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ECS has been my home for 38 years my first came here is a grad student it has had such a powerful and packed on my career my learning my growth and then also creating a community of family and friends I formed the collaborations from the society that some of them last for more than a decade those are priceless the easiest has been my professional home for the last 40 years that's where I published my major results of my research in its esteemed journals that's where I presented my research results I did semiannual meetings and that's where I received my major professional recognition its opportunity to meet and rub shoulders with my peers share ideas share drink and develop friendships along the way the technical interactions with colleagues coming to meetings helping out with papers you know developing the field coming on good symposia giving talks electrochemical Society provides a way for us to disseminate that information and out to the public and we can also be able to push our technology to the next stage these days have helped me professionally grow as a person as I also brought professionally here I really I think they really believe what they are doing I think that's actually moved me I would like to see that you know maybe in the future my students and my students students they will be involved with the society building this community the me has been something of a building of a family you well my first CCS meeting is a Boston this was in the late 70s and it was my first presentation I ever given at a professional Society meeting and so I show up at the conference room and the session organizer is Jose keener who's relatively well known in the electrochemical community and Jose introduced me as the speaker for that for the for that particular talk and and he did it in such a way they felt like he was welcomed me into his home and then after the session another level no no like a chemist ulta Nagy came up to me he said hey why don't you join us for dinner tonight you know a bunch of us for the symposium are moving out to dinner of course remember I just got my PhD about this time and this was an introduction to the sort of scientific community and they sort of welcome to be in and we went to a restaurant there in Boston and I was Jose was there and Zoltan and I must have been about maybe eight or nine people there and also and I felt like I was sort of welcomed into a an organization that I didn't that had this strong affiliation for ever since

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