Jordan Peterson Tells Why You Should Stand Up to Social Justice Warriors (Part 6 of 7)

but there's an idea that emerged in the West and the idea is that the state is regulated by the ethic of the individual and so that the individual has intrinsic value and that value is predicated on the recognition of the individuals capacity to generate order out of chaos and that's the identity with God that was what was implanted so to speak in human beings at the beginning of time according to our founding let's call the mythologies there's something about that that's that's right now if we lose that we're going to suffer for it man we're going to suffer for it and I like I've studied totalitarianism for a long time I know what happens when things take a viciously communitary and twist it is not pretty and you know people think our society is more even the radical leftists who criticize it think that our society is more robust and impervious to subversion and danger than it actually is it's actually not it's actually we could lose it a hell of a lot more easily than we think and it's got all sorts of flaws and like criticize away but with a bit of gratitude that would be nice it's got all sorts of flaws but we don't have anything better to put in its place and when we've tried we tried a couple of different variations in the 20th century man and that did not go very well now if people want to bring that back it's either because they don't know what happened and they probably don't because generally speaking people are people's historical education is so dreadfully inadequate that it's actually it's like a crime or they don't care and what they're aiming for is trouble and neither of those things are good so you know I've been watching this politically correct thing developed for three decades you know it's it's popped its head up here and there it happened really in the 1990s in the early 1990s but then it sort of faded away to some degree but right now man its back with a vengeance you know in Bill c16 in Canada that's going to pass and that is the first piece of legislation ever put in place in Canada that compels speech and the justice minister curse on her head the justice minister is refusing to and and her coterie of minions are refusing to implement on a perfectly reasonable amendment that was proposed by by senator Don Platt to into reword the Canadian Bill of Rights to ensure that Bill c16 doesn't interfere with free speech and they refused to do it why because equity trumps everything equality trumps everything it's it and that's that's that's not good to put it simply that is not good and so so people need to wake up and see what's happening and they need to start watching what their children are being taught that that that the new policies of the of the Ontario Teachers Federation as I said I've got the acronym wrong those should be scrapped I would tell people do not send your children to public schools if you're going to send them to public schools you better bloody well keep an eye on what they're being taught and I would say that's that's particularly true for communities of relatively conservative immigrants and minorities you know I mean historically they've been aligned to say more with the Liberal Party in Canada because of its more tolerant attitude towards immigration it's like it's time for those relatively socially conservative ethnic immigration communities to wake up and realize that the people that they thought were their allies are not their allies at all so now we're going too far down this road it's not a good idea and it's happening a lot faster than people think so it's time for people to wake up Jesus you know I've talked to the Conservatives the leadership many of the people who ran for the leadership federally I've talked to the provincial conservatives in Ontario the provincial conservatives were too afraid to have me come and talk to their caucus think about that but they think I'm too because you know they're they're theory obvious this is Patrick Brown strategy is if they just shut the hell up and hide in the corner Kathleen Wynne will flame out and they'll win the election it's like well maybe and maybe not but that's no strategy of courage it's like the conservative types even the Liberals the classic liberals have to get out there and say look what's happening on the radical end of the political spectrum that is not good we need to do something about it but they're too afraid that the Conservatives are afraid that they will be targeted as individuals mugged by the social justice warriors online and taken out and so that they don't say anything naughty it's not even the social conservatives who won't say anything it's like mainstream liberals who won't say anything well as soon as people so now the journalists are censoring themselves they've already told me that the politicians are censoring themselves it's like what the hell what's going on and it's and and what's really awful about it is it's a very small minority of people who are basically producing this movement forward probably more than about 5% of the population so and the other thing that's so interesting is if you push back against them hard they just fold I can't even get the social justice types to debate me they won't do it now they don't believe in debate so why would they debate they only believe in power but like when I went to Queen's University to talk to the law students there about Bill c16 from what I gathered all of the law professors were invited to debate me now think about it I'm not a bloody lawyer I know law professor I'm talking about legislation like a good lawyer should have been able to come out and just have twisted me into knots and sent me home in a cast and they couldn't find a single bloody professor to come out there so Bruce party who's a professor had to come out and play devil's advocate so they're not there's no debate there there's no discussion so this small minority they're well situated they have a philosophically driven agenda they're they're motivated personally by resentment and power but there aren't that many of them and they're bloody cowardly and if you face them down they'll run away so I would say we should face them down before they continue to wreak the kind of havoc that they're already wreaking on our society and we could certainly start with Kathleen Wynne and her coterie of of radical post modernists so she chase every single liberal every single provincial liberal should be taken out of the Ontario legislation in the next election that would be a good outcome that would be a message it's like don't muck about with the structure of the family there's a start so yeah well but the thing is people are afraid so the Conservatives won't come out even the Conservatives won't even come out and be conservative so one of the things I've talked to them about I think I talked to five of the people who were involved in leadership convention was if you guys are afraid to be conservative you've already lost you're done like you're just playing out an empty game and they are that's the policy that pursuing Patrick Brown will come out and like what the hell Kathleen Wynne's she should be hanging on with one finger if that woman had an ounce of integrity she would have resigned when her popularity fell below ten percent but she doesn't and no one will take her on with regards to that so it's not good I can tell you one thing that I've experienced if you're not happy with the kind of policies that your company is putting in place or the bureaucracy that you work in or your government or any of those things if you're not happy about it and you wait the probability that you'll become more unhappy is extraordinarily high if you come out and say something early on you're taking a risk but if you say something and you don't apologize and you and you hold your damn position you can chase the back that's been my experience you don't apologize you know and you don't soften what you have to say but as far as I can tell you've got a choice you can wait around until things get worse and you're weaker and you can wait till you're taken out or you can stand up now and say what you have to say with a reasonable chance of success that's how it looks to me

