bible [actually] says [they effectively twist and take scripture out of context] I leave this video, [having done research and coming to consciousness] with a serious, [after a lifetime of forced indoctrination & dedication] heartfelt, and [Now, without my own family and social network (religion) since birth] and heart-broken message, that Éloise Dupuis and, many, many and countless, hundreds, probably thousands, maybe tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people have committed suicide, [facing total abandonment] and sacrificed their life [fearing the alternative] by not having a blood transfusion [See aboundant resources in the description below].

20 thoughts on “JW Watchtower Bible and Tract Society Governing Body Blood Sacrifices

  1. Hi Penny and welcome to youtube. Your thoughts, feelings, perceptions, views and experiences matter. You are worthy. You are loved. Thank you for sharing your video. Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. You are doing the right thing. Jehovah's Witnesses is nothing but an evil religion. Pure hypocrites. 100 times worse than the Catholics.

  3. Love to you. What did Jesus say to the Pharisees when they criticised him for healing on the Sabbath Matt 12:10 to 14?

  4. +Penny Tarrant May I have your permission to re-upload your videos? This is for the purpose of investigations and inquiries. The senior investigator of the UK Charity Commission inquiry into the Watchtower Society, was not aware there were so many ex-witnesses Youtube accounts, nor was he aware of the number of support groups on Facebook. Putting these inquiries together is a huge task, way too big and time consuming for the investigators to do thoroughly on their own; they need our help so they know where to look for additional relevant information.

    There are thousands of Youtube users that upload videos opposed to the Watchtower Society, it would be a daunting task for investigators to track them down and sift through all the information–it would delay the investigation for months, even years, so I am endeavouring to make all of said videos easily accessible by gathering them into one place. I am also doing something similar on Facebook.

    I am making it very clear who the owners of these videos are, and including the link to the original upload, so people can go directly to it. What I am doing is for the good of all of us; to preserve these videos in case Youtube later shuts down accounts in response to complaints by the Watchtower Society, and to facilitate inquiries; if we don't do what we can to support inquires they are more likely to fall short of their goals, or even fail.

    Your videos will reach viewers who have never seen them before, and that’s always a good thing, because we need to reach as many people as possible to counteract Watchtower Society propaganda, to warn people before they get involved, support victims, and make sure the list of victims doesn’t continue to grow! Best wishes, Steve

  5. I do not give or consent my Energy to Watchtower Corporation or any other Corporation and government that devours and silences Love and Truth. I do not allow any man/woman or any other force to control me with Behavioral, Information, Thought or Emotional control. I am awake to mind control techniques via any media, political, chemical or religious agendas. I am not deceived by the use of occult symbology, rote learning or any other neural linguistic programming. I still believe in a New Earth and how it is evolving before our eyes presently. I do not consent to fear Armageddon propaganda/programming timelines and elitist thinking. I am aware of the Energetic Manipulation of the human race by blood sacrifice/pedophilla rituals on leylines of our innocent on dates, star gates and alignments to affect timelines and outcomes. I will not fall for the divide/conquer techniques and distractions that are being used to separate the loving people of this planet.

  6. You speak volumes by your stance and demeanor. Thank you posting this and adding your voice against Watchtower. They steal, kill and destroy people's lives and families. Its heartbreaking.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your channel with me ! So glad you found your way out of the horrible publishing company . Xoxo

  8. Well done! Thank you so much for covering another avenue to wake people to this evil plague known as wt! God bless you Penny!

  9. No, taking blood is not a difellowshiping offence or at least it was not when I was in. Reprimand with a slap on the wrist for 6 or so months.

  10. This is the truth about "the truth". Blood sacrifice. May God bless you. May God refuse these demons what they want. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ -Sorry,. refused!

  11. the worst is also that these satanists sacrifice their own children. as a child you are so afraid because you are being forced to take your blood card with you, i call it human sacrifice card for that's exactly what it is. jws sacrifice humans to their demons

  12. hey jws, draining the blood onto the ground when you kill an animal is all about respecting life, its not about letting your family die over a principle

  13. 15% of all nursing human mothers have blood in their mother's milk that their babies drink!!! This is a natural and normal occurrence!! It does not hurt the baby.  Some human babies drink some blood every day the world over. GOOGLE IT!!! God designed babies & mothers & milk. RE-THINK THE JW BLOOD ISSUE!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The command in the Bible was to abstain from cruelly drinking blood from a LIVE animal (whose life was in the blood) or an animal found dead as was common back then!!!

  14. Stand up for Truth and you'll be rewarded. Store your treasures in the heavens! I follow the Lamb of God wherever he goes! Good Job!

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