Julien Blanc & Teal Swan Demonstrate How To Do Shadow Work Using “The Completion Process”

– This is Julian, and
I’m here with Teal Swan. In case you missed the
last video we did together, I’ll put a link to it here below as well as the link to her new
book, The Completion Process, which I highly recommend
checking out as well. And it goes deep in terms of shadow work and if I could just start with that here. What is it? – Okay, shadow work. For thousands of years, consciousness has been compared to light. So what is the opposite of light? It’s shadow. That means the shadow is
basically the unconscious. So when we’re using the word shadow work, what we mean is, we’re working
with the unconscious mind. We’re working with the
aspects of ourselves that we don’t know that we don’t know. So every child that’s born
is subject to socialization. This happens in every social group. Basically, the social group has an idea of what is a good thing
and what is a bad thing, what’s acceptable and what’s unacceptable. We’re a social species. So what we want more than anything in the world is that connection. We wanna belong somewhere. But if we have a group of people saying, “To belong and to be close to me, “this is what has to, what I
have to see in you,” basically, we start to become very threatened by the aspects of ourselves
that are not accepted by the social group. And so what we do in order to be loved is to basically hide all those aspects that are unacceptable as far as we can possibly distance ourselves from them, so that we don’t admit that
it’s even a part of us, so that our personality
is essentially being taken in by the social group. But this is part of the isolation that most every person on earth feels is that we all know that
we disowned an aspect of what’s really us in order to be a part of people’s lives, shall we say. And so it’s almost like we’re all hiding the aspect of us that we think
is really, really negative. It’s the Jekyll and Hyde complex. Most of us are Jekyll that have
always been hiding the Hyde, and we don’t want anyone
to see it. (chuckles) So it’s a process of socialization that creates the subconscious mind. – Yeah, this is really what drives us to, in terms of feeling like
we’re not enough and just only being pushed by scarcity
and seeking completion versus assuming we’re already complete. It’s like we’re looking for that aspect that we suppressed or repressed and then we forgot we even
suppressed or repressed it. – Yep, and that’s what
makes it so challenging. When you’re dealing with subconscious, you’re dealing with what you
don’t know you don’t know. So when you say, “well,
become conscious of “what you’re unconscious of,” it’s a big question mark for people. That’s why it has to
be such an exploration and it feels a little
bit like fumbling around with your hands in the dark, so you have no idea what
you’re gonna find there. That’s what makes shadow work the next level of spiritual practice. ’cause it’s like you’re
venturing into a place and you don’t know what
the hell you’re gonna find. – And it’s extremely terrifying, too. Like probably the scariest
thing you could ever do, ’cause that’s the stuff, as you mentioned, that you just absolutely
hate or are terrified of and that’s why you put it
there in the first place. And it’s been growing over time. You know, just sort of like running there. So, how would you go about
say, pulling that up? A big thing I know you talk
about is going through the pain versus running away from it. – There are tons and tons and
tons of different processes that people use for shadow work. My favorite is to use emotion. So, a lot of times it’s
in our emotional reaction that we actually have access to the aspects of ourselves
that we’ve suppressed. So, let’s say you’re
walking along the beach with your buddies, right? And one of them does
something, and for some reason, what he does just makes you so damn angry, but you don’t know why
it’s making you so angry. That reaction right there
is your key opportunity, instead of trying to change the situation externally so you feel good, and instead of say walking somewhere else to distract yourself from it, what you do is you sit
down with the discomfort and you ask, “Where is the
root of this coming from?” So you start questioning. It’s basically this internal questioning. And that questioning acts as like a little bit like a fishing lure. It starts pulling these aspects
up into the conscious mind. – Mm, I love that, I love that. So yes, so taking perspective
whenever it hits you, whenever you have that
emotionally just charged reaction. Yeah, I like anger, but it
could just be anything too, like fear.
– Anything One that I encounter a lot with teaching success with women is that any kind of extreme anxiety, or like that fear of rejection, where logically, it’s like consciously, you’re like, well, it doesn’t make sense, but then it’s like subconsciously,
something is there. And until you actually dive into that and find out what it is, I mean, I see people just
going through the same motions, having that same anxiety
over and over again, just not knowing why. – I can’t remember whether
it was Freud or Young, but one of the two said
that anxiety always means that there’s something
in the subconscious mind that is wanting to
surface to the conscious. And I 100% align with that philosophy. Yeah, no, same. And not falling into the trap
