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hey guys today we are going to lay out some differences that we noticed between Korea and Japan when we were in Japan last summer when we were in Japan we did buy this handy dandy little notebook and we wrote down a whole bunch of the differences that we noticed things that we thought were interesting and so we're gonna read these back to you and what we call this some general differences between Korea and Japan some general differences between Korea and Japan one of the first differences we noticed between Korea and Japan is that Japan has a lot more houses lots of it yeah like in Korea there's tons of apartment buildings that are all super tall and just identical apartment apartment apartment apartment but in Japan it felt like there are a lot more houses it was cool looking out and seeing each building looking different as opposed to here in Korea when you go up and in tall building you look out you just see rows upon rows upon rows of identical looking buildings if Korea really does have a very disturbing feel if you're not used to let's talk about some of the differences we noticed in the coffee shops or as we call them here Korea cafes you see here in Korea cafes are everywhere pretty much find them on every corner and Americanos are the order of the day but in Japan it was a lot harder for us to find coffee shops I know because I'm a coffee addict and we dedicated a good hour every day try and find me some coffee every time we thought we found a coffee shop it was a hair salon yeah what's about that I think here in Korea we've gotten used to super adorable coffee shops that have they each have their own unique five and there's cutesy stuff in contrast to the cutesy coffee shops here in Korea in Japan the coffee shops tend to be made they weren't cute as much as they were like minimalistic 1950s diner and we've been into several cafes so far in all whom there's been a very strong smoke smell a little bit of grave so you can smoke be 10 minutes so we've seen a couple of old guys sitting at a table we'll get their coffee coffee in one hand cigarette in the other that's how we do it here in Korea both of us can get full yes for like 7 to 10 USD like if you want to eat cheap we can both be full off of that much money and it's not even bad food but in Japan we found that it was really hard to find inexpensive food it was very difficult for us to get full off of less than like $15 each yeah and that was eating the very very cheapest of all the cheap food and when we did happen to find food the portions seemed to be even smaller than they are here in Korea which we thought Korean portions were smaller than they are in America but then in Japan they're even smaller than they were in Korea and there are a lot more expensive here's American portion sizes here's Korean portion sizes and then like somewhere around here you've got Japanese portions yes you hear that people in Japan are really polite but even hearing that so many times when we went there we were shocked at how polite people actually were well you just go to like a convenience store the person's smiling and bowing and in Korea people are fairly polite to you when they restaurants and cafes and stuff but in Japan they were just over at the top friendly right yeah yes a very strange kind of blue SOI how nice they were I liked it I thought it was another thing we really noticed about Japan was how there is way way less pollution there the air is so clean I'm coming from Korea that is a huge change because we go through phases in Korea where you're not even supposed to go outside the dust and the pollution is just so bad you have to keep all your windows closed and sweep your house like a ton every day the pollution makes it so that there aren't really clouds here that we have clouds occasionally but you don't get the big building camilo Nimbus and stuff in Japan it really the sky pops so much the blue is so blue and the clouds are so crisp and the Sun sets and everything we're so cured vibrant sometimes the Korea looks like Mordor we love you Korea but sometimes terrible so something else that stood out to us about Japan versus Korea was that in Japan it really feels like all the infrastructure came out of the nineteen fifties or sixties the first thing we notice when we got there was that the subways feel really really old the taxis looks super vintage and they're really cute the buildings are super vintage the buses are super vintage yeah it really felt kind of like we had step back in time it's separate cuz I feel like Korea like all of their transportation is made to look super modern like all their joins and then going there it was like yeah it was kind of a throws for a loop we weren't expecting it because of how everyone always talks about how technologically advanced Japan is so it did feel kind of like taking a step back in time in just the way they ever in Japan I noticed a lot more bikers it seemed almost like the bike was a family car cuz I'd see like this little Japanese mom and she'd have her two-year-old on the back and her like six month old in the front I saw this all the time so I feel like maybe that's the way they get around a lot more and centum own in the car they just on a bicycle and they bike to work it might be school they drop their kids off their bike their little family bike like I see a lot of people biking in Korea but usually just for exercise or on the weekend I'll see a lot of couples tandem biking and stuff but in Japan I saw them actually using it as a means of transportation in Korea you could pretty much always find someone who speaks some level of English and so you're not gonna be stranded because if you go to a restaurant or a cafe someone will be there who can interpret something for you and put you in the right direction also on the subways everything's in English most buses are English as well most restaurants have menus in English especially in Seoul also the subways will speak English to you when you do a stop light no it's not here all of this is in stark contrast to Japan where when we landed we were very surprised to find that the English level is very low compared to Korea I think we only been a few cafe and restaurant workers who spoke English and a lot of people didn't speak English when we asked them for help and the worst part of all of it was that the English in public transportation is really lacking some subway stations had English others did not subset English understand not and this made it a big hassle whenever we tried to ride in the trains or the blessings there are quite a number of times where we just had to make an educated guess about which direction to head in and we were lucky because I don't think we ever got lost right we got lost yeah so we all our guesses turned out to be correct but we did have to make guesses so if you do go to Japan to be aware that it is difficult to navigate as an English speaker if you don't speak any Japanese of course don't let that deter you we were just fine and doing applause at all so I don't think you will either then again if you want a place where you will be completely comfortable as an English speaker Korea is an incredible country to visit for that because there is just so much English here that it's great that's what yeah thank you guys so much for watching this video we hope you enjoyed it if you have lived in either Korea or Japan do let us know what differences you notice down in the comments and if you have any questions about visiting Korea or Japan drop those down there as well I will be happy to answer them if I don't grace alone as always if you enjoyed this video be sure to give it a thumbs up as well as subscribe down below so that you can get more traveling that's always we will see you next time