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  1. Looking at the state of Europe we are going down very rapidly. We cannot talk about it. And if we do. They don't listen. And if they listen. They don't understand. It seems unstoppable. Let's hope they wake up!

  2. The extreme left control the education system, the courts, entertainment and media, police, human rights boards, EVERYTHING in society. How do you fight that???

  3. Gee, shouldn't we focus on cleaning up our rooms first? Or is that only for sociopolitical missions that he doesn't happen to agree with?

  4. Step one to fighting the SJWs – eliminate their use of social media so they can't engage in cyber-terrorism.

  5. A lot of this stems from the influx of people who follow the so called religion of peace and the people who foolishly stick up for them thinking they’re being tolerant and welcoming

  6. SJW's are pussies. They need to learn to get educated in an area of interest, get up in the morning and go to work like a normal human being.

  7. Without Almighty God No man or woman can do nothing!!. Jesus said: many will perish for lack of knowledge!!. "All wisdom, Power, understanding, insight comes from God!, And without him we are nothing!!!. He said: Ask me for what you want!!!. 12/08/[email protected]'57PM.Omie

  8. I think there will be civil war/ world wars based on the deluded evolving of human beings . These social warriors along with lgbt community not only demanded to be accepted, not only seen as equals, but they want even more power and go beyond the norm and asking for too much, changing the fabric of normal standard moral behavior. Are normal straight people allowed to have their own beliefs and views? Not to them it seems. It's either their way or we are wrong and disrespectful. I used to think how it will be like raising kids in this technological age, where everything is on a phone or screen, but now there is a much greater threat, what kids will be taught and subjected to at school..

  9. Peterson is correct when he says it is a very small (((minority))) who is behind the radical leftist ideology which is tearing the West apart.

  10. This is exactly what I need to hear right now: encouragement to stand up for justice. Our daughter went to public school, after less then a month things started happening, I am in school all the time, watching carefully what my child is taught, and you will not believe how school is unjustful. They try to cover up all their mess with Multiculturalizm. Canadians, i call up to you if you see something you do not like, make your voice heard evrywhere where it's possible. Go to all who is in charge from small to big and make yourself heard. This is what we are doing right now in an education field. This unjustice here spreading like cancer. And please!!!! Tell to everyone that we HAVE our own Canadian culture, it must dominate among all cultures. Otherwise we will be sued in our own country for our own culture for that we are sinning our own anthem (this already happening). Let those who do not like our culture go there where they came from!!!! We didn't invite them here to rewrite our anthem or rid us off Christmas tree or our statutory holidays. IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, GO THERE WHERE YOU WILL LIKE IT! And to Canada born haters of our heritage: find another continent and try to build there your "paradise" and let us see first what you are capable of, and then we'll talk.