of just seeking, as you said, either an escape, or what I’ve found too, is that the obvious ones are for example, going for a drink or doing any kind of entertainment, social media, but some other ones is seeking solutions and just using that as the escape. So for example you have anxiety, and instead of asking yourself,
“Why do I have anxiety,” it’s “how can I fix this anxiety?,” and then that’s the escape. It’s like the journey of finding solutions instead of getting to the cause of it all. I think the other scary thing too, holding up whatever’s in
your shadow is that fear that as soon as we let a little bit out, everything will just flush out. Like you’ve spent so many
years holding it down and making sure it stays down, you’re like, “well, all this work, that I’ll have to redo all of that, and then it’ll all come up,” that was a huge one, too. – Really? – Yeah, for me, especially, like I only started getting into this probably a year and a half ago, after going through this media fiasco, and I was asking myself,
“how did this happen?” ’cause the pattern I
started seeing in my life is I would build up to a
certain level of success, and then at some point I would just (fingers snap) destroy
it, and it was funny. It was like, when I started
thinking about it, it was like, “Why am I doing this,” it was
something from my childhood, but I was like, it motivated
me to build success, but the only purpose was to
pop it and kind of experience the whole dramatic fall and
find importance in that. I realized that the identity
that I would buy into, in a way, and it sounds weird to say this, was that of the quote unquote bad guy. Totally unconscious, and
I traced that one back to movies as a kid, and I’m like, “Oh, the bad guy is so cool,” and just that somehow I’m like, whenever things got too good, I’m like, “No, the bud guy
never succeeds in the end,” (fingers snap) and that’s
when I pull the trigger. It was interesting. – So, you know, what’s, oh
God, I love that you did that, ’cause I actually have an
exercise I do with people where they have to admit to
what movie character they are. It’s like the one that you are, I mean, you watched the
movie and you’re like, “That is completely me,”
like to the scariest degree. And you have to admit, not only to the ways that it benefits you, but the ways that it limits you. I was doing that the other
day with myself, actually. – Who were you? – And I realize I might be the heroine. And what did I realize about the heroine?, Cause you can’t just
have some parts of that. The subconscious mind take all of it. – Yes. – So it’s not like you can be
a bad guy who succeeds, right? So the negative aspect of the heroine, is that she’s always alone. There is no way to maintain relationships. It’s almost like they kind of fall away, and she always just at the
end sort of alone on a cliff. You know, so, okay this
is showing up in my relationships over and
over and over again. But yeah, the personality
that we identify with, becomes as much a limitation
as it is a benefit to us and the entire personality
in fact is set up as a methodology of coping. That what the majority of
people don’t wanna here. Because we wanna believe that
we are who we think we are. But most of who were are is
in fact just manufactured to cope with whatever scenario
we were brought up in. So this is shadow work. This is one style of shadow work. So if you had, just out of curiosity, could it’d be fun, ’cause
people who are watching this could do this stuff themselves. If you were a movie
character, who would you be? I’d give one specific movie character. – I have a specific one in
mind, it’s super cheesy. I trace this one back to, again identifying with the bag guy. It was a movie that I saw as a kid. It’s so cheesy. It’s George of the Jungle. If you ever saw that movie? With Brendan Fraser. Any way– – Aww I actually loved that one. The movie is awesome, but the coolest character
I remember seeing as a kid was the bad guy in that movie. So it’s like the guy who, the bad boyfriend to the girl, who ends up going with George. And I was like, “whoa, that guy is really cool!” for some reason. – Why did you like him? – I don’t know, I’ve just like– – Well, let’s do it right now. We’re gonna do some shadow work so we can explain to
people how to do it, ready? – (laughing) I see what you’re saying. – I want you to think
back to that character and I want you to basically tell us what aspects you loved about him. – I’d say, ah, I see what you’re saying. Okay, first of all,
super weird to say this. The style slash kind of look of the guy. – Actually weirdly unconsciously, that he wasn’t your typical tough guy, he was kind of like the dick kind of a feminine with the tough
guy body guards type thing. And… – What was he instead? – And the fact that, again
that whole sabotage thing, he didn’t get the girl. I would have hated him if he got the girl. – Why? I don’t know. It was just always like that. It’s like the guy who doesn’t get the girl and then there was like
that ripple effect. Like, as a kid playing toys, I’m like, “I always wanna be the bad guy.” and build it up and he doesn’t get it. Or the movies that I would
love is if everyone, huh? – So let’s go further. What would be so bad
about getting the girl? – I guess it wouldn’t be as dramatic. It would feel too cliche. I didn’t wanna be like, Everyone wants to be George or the hero. So I guess I found that
important, standing out. I’d be just as successful, but I’d do my unique twist at the end. – You have any siblings? – Yeah, younger sister, younger brother. – And what was their role in
the family compared to you? – Well, If I played, for
