Jacque Fresco – What the Future Holds Beyond 2000 – Nichols College (1999)

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  1. where was this stuff when I was kid!!! I bet most parents would persuade kids away from this kind of stuff, because you cannot control a creative mind. 

  2. I would like to share my vision and understanding…

    I began to learn about Psychology when one of my friend gave me the book called "Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution" by Ouspensky. As this book share the same view with Jacque Fresco, that man basically is an automaton. However, there is a possibility for his evolution, or precisely, evolution of consciousness.

    People have always hold a "life-negative" or "divisive" attitude. We divide outer world and inner world. While, existence provides nothing for no purpose. To be honest, with his body-mind or bio-computer, he is fully capable of creating a paradise in Planet Earth. However, it is not the whole picture.

    As Carl Jung and Maslow showed, after being fully satisfied with material and psychological needs, man will feel the need of soul, or self-realization, or enlightenment…you name it. And man is born to live life to the fullest, which he must enjoy both the outer world – as Jacque Fresco visions; and the inner world, to evolve into a higher level of beings. And that is his deepest urge.

    So a commune, or I say a new kind of living, with high-technology will go hand in hand with another kind of human's community. The later should be called "Mystery School",which creates a network of energy called "Buddha Field", which not only provides material and psychological needs, but also acts as a catalyst for man's evolution.

    No one can tell the future, but we can share and contribute so that the vision can be truly comprehended. We may reduce the errors and aim more accurately. Thank you

  3. i wish he was right on the 15 to 20 later there will be no more us government but it seems like it s more government now. its not to late yet. the clock is turning.

  4. If humans cannot reason then how did mathematics came to be…and If it is true that man cannot reason then that means man has no free will meaning everything happens for a reason (cause/effect) other than free will…even war.

  5. he is 83 years old here !!!! We can only hope to be as sharp and energetic at this age. How did we ever get to where we are and to this level of sickness when there are competent people like Jacques who care and want to solve problems.  It's not about debating problems,  controlling or dictating to people,  ego or "accomplishment".

  6. it was good until all this VenusProject shit appears in lecture)) it is too utopic and cannot ever be reached! I personally ready to do world a better place without religion, borders, ethnic pride and patriotism and all the rest that separates us, but i am not sure that other people ready for it)) take for example ISIS, how can you explain to them that self distinctioning does not lead you to a better future? Venus project is an utopia – to achieve it we have to establish a society that is agreed to live by one rules and values and kill the rest worl population that does not support that idea. And when all the disagree people gone, now you can raise a new generation of kids and teach them that ethinc pride is eveil, believing in one cultural dominance is evil, feeling good about yourself being belong to certain group of people – is ALSO EVIL. 

  7. what im wondering about Mr.Fresco is his predictions during Larry Kings interview in 1974. His predictions were wrong, and humans didnt annihilate each other. His system is quite good, but he still hasnt figured out how pple are supposed to shift into this setup peacefully. Deciding and the way pple are fked up in the head i dont think so.Probably by implementing his ideas slowly by abstraction, like automotive companies trying to implement the sensor device he frequently mentions.

  8. We must first start with the truth. It doesn't matter how much we progress materially it will not change anything. Changing the world doesn't change us. Learning and seeing the truth will change us and thus everything. We need people like this with a vision but we need to see the truth of life first. Google Truth Contest and check out the top entry. The truth can and will transform mankind and the world.

  9. Jack Fresco who recreated the world will be remembered for ever. Not idiot ideologs like Bill maher or other conservative talk shows personalities.


    Have a good life

  10. Drunk camera(wo)man… (Roxanne M?)  Fresco was innovative but wrong about one thing: Culture does come from a genetic past of certain species and individual variations.  Once born into a specific natural or cultural environment, you will function from that, but what lead to human culture was how humans developed in evolution.  From the same principle the biggest inventors were much more creative than their culture's majority was or is. A genetic variation.  So, until now progress came from neither money nor people, but from a small minority.  Like Tesla, Einstein etc. They were inspired but had the mind to be so.  In a more modern society it will be different, because what was accumulated is more than in the past. Which again means that The Venus project can be a brilliant idea, IF there is any type of pressure on the individual. If not, the society may go into stagnation. For example it would mean that in a VP model of erased poverty and technical automation, the culture must be "east asian" like. Smart, disciplined and ambitious. Entertainment must be practically gone

  11. I barely got to 33:00. I can not listen to this nonsense any more.

    incoherent talk full of irrelevant points.

