JustHuynh (social fitness platform): Personal Training and Group Fitness

Hey, I’m Francis Huynh martial artist and fitness entrepreneur We have a serious global problem Worldwide over 400 million people are affected with diabetes Diabetics are susceptible to heart disease, amputations, and even death Fortunately, 90% of diabetics are Type 2 who can improve their health thru nutrition and exercise Obesity is personal as I went thru the college “Freshman 15” and corporate desk job weight gains I knew there was UNTAPPED POTENTIAL in me if I committed to fitness to reap the benefits of the benefits of fitness Needing motivation, training with partners got me thru those challenging times Many people start New Year Resolution strong by purchasing gym memberships, supplements, and training gear but a staggering 80% of gym memberships are unused as people quit within 30 days Do you feel stuck and unhealthy? Well many people struggle their entire lives wasting time and money on expensive gyms, pricey personal trainers, and fad exercise programs not getting the results they seek to thrive at life Does this sound like you? Now, go find someone real quick and give them a high five and yell Just Win! JustHuynh! How did that feel? Well that’s the sensation you feel when you’re training with partners Sadly, a lot of people want training partners but are often shy reaching out to those who may seem intimidating or just lazy Technology has changed social behavior as people are now comfortable sharing time with others such as ridesharing with Uber and lodging with Airbnb Fitness can be shared too as partners provide the accountability and motivation to achieve your fitness goals Knowing that people have difficulty finding training partners JustHuynh is the life-changing solution as the social fitness platform that helps people connect with others nearby to just win by training together in achieving their fitness goals Now you can confidently match and chat with others nearby to workout at a time, location, and activity of your choosing The benefits of the benefits of fitness are life changing Academically – you’ll excel thru mind-strengthening Personally – you’ll be more self-confident in BUSINESS – you’ll be able to seal the deal and Athletically – you’ll crush your personal records JustHuynh’s MVP allows users to setup their profile set their preference settings, match with compatible partners and chat with training partners to lock down a time, location and activity to achieve your fitness goals In the United States alone the market is incredible with 70 million people we’re going to target colleges with 1500 plus students – which is 15 million and those with gym memberships which is 55 million We’re going to monetize thru advertisements, premium subscription, and lead generation with gyms and personal trainers It’s been an exciting journey raising user interest from around the world having been selected to elite startup programs at Startup Grind and Collision and also had an exciting opportunity to do a 1 minute pitch with SharkTank’s Open Casting call in New York To start, JustHuynh has partnered with the YMCA as early adopters since we both share mission of diabetes prevention We’re excited to collaborate with social media influencers to help spread social fitness globally The passion of our Founder Francis Huynh to improve global health thru social fitness is unmatched as JustHuynh receives over 1,000 inbound applicants each month to join the team with the shared mission of delivering the best user experience for people to achieve their fitness goals This was the toughest year of my life, bootstrapping as a recently married MBA turning down lucrative 6 figure career opportunities I sacrificed a lot – delaying having kids and stable income but it’s all worth it to pursue my mission of improving global health Fortunately we have a strong team global user anticipation, and MVP is ready to launch the time is now to bolster global user growth thru marketing and accelerating development of product roadmap so people can achieve their fitness goals thru gamifcation and community support As such, we are raising a $100,000 round In 2016, when President Obama signed the JOBS Act Title 3 he said “America is a nation of doers. Who turn the most improbable ideas into solid businesses That is the promise of America Now, from the comfort of your couch you can invest in visionary founders who may be the next Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or Mark Zuckerberg.” So our goal – is just for a minimum of $100 investment, you can be a shareholder and ambassador for social fitness to get us to goal of 100,000 daily active users Remember, motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. It breaks my heart to see people with so much potential get SUCKED into path of being AVERAGE Too many people give up the moment they experience pain Having conquered personal struggles with obesity, I get excited paying it forward My personal mission is to help YOU unlock your untapped potential thru fitness. As a thank you for investing in your future, I want to set you up to “just win” with free masterclass seen in the description below on how thrive at life thru fitness so definitely take advantage of this 4:44 eastern has always been the Franchise time. At 4:44 AM I workout At 4:44PM I’ll be going live on Facebook and Instagram – and also YouTube and Twitter during this whole 90 day campaign to provide exclusive updates so be sure to follow me so you’ll be able to hear about what’s going on In a world of 7 billion people, together we can improve global health You can do your part today by sharing this video with influencers on social media, at your company, gym, college, and living community for everyone to join the social fitness movement Here are your 5 things you can do described in the description 1: Invest in social fitness thru NetCapital 2. Signup for JustHuynh at www.justhuynh.com 3. Register for the free fitness masterclass at www.francishuynh.com 4. Share this video thru all your social media channels 5. Follow me on all my social channels to receive exclusive updates The time is now. Never train alone again. JustHuynh

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