example, toys with my sister, she was always the nice ones. She was like the classical, like nice guy, the one everyone would root for. – Yeah, so there you go. So like, the identity is
already trying to cope with the fact that somebody
else is the good guy. – Hmm, yeah. – See? – (laughing) – Yeah, that was, it’s true. Yeah and that would just
ripple effect, it’s so weird. The movies I’d like are
the ones for example, there was one, it was
a bad movie but I love the fact that it’s called open water. Where it’s like people
are lost in the water. Super fucked to say this, but the fact that they
don’t get saved in the end, I was like, “whoa!” They defied all the other movies, where it’s like everything’s
happy at the end. I don’t resonate with that as much now, Cause I kind of pull that
out and went through, but I was like, “that’s
what’s running me.” and whenever things were
just going too well, I’m like, “it can’t be like the
happy ending” unconsciously. Consciously, I wanted it to, but that it’s (fingers
snap) some how something. Like, I’d do something a
little too far to just push it. And it was always like going out in glory. I don’t want it to be like a oh, whatever it all falls apart. It’s like how close to the sun can you fly until you end up burnt?, type of thing. It was weird, yeah. Yeah, that was what’s,
yeah has been driving me since I kind of started getting into this. And the other thing is I couldn’t, what held me back too, and I realize this, is that I couldn’t think
of any other way to be motivated unless it
was by this, you know. It’s like, if it’s not for
a civic glory at the end. Or if it’s not coming from a place of scarcity or incompletion, I couldn’t fathom being motivated by already being complete
or already being happy. And that’s why I kind of hang on to it. If I drop this, “what’s gonna
keep me moving forward?” Type of thing. So yeah, those were the
two interesting ones I kinda went through. – Okay, so knowing that, I mean people can get
really along with that. They can basically go
into every single aspect that they love about the person, but also on the flip side, what are the negative aspects that inevitably come along
with this movie character? You’ve already identified one of them. Nothing’s going to work
out for this person. – In the end. – Yeah. – Through out though it’s like, that’s the interesting part, is there has to be the build up. So you can’t just be at the bottom and then at the end it’s
like, okay nothing happened. It’s you have to be
like so close to success and just at the last minute
(fingers snap) pop it, yeah. So, I’d say yeah, the negative ones is, you know, it’s gonna mess up in the end. You’re gonna self sabotage along the way. Even along the way there needs to be like these little dramatic
bumps to keep it interesting. And yeah, it’s one of those
things where you just don’t, you kind of prevent yourself from learning different lessons cause if you learned them
and succeeded at the end. So you kind of, you block it off. Even though you know this is the lesson, you just cut it off. – Another one is everyone’s
against the bad guy. – That too, yeah that too. Everyone’s against it and the
bad guy likes it in a way. Like deep down inside he
like, it’s weird, yeah. – What? Why do you like it? – Importance, yeah. – So, this is what happens, So from the stand point of somebody that understands shadow work, this is how this gets set
up in the subconscious mind. You’re a child who has a
sibling who is the better child. Basically the favorite
child in the family. They’re the one that is the good one. And so happens is that
you lose your capacity to get positive reinforcement. And so you’re only way
of getting significance in somebody’s life is to have
issues and it be the bad one, and to be causing trouble. What we found out, a
psychologist found this out and has known this for
years basically is that children, if they cannot
get positive reinforcement will go for negative
reinforcement every time. Anything is better than being ignored. – Yeah. – Anything, anything, anything, anything. – Hmm, yeah, yeah, I
wouldn’t say necessarily like the good one. We were both viewed as good, but I guess my way of just being a little bit better would be to do that. So it was yeah, it was coping. Yeah. – Hmm, hmm. – Yeah, no it’s true. – So see, but like, so when
you have that reaction, this is the kind of
reaction we wanna watch because when you had that reaction in your energetic field
there was a defense mechanism that came up when I said
the sister was the good one. And so when we feel that, if we can tune into our body enough, we can feel that defense mechanism and realize that there is somebody behind that defense mechanism. I think it benefits us
basically to see our selves as composites of personality. So like, we’re not just one person. We are a being that we call by our name that has about a billion
different identities inside of us. Like everybody has multiple personalities. It just becomes a disorder when you suddenly flip from one to other and they don’t remember each other. So if you can think
about all your reactions as potentially coming from
one of your personalities, or one aspect of, then it becomes really fun to
do this kind of shadow work. Where you feel that defensive mechanism and you say, “okay, so who
felt like they needed to defend the fact that we are both good?” – Yeah, you’re right. – And then we start going near that. And maybe the suppressed truth is there is an aspect of us that actually did not feel like