    He even branded gay people only as product of their environment thus making them treatable patients for psychiatric institutions.

    there is no point of me going on and correcting all of the wrong or irrelevant assertions he makes.

    If building a society is like traveling to the moon then what  does the acceleration chamber equate to?


  12. there is a reason why this man is called a "futurist",.. because sadly, Humanity as of now are still too slow to even understand what this man has been talking about. even worse, Humanity (most people) today STILL largely/mostly laugh, ignore, and/or reject & not accept even ONE of his brilliant ideas/thoughts , out of ignorance, stubbornness, apathy, & stupidity !
    I could only seriously hope that we (Humanity/Mankind) would quickly realize everything this man said,..before everything is too late…

  13. "The language of warmth and love are verbal excuses, and verbal outlets for some". " Every Kid on the corner, shooting up drugs, going nowhere, we are gonna have to pay for in the future" . "The shameful thing about the 20th century is that we only had one Nikola Tesla, one Thomas Edison, one Madam Curie". Amen to that. I wish Fresco was as sharp today as he was then, esecially since he is much better known nowadays. And i wish the 20th century had produced thousands of Jacque Frescos.

  14. There is a book called "Wisdom of the Elders," by David Suzuki, that expresses ideas very similar to Fresco's. I recommend this book highly. 
     It says that we live in mental models of reality/the Universe, in our minds. 
    These mental models are called Paradigms. 
    The book uses the simpler model of human behavior that can be found by studying the Indigenous peoples and their paradigms. 
    It's obvious from the comments that not everybody is going to get this.

  15. I think that the Venus project needs to start a school. People need to be educated. The current educational system is flawed. It will always fail.

  16. in most of his lectures he contrdicts with himself a 100 times……..however he is suceeding in deluding people

  17. I have learned to dislike this man – I met him when all his bldgs. etc. was on paper – he is redundant – he is a fool – He is a good designer of structures and he has tried to inc. social and political values into his structures in order to induce more value to his structures and in the end he has admitted to his self and everyone else "I Don't Have All The Answers" Just reflect on this film he has said absolutely nothing about anything of value –

  18. Heres sum intresting facts maybe im a genius
    the solar panel invented 1910
    Hemp plastic-1940
    Bio Diesal 1933
    ocean tide generater 1924
    Algae as protien over a thousand years
    Now ill build my own city and abolish love spirituality and all competition and geta a tall redhead to follow me around

  19. people beware of this guy, he's committed blasphemy in other words mixed some truths with load of lies, acts all clever, sounds all clever but is he really, n then goes on about heaven on earth, whatever u joker? see this guy for what he really is????

  20. Jacque Fresco
    "I don't get upset if people think I'm crazy. If you go to a mental hospital and someone calls you a name, would you get upset?" "Man can not think or reason"
    Charles Manson
    "You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody's crazy."
    "No sense makes sense."

  21. I'm glad I finally got round to seeing this video, in my Watch Later list for 3 years at least!
    Coming from having read a lot of the documentation from TVP I like what Jacques is saying, really props to him for working so many years on this concept…
    However this whole lecture is without structure and he goes on tangents very often and most of the time they have little to do with the questions he is answering or the point he was trying to make in the first place. This is what TVP is missing. It is a project with many idea and good people however there is no strategy: everyone is doing their own thing without a cohesive well organised central goal. This is what is hindering The Venus Project to grow, it know what it wants to aspire to in the future (ironically, it ISN'T taking those incremental steps Jacques talks about: foundations of what research and development actually is!) and simply does not have in mind the transition towards this future. In my opinion, from this point of view, it is a failure.

    I have been a member of the TVP community for many years and have done nothing concrete towards this final goal of building a sustainable city and microsociety. I hope one day someone will pick up this project as a manager/CEO and give ti the structure it needs. I would do it myself but I am very far away from Venus and still completing my doctorate.

    Good luck guys!


  22. Please look up the video below if you are curious as to how much longer we have until a social collapse. Dr. Meadows is one of the few academics willing point out the need for drastic social change.

