– [Announcer] This week,
Dominoes is launching vegan beef, ham, and pepperoni in its Australian restaurants. Taylor Swift and and Stella McCartney have collaborated on a vegan fashion line. Delaware has become
the first no-kill state for shelter animals. Jamie Oliver is set to star
in a vegetarian cooking show. And Leonardo DiCaprio wants
people to stop eating beef to save the Amazon. All that and more on
LIVEKINDLY’s Weekly Vegan News. KFC launched vegan chicken in the U.S. The fast food fried chicken restaurant started a partnership with
California based Beyond meat to offer two options: vegan chicken nuggets and boneless wings. They come in nuggets and boneless chicken. So like these are the nuggets
right here, all right? And they also come buffalo style. – [Announcer] The new meat-free option was trialed at a single KFC in Atlanta, and they roll out to more locations depending on customer feedback. “KFC Beyond Fried Chicken is so delicious, our customers will find it difficult to tell that it’s plant-based.” Said Kevin Hochman, the President and Chief Concept Officer at KFC U.S. I think we’ve all heard
it tastes like chicken. Well, our customers are going to be amazed and say it tastes like
Kentucky Fried Chicken. Dominoes Australia is developing three new vegan meat options: Pepperoni, beef, and ham. The Chain CEO Don May confirmed the news in a recent interview with CNBC. He said, “We’re about
to roll out in Australia a plant-based beef, a plant-based ham, and a plant-based pepperoni. Now these are proprietary products we’ve developed here in Australia for the Australian audience.” In January of 2019 they
launched vegan cheese. I remember it was a sellout. And now they’re upping their game with a range of plant-based meats that you can add to vegan pizzas. – [Announcer] Dominoes Australia already offers four cheesy vegan pizzas. This is the first time
it will offer vegan meat. May explained that meat
eaters are also keen on the chain’s meat-free options. The interesting insight is that we’re not just targeting vegan customers. 93% of the Dominoes customers we talked to who are going to buy a plant-based product are actually meat eaters
who want that style of a high protein menu, but they like to have more of the benefits that comes from vegetables. 7-11 is also offering pizzas
topped with vegan meat. Beyond Meat pizzas are now available at select Canadian locations. The new pizzas feature
the California brand’s vegan Beyond sausage crumbles. The popular convenience chain says it hopes to satisfy
its customers’ cravings for delicious pizza, while
also supporting their desire for more sustainable and humane products. The new pizzas are also
available 24/7 for delivery by Foodora or Uber Eats. Coming up, Taylor Swift
and Stella McCartney just launched a vegan fashion line. (upbeat music) Coming soon: Apparel by LIVEKINDLY. Sign up using the link in the description to get 10% off your first order. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is set to star in a new vegetarian cooking
show for channel four. So there you go, guys. Five beautiful veggie recipes that are really, really delicious, fun to make, and you’ll
never ever miss the meat. – [Announcer] The new
series will be called Jamie’s Meat Free Meals. Oliver told The Sun that
while he still loves eating meat and fish, he’s constantly upping his veggie game for himself and his family. He said, “I think we all know that eating more vegetables is good for us and the environment.” – [Announcer] The new show,
which will air in September, arrives on the heels of
his latest cookbook Veg which launches later this month. It’s his first cookbook to focus solely on plant-based meals. He told The Daily Mail, “There’s upfront nutrition
info on every page, so you can make fast, informed choices. Plus, I’ve given some extra tips on how I like to serve the dishes myself as well as ways to tweak the recipes to include a whole
array of beautiful veg.” Taylor Swift and Stella McCartney have teamed up on a
sustainable fashion line, timed to the launch of
Swift’s new album Lover. The vegan fashion range,
which is now on sale, is stylized after Swift’s album art and includes jackets, tops, and bags that are pastel hued
and filled with whimsy according to Vogue. The magazine says, “The entire range is produced up to McCartney’s standards of sustainability, meaning no fur or leather products. In addition to eco aware
manufacturing processes. How do you feel about sequins? If we wanna do anything, I think– How do I feel about sequins? What a wild thing to ask. That is the most stupid question. – [Announcer] Swift
and McCartney met after one of Swift’s recent concerts in London. Swift told Vogue, “When I started spending
more time in London, Stella and I would go on walks, have cocktails, and talk about life.” When it came time for
me to write this album, I name checked you in one of the lyrics. Never thought of that. It’s so sick. I’m so excited. It’s so amazing. – [Announcer] “When I
played her the album, I said, should we do something?” Coming up, Leonardo DiCaprio says eliminate beef to save the Amazon. More than 2000 Kroger stores will soon stock vegan eggs made by Just. The food tech company makes its Just egg from mung beans, and it