we were good back then. So, that’s the perfect example
of what shadow work is. – That’s what always pushed me to go for more and more and more. Cause I’d always– – Yeah. – I’d get numb to the little bit of drama and that’s why I’m like, “I want to.” cause I’m originally from Switzerland. I’m like, “I’m gonna move to Los Angeles.” “I want to get recognition.” “I want to be famous,
so whatever it takes.” and then pop it. Then I wanna be even
more famous, and pop it. It’s like, yeah so it
does push you for success, but it’s coming from
that, you know, place. – When you pop success, what is the reaction you
like getting from people? – I would say, they don’t get it. Like the fact that they’re confused by it. It’s like everything’s going so well, why would he do it? It’s like a gratuitous pop. – You know what I think? It feels like revenge to me. – How so? – It like basically the
energy of it is like hang on with me and you’re
gonna like where I’m going, and you’re gonna like where I’m going and now I’m gonna throw you off the cliff. – (laughing) I see. – It’s like there’s a
little bit of this there. (laughing) you know. – Maybe, yeah. Yeah, I always thought it was more so like just importance that
something, it just shocks. Like where you’re just not expected. And everyone’s just like, “whoa!” like, “why would he do this
type of thing and then.”– – Sick, but why do you shock? So like, you can go even deeper with that. Why do I like shock? What is it about shock
that makes me feel good? – That’s something I, yeah that was the other
one I was thinking about is I did that, I do the shock thing, like with the pop at the end, and then I trace it back like I did it with my
marketing back in the day. I did it with everything. It’s like shock, shock,
shock, shock, shock. – Why do you like that? – I’d say I get a sense of importance. Sense of stands out. I’d say yeah, it gives me sense
of like uniqueness in a way, cause no one really does it. So it’s like I’m the only one who would. So people are like like, “whoa!” yeah, sense of importance, uniqueness. Yeah and unpredictability. Yeah, it’s kind of like that, in a way too it is, there’s a little bit of that fuck you, that little bit of
unpredictability, importance and and a little bit too of being a martyr subtly.
– (laughs) – Yeah, yeah. – Where it’s like, “why would he do that?” Type of thing, yeah. But yeah, it was funny, like yeah, digging into that and again it’s like, there’s still a lot more to dig into. It’s like a endless process. But that’s when I started really noticing significant, you know, lasting changes. Cause the other ones are
always like short term and it’s like next fix, next fix. And yeah, that was like
probably the thing that changed my life the most these
past year and a half or so. Here’s another one too. So there’s that fear
of going into the pain and then the other fear experience is when you do this there’s
that other thought, you know also unconsciously
that it’s going to work and that you are, for example, gonna let go of this bad guy
or whatever self concept. And then the fear is well, if I let go of this
and people know me as this will they still like the new me? You know, it’s like they’re
so used to this character, this identity what happens
if I do become the good guy? And then being okay with the fact that you are gonna lose a few people who can only identify or resonate with that. But then in the long run you’ll you know, meet people who like you better overall. Or like who you connect with on that same level that you’re then at. – That’s exactly what
we said to begin with. You’ve developed the capacity to suppress this aspect because of the fact that you need to accepted in a group. So inevitably if you read on
aspects of the unconscious, you are gonna lose a social group. I would love to beat around the bush and make it more sweet and be like, “no!” No, you are. You’re gonna lose ’em. – Yeah. – Cause of what’s gonna happen. And the only people that
are gonna be able to hang around after wards are the ones that actually handled the totality
of your integrated self. (laughing)
– That’s true, yeah. – (laughing)
– And having the trust. That inner trust too, that you will meet new people. – Right. – That you will always hang with. Just as good with out a lot
better than the people now. – Well, usually the
trust isn’t good enough. Usually, what I notice is that life has to get so bad
that it doesn’t matter. (laughing)
– (laughing) I like that. – Really, it’s the crisis point of the re ownership of the subconscious mind. You just literally get to
a point where you’re like, “you know, what’s the
point of being here even?” And nothing is satisfying me, so it doesn’t’ matter
whether they stay or go and that’s usually the point at which that giant cliff jump is more like jumping off of a little stone. – Yeah. – (laughing) You know, that’s true. – That’s true, that’s true. – I’d be great if people could just trust, but I don’t know any body who can. I didn’t manage it. I mean, did you manage it? If you managed to just trust that there would be better
people on the other side, How the hell did you manage that? – I trust when I, okay, I
resonate with both points. I trust when, this is like ten years ago, this is when I first found out at the time about oh, success with
women and the biggest thing I got out of it is I have
control over my life. I can work on who I am. Cause I use to be
extremely introverted, shy. So with that I knew I was gonna alienate some friends at the time cause everyone’s always
