Jocelyn A. Chadwick on #whyiwrite

I write because I have to write. I think in writing. I keep my iPhone under my covers at night. My husband so accustomed now to my just jotting
down notes, and my iPads go everywhere I go. I don’t know that I could ever teach students
writing and the import of writing if I don’t write myself. I think if there’s one weakness I think the
profession has at this moment is that we’ve so divided literature from grammar, grammar
from writing that students don’t ever see the connection, so they don’t see that we’re
actually giving them a life skill. And so I want them to understand that writing
is essential. One of the groups with which I’m working now
is an Alabama. I’m really excited about that because it’s
12 young ladies in the Black Belt of Alabama in Montgomery, and we are going to write a
book. They have their journals. Tonya Perry, who’s also a member of NCTE,
and Emily Kirkpatrick are fully behind this little initiative. We have our first virtual class on Monday. On the plane when I go home tonight, I’m going
to write up my little brief autobiography to start them on writing their own brief biographies. Writing is essential, from texting to emails,
it’s all about audience, purpose, and occasion. It’s writing.

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