Joe: Why Has It Taken Joe Biden So Long To Punch Back? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Joe: Why Has It Taken Joe Biden So Long To Punch Back? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. when my dad becomes president? Bernie Sanders is going to steamroll your dad hunter. And all the cheating and shilling thats gonna take place with the dem establishment aint gonna be enough.

  2. Is not a Biden leveraging his father’s status, while certainly a greedy and avoidable ethical lapse, is just as bad as “ItM-F”‘S daughter+son-in-law’s sitting with stupid hoaky portfolios in the WH enhancing their brands and personal+family fortunes at the nation’s expense? Biden is on the same boat as “ItM-F” POTUS.

  3. bottom line is this; the reason democrats and independents aren't registered Republican is because most people hate the mean, hateful, full on dirty attacks that you guys are well known for. Decent folk want to hear what you are going to do and how you will accomplish that

  4. I hate it when Joe dominates the conversation, but I have to agree with him this time. Screw being gentle and civil with Trump. Biden needs to kick that sackofshit squad in the political nuts.

  5. Joe Biden has shown is is unfit to run against Trump or probably any other Republican because he isn't a fighter. He's a wet noodle.

  6. funny how they mention an ethical lapse where the wh admin, rudy and republicans are backing/spinning the much lower bar, legality, they did illegal stuff and even unconstitutional stuff.. simon sinek put it this way.. if someone is in a monogenous, dedicated, engagement, not married yet and he gets caught sleeping with her best friend and in that moment says.. 'you cannot be mad.. I did not do anything illegal.. we are not married'.. true.. not illegal, he still is a horrible person.. unethical… so when oil execs use they did nothing 'Illegal', true, however they did unethical stuff.. so ethics a much higher bar to be held to than legal… and yet the wh admin and rudy have done illegal, unconstitutional stuff and republicans do not hold them accountable for that.. they try to spin it as ok.. they pander to the trump base, fox network and conspiracy radio host all for the corrupt top 1% that are losing control of the divide and conquer mentality…smh

  7. During the Chinese deal Hunter Biden was in a partnership. Hunter Biden paid $420,000 for a ten percent equity position (a “capital call”) in the new venture AFTER the Chinese invested $1.5 billion [a 10% equity purchase would be worth $150 million]. The partnership could then pay the board members “board fees” or “capital investment fees” as the investment matures. The big payout doesn’t come until after the investment matures and Biden as a partner then sells his equity position back. That payoff IS COMING!

    So when Hunter Biden says he “hasn’t made a dime” off the China deal, that’s because the investment fund hasn’t matured yet. In essence, he’s fibbing; and counting on people not to know how this stuff works.

  8. Burisma is a clearly corrupt company. Its founder and oligarch Zlochevsky was minster of natural resources under the corrupt President Yanukovych. During this time Burisma ends up with the majority of government contracts and licences for fracking and gas. As Yankuvych has to flee the country the Biden's walk in and make some money.

  9. "Punch back"? He's HIGH in this bizarre, nonsensical rant. He's wild-eyed and freaky, just like his senile dad. He's clearly still on heroin and/or crack. And um, he made a mistake, yes, but um, didn't do anything wrong? Um … He didn't "own" anything, he other-blamed Trump for "conspiracy theories" for what is clear corruption by Bidens.

  10. God listening to these phonies makes me so glad I'm not a Democrat. Nothing has been "debunked", it's only beginning to come to light now that someone actually wants to find something.

  11. he should write a book on how to make 50k a month with zero job experience….

    oh wait that book would have one line: "your dad has to be a corrupt vice president"

  12. Biden's delay in responding to Trump goes to his proneness to bad judgement. Biden apparently saw no real issue with Trump's lawlessness and corrupt behavior until Trump made it personal by attacking his family. Biden did not immediately acknowledge Trump's danger to the nation.

  13. All I could think about while Joe was saying stuff about children benefiting from their well connected parents, was the fact that Mika's dad was the National Security Adviser and got her into Washington politics.

  14. In the meantime, poor Jared and ivanka have to scrape by on $600,000 a month tax free income. How ever do they get by?

  15. LOL @Mika trying to convince herself "that was…good." This is swampy as it gets.

    The basic Biden argument is now, "our corruption is not as bad as theirs"

  16. What hunter Bidden is not illegal! What is, is Joe Bidden holding. 1 billion dollars from a country that was going bankrupt in order for them to fire a prosecuter in Ukraine ! That's illegal!! Quid pro quo

  17. Because this is the typical moving speed of a Joe Biden. Like Merkel in Germany, "let's wait until it hits the fan. And then wait a bit longer." The Guy doesn't understand the current news-pace. The orange Turd bombards every single fact on a dozend different occasions. He sends his underlings to make something, I call "the trumpnoise". And shortly after that, the people are sick of all of this. "there's so much being said, I don't know where to stand on this issue. It used to be so easy, but now it sounds so complicated."

  18. I agree that Biden should be firm, but not fanatic. He needs to show Trump, and America, what a "stable genius" really looks and acts like. #TakeItSlowJoe👊😎👊#JoeCool

  19. Thank's for Not buying Trump's nonsense. I've seen other media do it! You know it's just shiny objects, still some will run after it.. Next step, refuse talking about it at all. That's what he have Fox for. Stop pushing Trump's agenda!