tries to hold you down. It’s like crabs in a bucket. It’s like you start going up. So I was like, “You know what, I trust I’m gonna meet
other people on that level that resonate with that identity. So, I guess that I kinda
baby stepped my way there where I did have references
of it at the time. But, you are right. With the what made me make that big jump was going through that crisis there. So I guess it’s a combination. The crisis was like, fuck it, enough’s enough. – (laughing) – And there was that little bit too, where it’s like trust that, again you’ve proven it in the past, you baby stepped your way there. There’s no reason why it
wouldn’t happen again. – The best way to think
about doing shadow work, if you’re ready for that process is that you’re about to deep sea dive
into unchartered territory. You have no idea what’s
gonna be down there. When you make a deep dive, maybe you’ll hit the bottom, but you have no idea how
much farther it goes. You don’t know how many
worlds could exist down there, you don’t know what creatures
are there, you don’t know. So coming back up, or I should say, going in with any prior
conception of what is there is a pretty bad idea, number one. Number two going down and then touching and then and trying to say whether that was a successful dive or not, also not a good idea. Because you don’t know whether it was a good dive yet or not. You know what I mean? – Yeah. – Really. That is the feeling. It starts to just feel like, and so I should say also that, you know how a traveler, a world traveler, and this is a very tiny globe, might I remind you. But a world traveler would be like, You can’t even imagine
the amount of cultures, the amount of foods, the amount of bizarre stuff that you could see on this planet. Just in one city, much less every single city
in the whole world, right? The internal reality, what’s it called? The inner world of a person? Is every bit as complex. Every bit as unique. Every bit as multifaceted. I’ve been doing this
for how many years now? My God, this is literally my work. And every single time I do
a dive in the subconscious. You know there are some
places I may visit twice. It’s like a whole other cavern that I have not even seen before. And it just keeps going and
keeps going and keeps going. I want you to think
about somebody being born in a state of wholeness and then remember socialization
causes that split. But if that split didn’t occur, a person would stay in
a state of wholeness as they progressed through their life. If you’re dealing with somebody who’s got abundance issues in the adult reality. If you’re dealing with
somebody who can’t get a girl or who’s introverted in the adult reality. You can guarantee that
it’s linked to a trauma. Because that is not the
natural state of a human being. So, if it’s linked to a trauma, and the trauma is essentially
the root or the causation, anything you try to do
in the present moment, even if that includes
altering your behavior so that you become a play boy basically, it ignores the root that is
underneath the entire behavior. So you can’t actually experience your self as an authentic expression of self. It’s just a behavior I have chosen to use so that my life can look a certain way in the present moment. So this process that I designed, takes people down into the shadow, down to find that trauma, so that they can actually find
resolution with that trauma. And what you notice is when you do that, the present moment shifts
immediately. (fingers snap) So for example, if
you’ve got somebody who’s a serious introvert who just
cannot get girls no matter what because his self confidence is so low. We go back to the original
trauma that taught that child, you know what, you’re anything
less than perfect right now. We undo the trauma so then
you watch an adult life that, that guy can suddenly talk to a girl for the first time when
before he couldn’t. But it’s not a behavior
he has to practice. So, it’s more of an
authentic expression of self, repairable.
– Yeah. Yeah, it’s like becoming whole again. Cause it’s true. It’s like, just the fact that you
need a certain behavior to be, say enough for him to be cool, is reinforcing the assumption that you’re not cool in the first place. – Exactly, I love slash hate the fact that all self help techniques are self shifter change techniques they come
with that horrible hook. Where it’s just like, okay the more I engage in this self changing process, the more that aspect of me that felt not good enough to begin
with just gets pummeled. – Yeah, no it’s true. There’s so much focus on getting
from down here to up here, instead of realizing we’re up here, but we’re telling our
selves we’re down here. And it’s about getting rid of, yeah, everything’s that’s in the way. – Exactly, which is
why I love this process that I’m releasing to the world because basically the very
end you essentially find out that you were completely
whole the whole time. – Exactly.
– But it’s just an illusion. – Perfect
– So much of life is. (laughing) So, yeah so there that is. – Perfect. Yeah, no thanks again. I will put a link to it here below if you’re watching this highly, highly recommend checking it out and as always until next time. So hope you enjoyed the video. Be sure to leave a comment here below as I personally read
every single one myself. And if you’re new to
this channel be sure to smash that subscribe button, share the video, tag a
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again, thanks for watching. (upbeat music)