    'Dr. Dennis Meadows: Strategies for Success in a World with Limits'

  23. I saw some comments from a subscriber somewhere who worried that no government, courts, laws and police would not work. Of course he has a point because our current systems are corrupt and we must work for money to get the things we need. Money has been convenient but in reality it isn't necessary. Its existence is the root cause of most of the crime and corruption we have today. So that is why TVP professes no money and an RBE (resource based economy). On the other hand, the real start point is education. We see that TVP online are good places to find education. People are completely mind-controlled by the current system (the media, education system, political parties etc.). They are unable to see through the fog. To lift the fog we need education. The books by Jacque and the movies are helping immensely. But we need more. Nate Scott has proposed building sustainable community centers where people can get together to study and learn and begin to take actions in the community. I like this idea because when people see something physical they are more impressed than a mountain of online information. But at the same time TVP must to look like some kind of cult of religion. So we must be careful of that. Also the sustainable approach Nate Scott proposes is a far cry from the gleaming modern machine built cities Jacque has built models of or written books about. Someone said perhaps TVP could be launched in Iceland. Even Jacque at one time said that might be possible. Iceland jailed the bankers after the 2008-2009 collapse. The US has done very little. So Iceland which is a small country could be a place to launch this and they already have geothermal energy being used. Then the problem is how to get funding and how Iceland could interact with the rest of the money-using world to get resources it does not have. So there are major things to consider and resolve. With Global warming, Iceland may become a good place to live in the next 100 years. I think too, that some kind of computer modeling of a global RBE must be done to prove its viability.

  24. "Creative thinking" here is, in science, called "patternicity" or "pattern recognition". And it has one critical flaw – it causes us to also (more often than not, for a lot of people) see patterns that aren't there, thereby causing incorrect conlusions. Religion is a direct result of this, as are things like most conspiracy theories, astrology and other superstitions. True creativity isn't about imagining completely new things, but to piece together existing things in new ways. It's about emergent, iterative reality.

  25. Be careful guys!!!! It looks like the idea of communism-socialism which was introduced by others jews. It brought a lot of suffering. He is a jew!!!! They want to control everything!!! Look after yourself!!!

  26. I took a copy, and re-uploaded to my channel. I wish Fresco was my mentor/ teacher or just friend, ..that I lost years of my life, when I was 20 I went crazy thinking to much of this world and beyond. Thank You 🙂

  27. I feel very bad for poor Jacque. He must have been so frustrated during his lifetime with this dumb system of lies, SO alone in his dedication to verisimilitude, & now he is still robbed of his last few breaths of life telling people about these very obvious facts. We owe this man EVERYTHING. One day, so many people will know his name & he won't be around to get the recognition he deserves.

    All his life, he has tried to tell people about our stupidity, & the danger of distraction, & enrolment with society. I only wish I had heard about him years ago. I wish he was young again, & ready & willing to lead us to this new world. I love you Jacque. You are the last person on earth that I would forget. You are the definition of humanitarian. And my mind is SO much clearer & less full of crap down to your teachings.

  28. This guy gives me some hope for humanity. I love his reference to heuristic reasoning; it's the mark of intelligence.

  29. RIP Mr. Fresco. 🙁 You were wise beyond your time. I wish your messages would illuminate the world.

  30. RIP jacque, now its our turn to carry the torch onward. Thank you for opening so many minds and hearts to the potential you saw in all of us.

  31. If we go by what history has thought us we have destruction and pain to look forward to. After that hopefully something more beautiful will come from the ashes.

  32. The Basic Human Nature is to Enjoy. As sex and food. As well survival and to protect your offspring. The rest is evolution

  33. …um…. futurist is all he will remain as. dude kicked the bucket May 18, 2017 from parkinsons.