43 thoughts on “Japan vs Korea | Cultural Differences

  1. You wanna say that people in Japan live just in houses but not in apartments? You better go and watch the living area in Japan. The concrete buildings like in Korea.

  2. I think Japan are very carrying on their Traditional and cultural and they know very well how to tack their culture with Morden world and that is so interesting about Thame . But some how Korean are losing their on culture and imitating others like Europe or U.S.A so it’s little sad to see that part . Otherwise both country are beautiful and people are great 👍:)

  3. both countries are beautiful , but south korea win i feel. because it's less costly and there's no volcanoes or earthquakes unlike japan, and its inhabitants are manipulatives and hypocrites. they're culturally-closed bastards who hates foreigners. most of them are just like robots. unlike koreans who are genuinely welcoming , culturally open and more expressive. they make better friends than japanese. Plus Koreans speak english better

  4. Japan is best as japanese people are not rascist but koreans are too much rascist as they hate brown and dark skin peoples.

  5. Koreans are straight shooters, will tell it to your face type, Japanese will smile at you and talk shit behind your back when your not there. Well known for their poker face.

  6. my gf and i went to japan and every train station i was in had a voice over in english at some point, and the train ticket machines had an english option, but this video is right about the maps almost exclusively being in kanji, google maps was our friend! amazing videos guys

  7. 韓国も日本もどっちも独自の良さがある

  8. Japan is awesome I love Japan I love Korea two countries are beautiful, but yeah Japanese people are very friendly and notice that they are helpful very respectful people, in Korea people tend to be friendly but they are very shy yes the English level in Japan is very lower many people don’t know how to speak English, but in Korea people speak English and some tend to speak other language. Both countries are beautiful and very beautiful cities and tourist attractions very soon I will travel to Japan and Korea very soon

  9. Korea and Japan are just Asian countries, we have each other's cultures, and Koreans and Japanese have to respect each other's cultures.

  10. Well looks like you've been to only Osaka. Then it's not Japan and Korea anymore. There are more modern transportation and buildings, coffee shops, english stuff in Tokyo. Don't just compare with korea if you only see Osaka.

  11. 海外によく行く者からすると日本以上に住みやすい国は無いぞ。

  12. The pollution in korea is caused by China. It really sucked when i visited korea because the sun was always blocked by the dust, really affected my mood. When i arrived back in LA i literally sat in the sun for an hour before i left the airport because of how bad i missed that bright warm feeling of the sun hitting your skin haha. –

  13. Japan
    •Very safe
    •Very clean
    •High technology
    •Very delicious foods
    •Kind people

    “Studying how Japan is terrible “
    →Japan never do like that.

  14. Go to Japan or China. Korea has a very high population density, so it is stressful, has no land for foreigners to live in, and doesn't welcome foreigners. Korea is now at the height of fatigue for foreigners rushing in and we are on the verge of explosion. Why do you think we will welcome foreigners? A lot will be different soon. I'm warning you. You'd better not come here.

  15. A lot of the politeness in both Korea and Japan disappears when you aren't a customer. If your interactions are mostly as a customer, yes both are VERY polite.

  16. 比べるなら北朝鮮と比べてくれよ笑

  17. I am from Bangladesh and I want to study in abroad, so –
    Which country is better For Student visa?
    Japan or South Korea?
    I am undergraduate and from middle class family, so I need your Help

  18. 개지랄들 하고 있네 영상 자체가 양국간에 이간질이네 그냥 살고 싶은곳에 갔어 살면되지 !

  19. India, at a layman's level see that Korea is futuristic, but Japan works harder x4 times…no wonder Japan makes so much technological devices

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