Join us for our 21 Day fast for singles, marriages and families

hi everyone guess what time it is it is the time for our yearly singles marriage and family prayer and fasting it is 21 days of 6 a.m. prayer we get up every morning we all dial in and we pray together as well as 21 days of fasting from food from TV from social media we really push food if you do liquid nine to five that is ideal and the reason we do this fast every year is because prayer and fasting works let me give you a little bit of a background this is I believe our 11th year going into this fast the Lord spoke to my friends and I 11 years ago when we were single women concerning the warfare that has been waged against singles getting married and so we began to take God what should we do because we know that other religions the women are getting married they're having children and so we called a 21-day fast just like it says in the Book of Daniel he didn't know it was gonna fast for 21 days but he knew that there was a warring against what he had prayed for and so we prayed for 21 days and sure enough five months later I met my husband my best friend also met her husband's and countless other testimonies came out of that well we decided well why just pray for single women to be married we then opened it up to men and then that next year we opened up so I'm just praying for people to get married but for marriages to be restored then we realized that there were people who were married but they weren't able to have children that couldn't conceive they were having a difficult time and so we said we want to pray for the conception of babies and then with it not only conception but preservation and so we began to pray for prodigal and for those who don't know God and so we open abroad in the fest up over the last 10 years 11 years to include singles who want to get married marriages that need to be restored and strengthened families that are believing for their children to come to the Lord or others to be saved and it has been incredible we've seen physical miracles we've seen spirit show our healings delivering to take place people get married people have babies and we are so excited to be at that cusp again we are doing a prayer challenge this year because we want you to be really invested and so you can sign up for the prayer challenge at the link below and we would love to see you participate in our 21-day fast for singles to be married marriages to be restored babies to be born and prodigal to come back home September 3rd through September 24th login information will be sent to you once you're registered look forward to praying with you soon bye-bye

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