    …so… im no rocket scientist but i have noticed how we dont buy life insurance or medical insurance for livestock, we just give them the right minerals and vitamins and they carry 2 tons of weight on those joints. never seen a cow with parkinsons, never seen a cow with dementia.

    this is the conclusion of the story: Dude is dubbed "THE FUTURIST" wanted and spoke highly about helping people, building better society and died of malnutrition. really?!?!? =)

    Y'all listen to this dude, but take it with a grain of salt. Do your research. If he spent some time on nutrition instead of bull shitting about future, he might of been here to see some of it =)

    Where can such answers be found? …. oh i dont know… maybe internet. https://youtu.be/JjNy8ETx1ps

  34. Carl Sagan wanted to communicate with extraterrestrials. He hoped that they, in turn, would communicate with us. Now you know, that Republicans can't communicate with Democrats. You know that husbands and wives have difficulty in communicating. Children and parents have difficulty because the language we use was designed a long time ago. It is inherently difficult to get ideas across in the language that we use today. However when engineers meet and talk they speak a different language. One engineer might present a very thin cable and say "This can support 5,000 tons" and the other engineer says "What's it's tensile strength?" He's given that information, then he puts it in a machine and he snaps it to make damn sure that it holds to that. That does not exist in everyday language. In everyday language you don't have that ability. When an engineer meets another engineer, he says "I can illuminate an area with this tiny point of light that has 50,000 square feet. The engineer doesn't say "That's not possible!" he doesn't talk like that. He says "How do you power that unit? What kind of voltage does it take? How do you illuminate that spot?" They ask questions. The average person says "Nah, not in a thousand years…" That's been around for a long time. That is a language of war, hatred, bigotry, prejudice: the inability to ask questions. We've got to be very careful about that. If someone were to show you a picture of an airplane (what appeared to be an airplane) without wings; people look at it, they stand by and they say: "It will never fly!" but they don't say "How do you propose to lift off the ground without wings?" That's the key to communication. – Jacque Fresco

  35. This lecture should have been in every school programme and instead of dull cartoons like power rangers it should be translated on TV regularly.

  36. This man is so intelligent, my greatist hero of all time, his idea is best solution to all our problem right now, he is the answer, we should apply this now or else the problem we create always repeated again and again until it's too late and we all extinct. Jacque Fresco will always remember for the future we want no more war's,hunger,poverty,greed etc…

  37. If you like this you might like my slide show "SCO-JHEV – A Word and a Plan for Healthy Cities" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7-wRWLQr4U also "Eco Peace Social Design" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d65xki53FH0 (the second one needs to be updated at the end – related to new knowledge that Edgar Cayce relayed – that it is possible that reincarnation was taken out of the teachings in the bible, by church leaders so the common people didn't get confused.)

  38. Actually, I understand that Tesla received many of his designs by intuition – actually he and others who are aligned with God can get great tips. Check out this article. https://peacewellness.wordpress.com/2018/05/03/self-existent-one-says-fate-of-earth-is-like-a-runaway-freight-train/

  39. This man wants Agenda 21 which seeks to socially manipulate. Do the research. So many false narratives going around. Just because he speaks appealingly does not mean he is corrects. THE ONE WORKD ORDER UNDER THE UNITED NATIONS. Unelected bureaucrats making the decisions. Reducing population, high density cramped living in stack and pack cities DO THE RESEARCH. Assoc of Governors and Mayors, local county and municipal cooperation and direction from international ICLEI and ICLEI America . Read what the plan is based on global warming in an effort to globalize the world. Sustainable development, sounds good with no freedom or opportunity. Universal minimal income because AI and we can sit in he parks. Forget about protest or resistance it will be to late.
    Question everything now

  40. He is an old fool and an old communist/ globalist. He gains millions of his architecture is built. Read or See the movie The Giver and read Brave New World. While these are fiction some one knew the Agenda and exposed it back in the 40s and do not forget about author Ayn Rand

  41. His values suck. AI over individuals. Value yourself, your mind your freedom. I would rather have God as my moral compass and not unelected bureaucrats who say DO NOT LOOK BEHIND THE CURTAIN. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

  42. Watch the move ZEITGEIST
    SAY MO TO IT. There is no Utopia but the sick globalist will try and tyrannize us.

  43. He says that inventions are made piece by piece and then he goes on to complain about our society not planning their future… I agree, we should be planning the future, but that doesn't seem to be how things go 🙂

  44. Unfortunately, where we all are currently living is a typical brain-washed monetary civilization (society). That is the main reason he was, when he was alive, encountering big troubles in trying to present to people TVP and RBE and teach them about it… It is shameful that most of the people can barely comprehend 30% to 40% of what he is talking about… But there is still hope that this will come into reality one day. Rest In Peace Jacque Fresco, the one of the greatest minds we've ever had!

