Junior members forum 2020

Jeremiah has taught me that the BMA
isn’t just what I thought it was before I got involved it isn’t all about the
clicks it isn’t all exclusive people who’ve been involved with for 20 years
it is a place where people who all sorts of backgrounds and histories can make a
difference one of the great things about JM f is how flat the hierarchy is so the
opinions of medical students are valued quite rightly to the same extent as a
consultant who’s been in practice for twenty years and I found that really
inspiring and felt actually realized about medicine as a career I think the
unique thing with JME F and I think you saw when you get this straight shot from
the get-go that’s really sort of you know relaxed you know if you’re able to
talk to anyone who’s about or grade or experience they have it and we were
talking about mental health and how medical students access mental health
services and it was really it was it was really illuminating because in the room
we had medical she was talk about the personal experience and then we had
junior doctors or psychiatrists who could talk to us about the medical
student patients they dealt with and then we had people work to medical
education universities were able to picture with their perspective so we’re
able to have like a really in-depth discussion and all able to benefit about
how we can you know improve things so when I went to my first amf I had my two
children I had no child care for them was my husband had a visual conference
and I was astounded that the VMA paid for the child care what was even more
amazing was that they paid for the child care into the evening so that I could
attend the meal I could socialize with the others I didn’t have to go back to
my room and go to bed I was not expecting one so I’d really encourage
anyone who is considering coming to j-mac
this year to just do it because you have nothing to lose and potentially great
deal to gain in terms of your engagement with other doctors from throughout the
UK and a feeling of passion and enthusiasm for our profession

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