Jay Shetty’s Best Advice For Well-Being | Inside the Mind | Episode 9

I believe that people don't need to be told what to do people need to feel like they're being heard kindness to me is any thought action or word that you can do or take to make someone's day and it can be tiny or it can be huge so for me it could be as simple as using Facebook or Instagram to post a positive thought or a kind thought or a kind story one thing that we were working on last year is I used Facebook to build a fundraiser for pencils of promise which is you know building schools and doing all this incredible work and people were donating as part of that and so kindness is time energy and money that's how we show it the most when we give our time to someone and think about energy to someone we give money towards something it can be shown in any way and it doesn't matter whether it's big or small but I'd recommend we do one kind thing a day at least studies have found that even kindness is more important than intelligence mm-hmm do you say what would you say about that I think kindness spreads faster yeah I agree I think kindness spreads faster and kindness is easy to experience and it actually has impact on how we feel so one of the things I've seen which is so beautiful is that when people are sharing my videos on Facebook it's like they feel that they're getting to spread kindness they're not spreading it because it's smart they're not spreading it because it's provocative they're spreading it because they feel that if they spread it with their community they're also part of spreading kindness and I think that's what I love about it that kindness doesn't have any languages it doesn't have any barriers like it's beyond all of that kindness is a language we can all speak so this is a quote from Nelson Mandela where I said no one is born hating another person and if they can learn to hate they can be taught to love o my children we naturally are caring compassionate and kind I actually saw this really good video on social media of child watching cartoon and the cartoon character started to cry and so the little girl she crawled up to the screen and she took a napkin and she started to wipe the tear and like that's how we are as children and then we we're almost we're wired for generosity but then were educated for greed so our life becomes around getting and success and achievement and like getting doing whatever it takes and that's what kindness gets removed so the only way to bring that kindness into children's lives is through encouraging things like sharing and collaboration you know encouraging things like not ownership of a toy and aspect but recognizing that things are connected and for these three tips I'm going to share with you today one for the body ones for the mind and ones for both so this one's for the body drink your foods and chew your drinks studies show that to digest a piece of food properly you should chew that piece of food 16 to 32 times and when you don't chew a piece of food and really break it down through the chewing process your digestive system is now on overactive mode trying to digest that food what happens in that process is your body is now using all of its energy to digest food instead of focusing on your work which means that whole afternoon after lunch your body is actually trying to use all its resources all its energy trying to digest food and that's why you feel tired that's why you feel lethargic and that's why you feel this big drop in energy the second principle I wanted to share with you is a principle for the mind how many of you look at your phones the first thing in the morning all of us pretty much so studies show 80% of us look at our phones first thing in the morning and the last thing that we see at night it's not the person sleeping next to us it's not anything else it's our phone screen how many of you would let 100 people walk into your bedroom first thing in the morning would anyone let that happen I'm guessing not what we're doing is we're letting a hundred people through notifications walk into our mind we're expecting our brains and our minds to literally go from zero miles per hour to a hundred miles per hour to process all of these notifications and we just woke up it will protect your mental health for the long run not looking at your phone in the morning is one of the biggest steps forward in changing your life and it's something that I've personally had to practice in my life and change and something that I recommend to so many people bringing our when is to our breath is the single most powerful tool in aligning ourselves and I'll explain why how many times you have an experience in your day where your mind is ahead of your body your mind is racing ahead thinking of a million things and your body's like oh like I can't keep up with this anyone ever feel that and how many of you do you experience the opposite where your body's wasting ahead doing loads of things in your minds like oh I'm still in bed and we never had that so we usually experience one of the two most of us don't think about how to breathe the funniest thing is the best athletes on the planet the best musicians on the planet the best singers on the planet all master their breath when you master your breath you master your life why because every emotion is connected to your breath have you ever felt anxiety what changes your breath when you feel happy or changes your breath when you want to cry what changes your breath every emotion is connected to your breath so if you can control your breath you can control and navigate every emotion if you ever feel like your mind is ahead or your body's behind or your body's ahead or your minds behind simply breathe in for the same amount of time as you breathe out and you can count the numbers in your head so breathe in for a count of 1 2 3 4 and breathe out for a count of 1 2 3 4 in your own time and at your own pace and you'll see that your body our minds slowly start to respond to each other and your body will actually calm down it will actually shift your body into a state of alignment oh yeah of course absolutely hey that's good that's really the government Institute states that the number one skill needed for a long-lasting relationship is not date nights it's not holiday cruises it's not walks on the beach it's not giving each other gifts it's not cooking for each other it's learning how to fight the truth is that any good relationship will always have conflict it's where you're never gonna be in a scenario where you're dating where you don't argue where you don't have a disagreement it's going to happen we have to first accept you are going to fight but when you are going to fight you're going to make sure that you fight together so when you're having an argument it's not both of you against each other it's both of you against the problem and I think when you start with that principle first and you recognize that that if you really value this relationship this person is really really important to you the second thing and this is something that I learned from groups so on Facebook groups I always ask these questions of like Oh what are you struggling with like what's your challenge and what is your biggest relationship issue and what people said when we do our fights in groups and I have a group dedicated to relationships everyone was saying like we just I just don't understand what my partner wants when they fight and that's where this fight language idea came up because I started to realize that we all deal with fighting differently some people want to go quiet some people want to talk about it some people want to you know get really angry some people want to blame you know we all want to do these different things and I think it's really important that we give our partner the benefit of the doubt that that doesn't mean they don't care it's just that's how they'd process it and so the two most common languages are talk about it right now or go quiet and usually when someone does something that we don't want to do we're like oh maybe they don't care maybe they've gone quiet because they don't care anymore but that's not true that's just how they process it and when someone wants to shout and talk about it it's not because they're shouting at you or hate you it's because that's how they're processing it based on their parenting their background be aware of how you respond to an argument and how your partner responds and then find the middle ground of how to have a discussion if it's what winning win together don't don't lose together because if you win and they lose you lose and if they win and you lose you lose you don't prepare for a fight in the fight you prepare beforehand so you need to spend time with your partner having a conversation outside of that preparing for a fight happens when your relationships going well not when your relationships going badly and when things a relationships going well that's when we think oh let's avoid fights no that's when you should talk about it more because it's gonna come and so you're ready for it we will repeat everything we don't repair and so now's the time to repair our self-worth and our self-confidence and who we are and that way we won't repeat it again the biggest mistake we make is we just go find someone else to fill that gap and then again we experience it so this is a time for us to feel all the challenges and heal our own gaps