  45. This lecture gets better and better with every viewing. I never met the man, but I sure miss him. The world will come to know Jacque Fresco as one of its A1 citizens.

  46. The Mind (Associative Memory, Constructs, Creativity)
    (1:16) Creativity & The Mind
    (21:50) It is not possible for human beings to build a frame of reference without experience 6
    (47:30) Human beings operate based off of many resident forces + examples
    (34:45) Making decisions vs arriving at decisions

    Human Nature (Human Behaviour, Criminal Behaviour, environment & value systems)
    (3:40) All human behaviour is lawful
    (6:00) Victims of Culture
    (23:00) What is criminal behaviour?
    (26:20) uniform Set of values
    (43:30) Natives free life different value system
    (57:20) Teacher vs Jacque about environmental development
    (58:28) How do you account for human nature?

    What is Intelligent Life? (Can man think or reason, no original thought, no genius,)
    (3:40) Think or reason
    (6:49) Intelligent Life?
    (10:00) Inability to think or reason
    (19:00) nothing is an original thought
    (20:35) Is there intelligent life here!
    (20:50) What is intelligence?

    Human Language (Language of war vs Language of Peace/Engineers)
    (3:40) Old language model
    (6:00) Language of war vs language of peace
    (8:00) Engineer language
    (25:55) Institutions of education fall to touch upon social systems
    (37:00) Social Worker example for communicating between two vastly different social groups)
    (1:00:28) Universal Language

    Raising Children (Indoctrinated to facade set of values, current education, systems of today are backward)
    (41:10) Creativity & Children – All children are scientists
    (52:55) Raising Children – teaching, reshaping education, creativity for higher intelligence
    Video on how to raise children

    Re-Designing Cities & Society (No plan for the future with current model)
    (28:30 What kind of world do you want?
    (21:50) All systems of today are backward
    (26:20) No plan for future
    (42:36) Change social dynamic between people

    The Vision (The Venus Project, changing value system, society, culture, real psychology, real education)
    (24:49) if you want a world without war
    (32:09) a design for culture in which we bridge the gap between all nations
    (45:50) new design of the city of the future
    (34:00) Transhumanism
    (31:20) Love

  47. We are almost 20 years from 1999. I'm going to front end applications development course. Wondering if when i reach a level of skill to get a job, a CMS will be even better qualified than today?
    Things don't progress as fast as we would assume. Skills take time to learn. More complicated the knowledge the less people there is to apply the knowledge. The better machines the skillful build for entertainment, the less there will be people in common culture going deep into science. I suppose lets help Elon Musk get to Mars?
    =D just wondering on lazy ass. Procrastinating rather than acting.

  48. The world can only be saved by applying the insights & knowledge of the venus project.
    It is literally the only solution to a world of a abundance.
    The time him and roxanne spent on it, will never be matched.
    The time he spent on it alone, is impossible to get.
    To find someone as equally crazy as him (where crazy is not a negative in my eyes) to help him visualize what he has in mind, is a match made BY heaven.

    People can applaud him, people can admire to be him, people can laugh at his sarcasm.
    But truly understanding him, that will only be for a select few.
    Nobody will get to the level fresco was. He did something nobody can. Or is able to use it for the better.
    He lived in the future. He lived in the past. And he lived in the now.

    Magic trinity.

    Most people are already struggling with just one.

    This world should see more people like fresco.
    His personality is one of kind.
    His character is multiplied through others.

    In my eyes, for him they were the same.

    Don't just watch this as a 'nice to have' for the future.

    DO SOMETHING, too make this a reality.

    Him sharing his knowledge is not about educating.
    Its about getting people to take action, by educating them!

    I am sad that I will never be able to meet him in person.
    But I laugh and love that his legacy continues.

    Because it is the only future where humans don't end up being 'Remember humans? What a awfull species…!

  49. not taking into account "human nature" in other words "human brain structure differences" is a big deal. Brain сytoarchitecture showed great differences in individual brain structure which forms human ways trough the life. Unless Fresco starts taking into account brain differences and ways to differentiate ppl by brain structure, he is more of utopiaist.

  50. Jacque is Alive
    Time to bring him back into our reality..we need him. We have the technology. Welcome back JACQUE!!

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