comes bottled in liquid form. They’re made from little beans, right? Yeah. It starts with an M. Monday beans. – [Little Girl] Mung beans. Mon-dee beans. – [Announcer] The cruelty-free egg looks, cooks, and tastes
like animal based egg, and can be used to make dishes like omelets, crepes, french
toast, and scrambled eggs. The vegan egg will soon hit the shelves of 2100 stores including Kroger, Ralph’s, Fred Meyer, Fry’s and QFC. The vegan product was already available at Kroger owned Harris Teeter, and Roundy’s Banners including Mariano’s Pick and Save, and Metro Market. The Just egg can be found in the egg aisle alongside its chicken
derived counterparts. Delaware has become
the first no-kill state for shelter animals. The achievement was helped along by Brandywine Valley SPCA, which has three shelters across Delaware. It cares for around
14,000 animals every year. To achieve no-kill status, Brandywine Valley SPCA
implemented several programs. In terms of stray cats, it began the practice of TNR, humanely trapping the animals, neutering or spaying them, and then setting them free again. It also began open adoptions where intense home
inspections aren’t required, and hosted reduced-fee adoption events. Linda Torelli, Brandywine
Valley’s Marketing Director told Today “There are weekend long events where we adopt out over a
thousand animals in two days. It’s an amazing experience. It’s really something to see.” It also offers free vaccine clinics, an emergency vet fund, and a pet pantry to help owners keep their animals out of the shelters in the first place. It also visits schools to teach children all about pet care. Best Friends Animal Society hopes to help make the U.S. an entirely no-kill country for shelter animals by 2025. Environmentalist and Academy Award winner Leonardo DiCaprio has encouraged his Instagram followers to eliminate beef from their diet to save
the Amazon Rainforest. The rainforest provides
20% of the world’s oxygen. Some call it the lungs of the earth. But massive sections of the Amazon have been burning for several weeks. Brazil has declared a state of emergency in the region while the catastrophic fires spreads to neighboring Bolivia. Firefighters no match for flames this ferocious, and this intense. – [Announcer] Home to
more than one million indigenous people, and half of the world’s 10 million species of
animals, plants, and insects, the Amazon is the most bio
diverse region on the planet. DiCaprio shared a post from
the Rainforest Alliance, a non-profit fighting to
raise awareness of the fires. The post encourages people to eliminate or reduce consumption of beef, as cattle ranching is one
of the primary drivers of Amazon deforestation. The global appetite for beef is behind 80% of Amazon deforestation. Palm oil production is also a driver of deforestation in the Amazon. Between 2005 and 2011,
around 7000 hectares of rainforest in the Peruvian Amazon were converted into palm oil plantations. However, Peru has now committed to ending palm oil driven
deforestation by 2021. The National Wildlife Federation named the move a
momentous win for wildlife and sustainable agriculture. If Peru carries out its commitment, it will be the second
South American country after Colombia to pledge or produce palm oil without deforestation. The National Wildlife Federation and a local partner worked alongside Peruvian Palm Oil Producers Association and Peru’s government for two years before achieving the result. Coming up, Ikea has vegan desserts now, and you won’t ever want to leave. Nike is launching vegan Air Max 90s. The sneakers are made from
sustainable materials, including up-cycled
sawdust, recycled foam, and organic cotton. They created an Air Max 90
with 100% organic cotton upper. Smells beautiful. – [Announcer] The new vegan sneaker is made in collaboration
with clothing brand Maharishi in celebration of its flagship store opening in New York City’s
Tribeca neighborhood this week. The Maharishi Nike Air Max 90 features an organic
cotton upper in one color, Maharishi’s signature Maha olive which is dyed naturally with
pomegranate and turmeric. The outsoles are made from Nike Grind, a material created from
recycled athletic footwear, and manufacturing scraps. Nike’s signature check mark logo features sawdust made by grinding
down shipping pallets. Ikea stores across Switzerland and Sweden now offer dairy-free mousse, vegan cake, and more sweet treats. The Swedish multi-national chain is certainly known for its affordable, assemble-it-yourself furniture. But Ikea’s food courts are becoming popular in their own right, especially for their vegan options. Instagrammer Erik.Vx.stockholm recently shared their vegan meal at the store in Kungens Kurva, a municipality of Stockholm. The dish consisted of Ikea’s veggie balls and three desserts: berry mousse with blueberries, banana walnut cake with black currants, and raspberry soft-serve sorbet. The banana cake was also spotted by Zurich-based
Instagrammer Vegans of Zuri who had it with vegan beet risotto, salad, and black currant oat smoothie. That’s it for today. What do you think of Ikea’s vegan options? Will you stop eating beef
to protect the Amazon? Let us know in the comments. Remember to subscribe and
hit the notification bell. We’ll see you again next week for LIVEKINDLY’s Weekly Vegan News.