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  1. Hello, Mr. Jay. In this video, you talked about- Drink Your Foods and Chew Your Drinks. I am intrigued by the reason you gave for the- Drink Your Foods. It's Wonderful.
    But there's nothing on the part of- Chew Your Drinks.
    So, would you please tell us the reason to- Chew Your Drinks. That would be so helpful.
    Thank You.

  2. I noted it down. all of it. And am going to read it everyday, remind myself everyday..
    Love you Jay Shetty ❤

  3. Jay you are the best
    Your advise on relationship has made me a better partner and I have noticed it myself as well

  4. "Win together, don't lose together, cause if you win and they lose, you lose, and if they win and you lose, you lose"

  5. Nice to meet you jay,
    I'm new from 10 min ago!
    I love the way you care about people and making this world a better place:)
    While exploring your content, I came across a young lady who really need your advice for a shcool/learning/memory matter….well I thought that if I reach for you on your most recent post, I might have more chances!! Since you have so many, it's of course impossible to read'em all…. since you might've miss this one, and I was touch to see a young teen been interested about wisdom so early,
    Oh! And she watch every of your episodes.
    The nice part is, I just wanted to be kind by trying for her , and I fall on this video topic😮
    So here the details…
    On your "community",
    the first post "Redefining Success", She is the first comment on top for now! (JuJu Mikec)

    Namaste Jay🤗

  6. I'm totally distracted by man standing beside who his totally engaged in his phone when Jay taught how to control your emotion and your addiction to social media. 😂

  7. Hi Jay, I never ever felt like commenting on any video on youtube but from few days I watched 20-30 videos of yours. I felt like my life started changing. I don't know how I can say thank you directly. Thank you for spreading your knowledge and wisdom to the world. Thank you so much actually my words are very less to explain how your work changing my life in a positive way. Thank you world need healer like you. Thank you:)))))

  8. Just to let you know, I've been following your channel for quite sometime ago. You are geniusss 😥💕 You inspired me so much. You inspired me to inspired others. You are doing great. You motivate me to create a youtube channel and yes, its hard at first to make it. But I already reach 100+ in one year. Its tough but I know I am on the right path. Thank you for inspiring a young soul like me 🌸💕💓

  9. Jay give subtitle for your videos .. As a simple Indian slang speaker most of the word I can't hear properly ..

  10. First time I didn't believe it but when I yry to woke up eaely with out check my soamed I more productive in morning, I can do alot activites 🙂

  11. I'm a big flw… Of u it's….. Beacuse you never been interacted with hospitality industry…

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