Japan and China's Partnership through Cultural Heritage Protection

macoco so then the Mogao caves which are situated by dong Shan River and San Wayne Mountain contain architecture mural paintings painted sculptures and manuscripts in the library cave four and one which makes it a great cultural heritage they leave a light on then this is a treasure that our ancestors left for us to conserve a heritage site with such a massive scale and great importance we have various collaborative projects with different institutions in Japan in order to tackle different issues in conservation Chinese students have come to Japan especially Tokyo University of the Arts to study that kind of exchange program has been quite successful tools oka we have entered into an era of cooperation from the era of competition when enhancing each other it means that you are going to share all kinds of ideas together anything we work on topics like pigment analysis material analysis selecting conservation materials we've learned much from Japan some we've been bringing back new ideas and technology and conservation and applying them to the situation here in China we had never imagined such a technology that could perform deep analysis of the murals and find out about the techniques used in painting the higher yourself of the Eternal Father it had a huge impact on people all over China in the field of heritage conservation Kumasi we're at the turning point of how the young generations who pass on culture to the next generation initiative teeth this is an example of cultural exchange through conservation with mutual trust and respect you

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