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  10. I wish just questioning…where is this anger coming from…does not work for me…my neighbors across my street really upset me with loud Música all the time day and night…how do I get past the anger I feel towards them..I’ve meditated, prayed for them… but my ego won’t let go of the anger towards them😔

  11. Holy crap. I just learned so much about myself. I relate to this in almost every way. I always liked the very tragic characters and I just realized I have played this out my entire life. My mind is blown right now.

    Also, I see this in my son as well. He always resonates with the villain and wants to be the villain when he's playing. He's 10 years old, what can I do to help him now before he plays this out the rest of his life? Oh, and his name happens to be Julian 😀💖

  12. Actually, the opposite of light is darkness not shadow as there can be no shadow without the presence of light.

  13. teal youre alone because you choose men for partners that arent as vibrant and confident as you. thats really frustrating for a man. they are used to taking the lead whereas youre so comfortable with being charismatic, charming, vocal, strong, in the forfront…..most men are trained to believe thats there position. its good that you identified with the herione. i did as well but thats not forshadowing your life. it is simply a matter of cause and effect. you just identified with strong women. lol.

  14. Where is the song "can you feel the love tonight" when you need it, yo I feel the attraction between these two HARD!

  15. As much as I like the subject she's talking about…..when she mentions it at t he start, it's sub-consciousness, not unconsciousness! They are two different things!
    Edit: She did correct herself.

  16. Weirdly by asking what movie character i identify with it was never a movie. I think I relate with Luffy from One Piece and even more with Ragnar Lothbrok. Basically the king that has everything he needs but is always afraid or at least careful that they are going to steal it from him or fuck him up. I found always a way back to being negative. Basically this weird belief that everybody is against me somehow but I'll rise to the top anyways no matter how many heads i have to swipe off. I had mental issues which increased the degree of this character. Basically not only I was being followed negatively by the world but I also had hallucinations where I saw aliens and shit. I identified with the guy that is followed by the shadows of doom basically. I dont know which character exactly bc I dont remember seeing any movie that fits perfectly into the character that I was. I remember having a dream in which I was followed by giant robot monsters. They were following me and my family but specially my family. And at the end I remember seeing my father as the bad guy that made everything fucked up (he was kind of a mafia type guy at the end of the dream). My motivation was always to prove wrong to my friends and family and to seek completion at the end. I hated everybody but I had cycles were it was like dont worry everything is fine and then any little fucking thing that they did that seemed to be against me I flipped the fuck out and started seeing everybody like the fucking devil. I know I was cursed but I liked it, it was more like being the king that is benevolent but at the same time angry and sad and frustrated with his power, which makes him even more glorious at the end because he can overcome it. I've never had a long lasting relationship in person and when I have them I always have anxiety that they're gonna leave me. Anxious that people are going to fuck me up or leave me but always I had this façade where nothing seemed to bother me but deep down I was destroyed and wanted a way to fix it, glory, success, destroying anything that is or seemed against me. Fuck I'm realising all this shit now LMAO.

