Justin – Inyabutatu member & a trainer talking about bees- Vet training2019

Cow milk differs from a cow to another, Even if all are cows, that give milk, the taste of milk depends upon where the cows get food, and the type of food they get from there, The same situation applies to bees, where bees get plant stuff to make honey with, will influence the quality of honey, Imagine, bees get stuff to make honey with from where they make banana juice, on juice,,,, and other bees are getting stuff which are not sweet, because that is what is available to them,,, do you think you will have the same quality honey from both types of bees?-No, thank you The trainer: there is a high technology in how bees operate, They only take an important and useful part from all they bring as raw materials to make honey with, something small, they put together all they bring and use what is only useful in making honey, Think back, ,,, we can see bees trying to get those raw materials from anything, why can’t we taste or smell all those things while eating honey? I also want to answer the question of that one who asked about honey being a great medicine. Why is honey considered to be a good medicine? it is because honey, in the way it is made, is as clean as possible, No matter where the bees went for raw materials to make honey with,,, they extracted what is only useful. even where bees go to smelly plant, you will still not smell anything from your honey because bees have their ways to avoid that while making honey,

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