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  1. Yes Jamie ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ Iโ€™m sure heโ€™s going to include a ton of totally vegan options here too and not just veggie. Yum

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  3. Thats a bad news. I still remember him sell happy cow burgers and picking a three-hour old calf to be chopped down to food..
    Veganism doesnt suit few. He is in only for money๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž. You guys shouldn't feature such symbols who run recipes on how to cook perfect beef.

  4. It is great companies are offering vegan options,for those who don!t eat meat. Question how is the food at KFC cooked,is it deep fried like there chicken? Or is it cooked separately or oven baked? Also why does Dominoes need fake beef? Why can!t there just be plant base ,like just veggies,on a whole wheat pizza doe? Also watch for the salt in all processed foods/meat.Healthy eating everyone.๐ŸŽ๐ŸŒโœŒ

  5. We have vegan pizza here in Canada at Panago Pizza, Pizza Pizza, and Boston Pizza, but it's nice to see more and more options out there ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Domino launching vegan pizza in australia.
    KFC launching vegan chicken in the USA.
    I want them launch this kind of stuff in germany! I'm so curious to know how it tastes!!

  7. "Will you stop eating _beef_?" Would be nice if we all got to using the proper wording ~ sentient cows, who like us, fights for their lives cause, like us, they don't want to die THEY WANNA LIVE!!
    Short version: Stop eating COWS

  8. Anyone else here waiting for McDonald's to release the Beyond Big Mac? I'd love to do a taste test video on YouTube for the burger. The future is meatless๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ๐ŸŒฑ

  9. I have yet to have any plant based fast food or even any of the beyond meat products but that vegan fried chicken looks damn good.

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  13. 10:51 HAHAHAHAHA "Kungens kurva, a municipality of Stockholm" that is as incorrect as things get. Where do you get your information?! it's like saying that the area surrounding the Walmart in Queens(New York City) is a state of Chicago. Just no, no, no. Kungens kurva is the name of an industrial and trade area inย a part ofย Huddinge Municipalityย 20km outside ofย Stockholm.

  14. I like the green KFC, it looks proper cool and they should call it Kentucky Fried Chickpeas =P

    Would be great to see all green ones one day soon instead of the shitty red ones that sell dead animal flesh in them. Well done to Jamie Oliver and I can already see that he looks a lot healthier =)

    Always lovely news and I really love the one about animal shelters, that's gorgeous.

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  16. The photo you used here and on Instagram is of our son at the KFC launch. Thanks for the feature! Our whole vegan family vlogged our experience over on our channel! We have six very opinionated little vegan food critics, so they always keep it honest. Sending love from ATL! ๐Ÿ’š

  17. I certainly believe that every place in the world should be all vegan and I do not think there should be any animal products and things tested on animals also things made from animals.

  18. Truly happy to see IKEA, KFC, and Jamie Oliver offering more plant based options. Almost want to try some now. Really unfortunate about the Amazon and I am just glad that more people are aware and are trying to do something about it. I am careful to source all the palm oil I use from West Africa that is fair traded and sustainable and am trying to do the same with other foods. I heard there were environmental issues involving avocados and almonds along with a few other foods. Happy to hear about no kill shelters as I have wondered about them.

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  20. First went vegetarian after seeing Jamie killing animals live on TV like how he blended up live chicks in a blender and butchered a calf – I quickly went vegan. I initially liked him now loathe him as he knows all about animal suffering – still supports it AND tries to get on the vegan/vegetarian gravy train to maximize his profits – hes so greedy. If only he would go vegan.

  21. I found just eggs at my grocery grocery store the big Y I was so excited to find them and they taste delicious ๐Ÿคค ๐Ÿ˜‹โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  22. I am glad that all this fast food restaurants are coming out with vegan option, because is a win for the animals and the environment. But I am worried it will backfire and a year or so from now we will see headlines โ€œvegan food is worse for your health then meatโ€, since is all made with a lot of oil clogging arteries. I hope I am wrong.

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