  17. This was great dialogue, thank you, the information…. really resonated. Thank you again for providing this venue for those seeking understanding by providing quality information.

  18. What about the other opinions about shadow work, like non-dual teachings? For example, Mooji says, only the person is suffering, and the person does not exist. Recognise this, and you dont need to give "medicin for the ghosts" (past childhood traumas> past not exists> child not exists), see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpgJJC1glVE for more understanding. I would like to hear Teals opinion about it too. Thanks for this section.

  19. Lol “it just becomes a disorder when they flip back and forth and don’t remember each other” 😂 that’s the perfect way to explain it.

    I have the same success pop/sabotage thing too. This video is so good too. You guys are amazing together 😍 I wish you two would make a new one!!

  20. The shadow Self according to Carl Jung is the parts of humans that make them do evil to one another and create suffering in life.

    Jung asked what makes one harm another and others not?

    It is not socially unacceptable little “quirks” to your family or friends.

    Please read more about the depth of Carl Jung’s work who officially spoke about the unconscious parts of ourselves.

    He didn’t call it the “Saurian tail that drags behind mankind that needed to be amputated” for nothing.

  21. I was listening again.
    You mentioned if the trauma was in the past – anything you do now doesn’t help. You have to go back.
    I instinctively thought about doc from back to the future – the 3rd movie?? When they had to go back to 1955 and not allow biff to get the almanac.
    This made so much sense to me. I wanted to share – in case it made sense to anyone else.

  22. The villian I like in my early years was Scar from Lion King. The scene where hes singing and the Hyenas were marching. I found out the reason why I liked them was the power that they had. When I got older i liked Negan, Thanos, Shao Kahn lol but i found out the reason why i liked him, is when i was younger i was powerless, weak, and never stood up for myself. I grew up with a father that was Tyrannical and violent. I deeply hate feeling powerless.

  23. some heavy shit there. I can see how I am afraid to even go to the hundreds of experiences that created the adult me. Lots of bad stuff down there.

  24. My childhood characters was either a Velociraptor from Jurassic Park, the snake from Anaconda or Venom from spiderman…Does that make me a psychopath?

  25. I always identify with the character of a servent who is smart and know secrets, the person who always quite but overshadowed by the king/owner etc, in my friendships i was the friend that people come for advice and i seem to have solutions to all problems however people who want to he friends with my always want to be the center of attention and used me so they can standout, why i start to gain attention suddenly they cant be with me anymore cause now im overshadowing them, it was a hard pill to swallow that i like to live behind the scenes and avoid the spotlight to avoid the responsibility and judgment that come with it, even in school and jobs i don’t want to be the loser but not the best, funny im middle child

  26. Seeing Darth maul, take on the two jedi, without hesitation. Before that , always the good guy hero. And the Joker in batman blew me away.

  27. Hi Julien, You could be a 6 tipe in the eneagram. Chek it out. Fear to success!! It will expose you too much to…the authority. Helen Palmer explained it in her book about eneagrama tipes.

  28. im having a similar story with julien, i can totally relate to his perspective. and when teal said revenge at 16:33 , triggered some part of me. thanks both of you!

  29. My identity goes all over the place.
    It went from fun, dark, dominant, superstar, devil may care, narcissistic, and tortured with an inner sweetness, kindness, and empathy with the darkness to protect it.
    After my breakup
    Now its struggling, trying to get it, old wise kind soul, deep understanding of the mind, or getting it but not having the courage to express myself. Not feeling like what I have is good enough.

  30. I used to do the exact same thing when I was a kid. I'd always re enact the character who lost in the end because it created drama and a build up 🤣

  31. Loki and the Joker. Basically any chaotic characters that didn't let society control their actions. The bad guys that were actually moving forward thinking that the world needed pain to change for the better. Willing to sacrifice ourselves to make the world a better place in the future.

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