  11. Agree with Jordan Peterson, the ones that opposes socialism or communism need to talk, need to make a stand against the evil that they try to imply in our free societies. Indifference or fear is the gift of the devil. I know here in USA it is a wave of that doctrine, even in catholic schools. I know how easy is to change a system (no perfect since nothing is perfect)to a totalitarian system that is been implant in the mind of our young students. Free education, health system, open borders, and yet people do not look at history or even present times here in the America; like Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, etc. a system that does not work.
    Look at those leaders that proclaiming equality, where do they live in, how much money they make, and they are promising what they do not delivery with the money of the people who work and are honest. Inform yourselves, be proactive the ones that know and had experience a regimen of equality. The people go poor and the government rich. It is time to listen to history to the experience of all like myself had been in a country taken by this wolfs dress as sweet lambs.

  12. What were the couple of different variations to society in the 20th century "that did not go very well" is Peterson talking about?

  13. As a shy introverted guy I feel really betrayed by the leftists. I think they just want to make me be more shy and beta.
    I used to be a socialist without understanding why, just because I couldn't accept the right wing ideas.
    But now I realized that socialists are just as authoritarian as the right wing, and I think that the right solution is extreme free market capitalism, or even anarcho-capitalism.
    I sincerely think that leftists just want to turn me into a faggot.

  14. Dr Peterson, is so handsome and hot. If i would be his wife I would be so proud.😏 I am just saying.

  15. For those who wonder where political correctness and the bullying Orwellian “group-think” wants to take us, please do not listen to the establishment media, the professors in the liberal arts college, the Marxists and Greenies opining at the coffee shop, or the tripe you hear on television. Instead, take it upon YOURSELF to educate yourself about political correctness and the horrific histories it spawned when it became politicized in the USSR, China, and Cambodia in the 20th Century.

    Here is a good place to start.
    And the whole movie “China Cry” is available on Amazon or on YouTube.

  16. "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." – often attributed to Margaret Mead

  17. If this country had teachers with minds like his in the K thru 12, the youth of this place would be a hell of a lot closer to mentally healthy.

  18. Jordan is a zealot no wonder i disagreed with a lot he has said and stood for. No one that believe's in an invisible magic man should be call an intellectual

  19. Just as scary as a thing is the way many conservatives are in America. If they see a liberal they group that person together with Hillary loving, snowflake, freedom hating and probably 10 more things. In America its also many of the conservatives that has forgotten the individual

  20. This fear of angry SJWs is exactly what is perpetuating this. The fear that when you even mention that you are in some way skeptical of gender neutral pronouns, that you will be ostracized by your own peers and probably have your career ended as well.

  21. Mr. Peterson for PM of Canada!!!
    What a brilliant, intelligent and honest man with a true human heart. I've been following this remarkable man for quite some time and every time I hear something new from him, it is like he is speaking my mind. God bless you Mr. Peterson. We, Canadians are with you till the end of times!!!

  22. Thank You Lord Jesus for President Trump said: … we will not be silent in the face of communist oppression…
     “NO PLACE FOR COMMUNISM” – The Communist Party is a culture of brainwashing & death!    
    Those who support Communism-The LeftWing-the Communist Party are hoping crocodile will eat them last…      Communism is
    alive. It is a “monster” or a “plague” that seeks to destroy “all of humanity.”  — Vytautas Landsbergis       Rembering
    the Victims of Communism—for Them, and for Us 
    It is happening in the Mainland China, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Culture is Communism And Moral Decay. The CCP kills its people as they do in the mainland China. The CCP Exporting the Revolution, Killing People Overseas     Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party

  23. We've got the same problem here in the U.S. Our GOP talks a great game on the campaign trail, but they wet their pants whenever the mainstream media or the DNC so much as frowns at them……

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