John Krasinski and Ellen Put Audience Members ‘On the Spot’

We’re both very competitive. So we’re going to play a
new version of On The Spot. It’s inspired by A Quiet Place. Here’s how the game works. A word will appear on
the screen behind us. One audience member will have
to act out a clue to a word without saying anything. And we’ll take turns guessing. If we guess the word correctly
from the silent clue, we get a point. The first person to
win three points wins. We’re going to divide the
audience in half right now. So even if you came with
the person next to you, you are now their enemy. [LAUGHTER] All right, so John– John will take this side. And I will take this side. And we will point to someone– [CHEERING] [CHEERING] All right, so if you
win, you come back and present 12 Days With Me. If you lose, you have
to dress as an elf and present 12 Days With Me, OK? Are either of those things bad? Because I love both
of those things. [APPLAUSE] All right, then it’s a win-win. OK, perfect. It’s a win-win. All right, who’s going first? You are. All right, I am. So if I point my flashlight to
you, you will give me a clue. The woman in the
blue right here. Yes, yes. So there’s a word behind me. Act it out, so I can see it Oh, the dab. [DING] [APPLAUSE] OK, I’m 94 years old. I did not get that fast. [LAUGHTER] Thank you. Right there. Sure. Oh my god, that is
that video online. Floss. The– dental floss. Yeah, that’s it. Flossing, yeah. Floss. [APPLAUSE] I’m embarrassed. I’m sorry. I’m 94 years old. All right, and you weren’t even
the one he was pointing at. But that’s all right. [LAUGHTER] All right, so we have
another one over here. And let’s see. Yes, in the red, yes. You’re showering. [BUZZER] Yeah! Sorry. [APPLAUSE] Should we talk about
what happens if you lose? No, we didn’t. Nothing happens to me. That sounds fair. [LAUGHTER] In the back. Right there in the back, yes. Yes. No, you. Oh my god. [SCREAMS] Giving birth. [DING] [APPLAUSE] All right, yes– I’m proud of you. Yes, you, sir. You just said– Yes, you. Yeah. Gorilla. [DING] Tied. We’re tied. Come on. You can do it. You can do it. All right, who’s
going to take it home? Who’s going to take
it home for us. Let’s do it. Rodeo. [BUZZER] Oh, wow. All right, looks like we’re
going to win over here. [CHEERING] That was good. OK. You, yes, yes. [CHEERING] Twerking! [DING] [APPLAUSE] A Quiet Place is now available
on DVD Blueray and Digital. We’ll be right back.

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