  20. Trump's kids are holding positions for which they are totally unqualified in the White House – how can he say anything about someone else's kids. Really?

  21. "No ethical lapses"… the man was kicked out of the military within months of joining… sorry dont buy this bs….

  22. You ask why aren’t the Democrats fighting back like the Republicans? In other words why aren’t they lowering themselves to the lying cheating scheming shameless hyper hypocritical racist Traitors to our Democracy Republicans level? Because most Democrats are Real patriotic Americans who value our Constitution unlike the so called GOP, he’s being Impeached what do you call that?

  23. Who debunked it? Who is everybody? CNN? I hope you dems go all the way with impeachment. Discovery is going to be a doozy….

  24. I'm sick of hearing about the Biden's. He is not the only democratic front runner. Corporate media just loves these worthless democrats..

  25. Tactical error on Biden's camp. It's the same error Hillary made ignoring those attacks on her. Silence creates a vacuum into which it is filled by innuendo and accusations.

  26. You decide: Lets go see how other non-usa media (Reuters) are reporting this.

  27. Must really think we're all stupid. The arrogance and greed is astonishing. Hunter was his dad front man,on his corruption in Ukraine and China. Now,that its exposed they're saying we will only stop the corruption if Joe is elected Potus.😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 Well,thanks for giving us an ultimatum 😆😆😆😆😆

  28. WELCOME TO AMERICAN DEMOCRACY…. for the rich, by the rich, let the average americans eat "hamberders".
    remember how that turned out !!!

  29. The DumboCrats are going to get wiped out in 2020. Trump could win all 50 states and all houses to the Republicans!

  30. At Least Hunter is giving up a job in China in case his father become president so, it doesn't let his father look like he got his job because of his father becoming president. Hunter owned it, and then said he let the job go! Unlike, Someone else's kid who while at an important meeting with the Chinese, (She, with no right to be [There InThe First Place Anyway] because of a Top Level Security Clearance she Wasn't Suspose To Have) and got Patents For Her Company Worth Millions From the Chinese! While her Brother is Seen In A Picture With Two Russians in league with Daddy' s Lawyer who got arrested Trying to Leave The US with One Way Tickets After Helping Daddy' [Blast His Mouth Off ] Lawyer Push Out The Ambassador of the US to Ukraine because, The Lady, Wouldn't Push a Dedunked Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory Lie to Ruin the Bidens, something That Daddy wanted to happen!

  31. Trump is be third President not reelected,New President in 2020,stupid Trump inappropriate be reelected in 2020 ,after Giuliani associates arrested could not stand shy be resigned before this December

  32. Every child benefits by their parents name, and that is often the reason parents even bother to make a name for themselves. Plain and simple. Harvard takes children of Senators all the time, not because they have perfect SAT scores (most don't), but because of their parents.

  33. lets investigate why trumps kids and son in law were getting our national security secrets with no position in our government then going to business meetings in china and russia and all over the world, as well as controlling our foreign policy in the middle east, i think americans would find that very very suspicious.

  34. lets investigate why trumps kids and son in law were getting our national security secrets with no position in our government then going to business meetings in china and russia and all over the world, as well as controlling our foreign policy in the middle east, i think americans would find that very very suspicious.

  35. Oh my! This is one more reason I can't stand MSNBC. What trash. He's guilty as sin. But they still place team D. Democrats can't fight like Republican because Republican fight when they aren't HYPOCRITE!

  36. HAHAHA Joe Biden was being bribed through his son and family.
    They simply paid him through his son. They simply gave him a pay check – without a job.
    (And it wasn't just in the Ukraine and it wasn't just with one company )
    ABC- "No evidence has been found of wrong doing by either one" -YES BECAUSE THERE WAS NO INVESTIGATION AND WHEN ONE BEGAN, IT WAS STOPPED !
    (Hunter had no experience concerning a Natural Gas company and NO investment)

  37. None of the Biden/Ukraine issue has been debunked. In fact, it keeps gaining more and more traction. However, all you'll hear from cnn and the MSM, is that it's been completely debunked, as if they say it enough, it'll just go away. You'll also notice how they're loosing it.

  38. I wonder why he chose ABC instead of CNN or MSNBC? Oh that's right your TRASH! President Trump listens to crap all the time from your channel, CNN, Wahington Post, New York Times and all Socialist Demo rats! So why would Hunter be any different? Hunter is a compulsive liar

  39. What took so long before Joe &Son punched back ?? That the ?, well took awhile to formulate plan while dems caused chaos with their media fueled inquiry,,come on !!! Yeah right !!!now HRC is rearing her lying head,, its all a distraction from the shady spooky dream world

  40. Joe Scarborough Olsen apology to all the people who sit around him nodding while he pontificates not allowing anybody else to talk. This is tiresome. Probably their ratings are dropping, not because of trump but because Joe is just as bad as Trump.

  41. This is all staged interview. "DEBUNKED". The term all Dems such as Hillary use to mean cleared by the liberal media. No investigation clearing them by any Government entity. Produce the written investigation documents and investigators names which cleared you.

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