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there's an opportunity for journalists to be so much
more than just reporters. Technological change has gutted
once powerful media institution. With the internet came a
loss of advertising revenue that had sustained
journalism as we knew it. As the old profession erodes, there
is reason for both worry and optimism. This course, "Journalism for Social
Change" is born into this new era. For years, journalism
was about documenting the often disturbing facts
that make up history. All the time reporters spend
asking questions about problems should, and can, be matched with
an equally rigorous examination of solutions. The result, solution based journalism is
more accurate because of its commitment to encompassing both. You will leave this online
course with the skills to create solution based
journalism and drive public policy in any field you desire to affect. Our entry point will be the United
States' response to a very vexing problem, child abuse
and child maltreatment. You will learn journalism basics,
including access and ethics, when covering the lives of vulnerable
and marginalized populations. You will also learn from
top experts in journalism, public policy, and social welfare. Before you know it, you'll be immersed
in the social science and news stories that are driving the biggest policy
decisions affecting children today. All of this will culminate with
your own reporting and producing of a solution based story. Depending on its
popularity with your peers, it may be selected for publication
in the online news site The Chronicle of Social Change. This is a chance not just
to witness social change, but to be an agent in it.

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