Jason Momoa & Lisa Bonet: Love at First Sight

100 thoughts on “Jason Momoa & Lisa Bonet: Love at First Sight

  1. I love how humble he is even now that he is famous and it is beautiful to hear how much and how excited he is to be her husband

  2. woahhh……beautiful story….damn……how many gets to tell a story like that….

  3. Treat her like a celebrity and she will treat you like a fan for the rest of your life. Be the celebrity and let her be the fan!

  4. Jason Momoa is a hobosexual someone who sponges off of women and lives off of them until he can do better. He was with another woman before Lisa and lived with her and ate off of her as well.

  5. "Mommy I want that one" Yeah. I tried that on my Mother about Nick Carter, but my Mom shot me down so hard 😂😂

  6. I'm happily married, i love my husband a lot and i'll never leave him BUT if Jason Momoa ever gives me a signal then i'm sorry my dear hubby but you don't stand a chance.. 🤗

  7. That’s great man happy for Jason cause that’s how feel about Scarlett Johansson I’ve crush on her since I was 9 years old and one day I’ll get her like Jason got Lisa Bonet

  8. Now these two are living, breathing SOUL MATES. I know they will never be divorced because Jason wouldn't ever let her get away. I don't see what he sees in her but she must be pretty perfect for her to get this guy. Oh God, he's devastatingly Handsome..

  9. They are both beautiful & I have total respect for men who really love their wife and don’t try to boink every girl that wants to get horizontal. Any guy can fuck, but a real man just adores his wife

  10. It's never creepy or weird if the good looking guy is stalking but it's totally different when the guy is ugly. Truly shows the hypocrisy among women.

  11. Lisa Bonet knows the truth about vaccines. She talked about it way back in the Phil Donohue says. Those are healthy unvaxed kids they have.

  12. Jajaja este tipo es otro limitado, como se le ocurra meterse con una abuela! Da lástima como anda con una momia a la que llama esposa!

  13. She's married to him and he loves her so much and she still looks she just sucked on a fucking lemon. Why is she always SO MISERABLE looking?

  14. Jason momoa born and raise in Waianae Hawaii my home town and us hawaiians loves him with all our hearts.and his a symbol for his Hawaiian people even Dwayne Johnson a Polynesian that loves his people two huge superstars

  15. It's so beautiful that she makes him squeal with delight! I hope they are together forever. That many years together and he still lights up talking about her.. 😢 just beautiful Man.

  16. Can I get me a dude that sees me somewhere one day and says "mommy I want that one" then stalks me then meets me then marries me and get OVERLY EXCITED everyday he sees me in the morning and through out the day please????? Or is that luck only for lisa?

  17. "We just happened to be at the right place right time"… you want us to believe that after you just said you full on stalked her from a young age???….lol He was tracking her every move and got super lucky because he's hot..lol if this was any other stalker…this would be hella creepy. Lol

  18. 98% of the comments here by: envious women who covet what another woman has…..rather than desiring what is a good fit for THEM…..Also, 95% of the women here saying, "he's devoted to his family, AWWW, would gladly screw Momoa in a hot minute, and potentially wreck his home if they ever got the chance. Then, they'd say in a high-school voice, "It wasn't my intention to hurt anyone"…….It is just how women are.

  19. That's awesome when a man feels that intense about his woman, even after 12yrs. I still think I let the perfect one get away when I was 25. Oh well…life goes on, another comes along….eventually, and we are uh….good companions at least. hahaha!

  20. What's so special about them? He looks like Neanderfal Man with that oily, stringy hair and tough guy eyebrow scar, while she comes off as a dim-witted midget. Big deal! I find him downright ugly, and who cares about their "love story." Yawn.

  21. Get a man/woman who: (1) squeals about you!, (2) laughs when you laugh…cries when you cry and (3) agrees to go out with you without having to ask her mom, dad, brothers, sisters, aunt Sue and uncle Bob!!! and BONUS: (4) actually WANTS and NEEDS you for ETERNITY!!!……….get me. Why? No. Why not?! (((((MIC DROPPED ITSELF)))))

  22. My husband told me when he was 18 that he would marry me. I was a few yrs older with a 4yr old, so I just smiled and patted his head and kissed him on the cheek. We had been freinds for yrs, he was a neighbor of a friend when he was 15 and I was 18. He chased for a WHILE til he left for the army. Fast forward 12yr and he finds me on a Facebook page and NOW we ARE married with 2 girls. When the ceremony was over he wispered, "I told you I was going to marry you". Lol, STILL get choaked up thinking about it!

  23. He could have stalked me anytime! OMG he is yummy! It’s so great to see he and Lisa have each other and a great family.

  24. She's 51, he's 40, she's been drilled for years by lenny Kravitz, yuck. This here is another example of a fool

  25. He's got the best sense of humor and personality. Emilia Clark said when she arrived exhausted to her hotel for GOT shooting for the first time, Jason yelled out WIFEY and ran up and picked her up in a big hug . It was delightful and they've been good friends ever since.

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