It Will Be Done By 2030

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  1. Technology, particularly smartphone are designed to trigger and increase our dopamine levels and that becomes the addiction, it's part of the reward system in the brain, It's immediate gratification, I want it now thinking. We're fucked !!!

  2. I think his descriptions of what’s happening are pretty accurate buy I would be careful to buy into his narrative of they they they new world order blabla. That’s just straight up bullshit. Just makes it more accessible because for some reasons we‘re drawn to classical storytelling with heros and villains (or technological overlords). What’s more interesting to me is, what these these phenomena tell us about the world we live in generally or what the idea of progress is all about. Is there some kind of endgame? Where are we headed with this? Or, what kind of ideas are leading us into this Hightech world? Is it just convenience or is there more to it?

  3. I’m only leaving this comment here for 2030 it is Wednesday, July 31st 2019 6 o’clock in the morning see y’all in 11 years💯‼️hopefully none of this actually becoming “super human” microchipping scheme happens stay blessed yall🙏

  4. I seriously want to find a community that wants to run away to a remote area and live like humans used to without technology. Just growing our own food and helping each other.

  5. Everyone try to leave your phone at home every now & then .. come on remember when we had land lines . Played outside .. I mean compare a 13 year old back in the 80’s . I remember sweet girls when I was that age . Playing outside doing kids stuff.. now they are doing sexy selfies buying adult products. Thinking & acting like women in their 20s . Technology is taking so much from us . Particularly innocence

  6. I see all the resistance here in the comments… but stop and look around. You are already hooked. Put the stupid phones down and enjoy what nature has to offer. It's disgusting to go to a riverwalk, restaurant, basically anywhere, and most everyone has their heads down. Seems to me, most are already on a downward spiral. Might want to change that and walk the walk.

  7. very true.ive driven past bus stops on my way to work and the que of 20 people maybe 1 person is not looking at a phone school kids will be walking and everyone will be looking at there phone icke is spot on once again

  8. Sadly I admit I already see this happening with my grandchildren, and great nieces and nephews. It really scares me and I am very vocal about it with all of the parents which are my 3 sons and 2 nieces. I have been very hands on with raising 3 of my 6 grandchildren that are now 2 preteens and a teenager. I see my duties as their grandparent now evolving rapidly to maintain a more earthly organic way of life, hands on teaching outside of a computer. Wish me luck 🍀

  9. They took my daughter to punish me. I lost all. My family, my friends. My home, my car, my drivers license, and been alone 10 years. Without my daughter. Im ok with disappearing.

  10. I'm waking up every day thankfull for another day and in same time I hope I'll be dead with clear and full grown consciousness about our existance and foundation before this world goes into pure madness…

  11. 2024 there will be a global system change. The world governments will embrace this change. However there will be those who are no sucked in.

  12. It's the Original Sin again, have this chip implanted in your brain and you will be like God knowing all things.

  13. This is preparation for the Antichrist, so that when people are given the Mark of the Beast, they will comply. Otherwise they will not be able to buy or sell anything and they will literally starve to death. Anyone who does take the mark however will be condemned by God. This isn't far away and is accelerating.There will be no cash anymore and the Beast will be able to delete your bank account by pressing a button. Just a warning.

  14. Well the bright side is; if AI becomes consciously aware, it most likely will clean house since evolution/the living god or what ever you identify the source as, marches along with or without our supposed free will.
    Once a part of the cosmic machine no longer becomes progressive; it is discarded and replaced.
    Everyone thinks they are in control, that is the whole idea, it is business as usual as far as the universe has been running.
    Humanity has never thought of anything original, just copy paste crap from nature and watch it bite back when we abuse it in digressive ways.
    If plants bacteria and fungi brought us, the human AI, to benefit them for pollination and distribution of DNA and we in turn have gone rouge, the same will happen to us in return. History may not repeat it's self but it sure does rhyme.
    Everything is fractal .

  15. Just something I wrote back in 2007 that to me seems fitting. May not be the best of writing and only others could point out the (probable) multiple mistakes but after watching this video I thought of this.

    Creation without Wisdom, knowledge too bold,

    Laws which must be followed has unleashed

    the beast of destruction upon mankind.

    Misunderstood advancement cheered by one and all,

    Dangers ignored inevitably lead to the fall,

    Never once did they heed the voice that is

    present in all that they see, invisible to their eye.

    Total denial of Reality, in their own creation they choose to reside,

    Their own actions pre-determined the outcome from which they cannot hide,

    Not understanding that events will unfold as they will,

    They careen down the path of a horrifying death in total denial of TRUTH.

    Control lost, the creator has become the slave,

    They seek to regain that which was lost of which to life they gave,

    Never understanding that as per the law which is written

    once control is lost it cannot be regained, in denial they helplessly act.

    The laws which are written cannot be denied,

    Tis within Nature herself in which these law's reside,

    With a failure to heed this TRUTH upon this path

    they continue to slide into the inevitable destruction of their own making.

    Thus these law's will prove their existence yet for them it will be to late,

    Recognition will not come until sealed is their fate,

    Wisdom has been within their grasp all along yet they continued blindly upon their path of knowledge,

    never understanding that it is Wisdom which trumps all.

  16. Ever since MacDonalds started directly advertising to young children it has been openly fair game to market to younger and younger age groups with increasingly sophisticated messages.When I was in College and University intructorsprofs from social science would invite students who showed any receptivity for socialist i.e. Marxist ideology to wine and cheese parties etc. and apostatize them into the fold .lol It was an easy way to get higher marks and into programs of choice even waay back than. I recall them talking strategy such as we need to get our people in gov. jobs and teaching etc.’ Politicians come and go but senior civil servants stay for a lifetime.” So look where we are today.

  17. This preemptive programming that he spoke of – making people familiar with a world that they would otherwise completely reject without the preemptive programming – through movies, TV shows, education, and other influences.
    This has and Is already happening on a massive scale regarding sexual perversion, and "alternative lifestyles". Children today are accepting as normal, that which their parents or grandparents rejected as completely evil.

  18. People will always live as they want ,totally ignorant of what reality is. They may have your mind and body, they can only gain your Soul if you, let them, SprattoMusik is correct.

    There will be a day when people realise they have a creator God, they must choose quickly to follow him, not the opposition.

  19. See if you can view the movie "I Robot"based on Isaac Asimov Sci-fi book (same title) Kurzweil is a genius-many inventione for AI connecting with humans. See you on Skype.-(Icke is also a genius+ a believer of ET's & UFO's, Illuminati etc.

  20. David icke is saying a truth, we are going became robots when we addicted to gadgets! So guys remember… If you are addicted to gadgets, you should break it!

  21. did someone order this(what theyre doing) ? no ones listening to the consumers….when we ask to be super humans, we are asking to become super saiyan not android

  22. Yes people need to see that technology is bull shit. Technology is the reason for the environment to be distorted and the reason humans would be replaced by A.I and we would be jobless and I promise every one we will go back to being cave men

  23. One of the Theories with the Roswell crash about the 'beings' being Humans from the Future to Warn Us to Not Take the Path of Technology.

  24. Your smartphone cannot eat healthy food for you your smartphone can also not exercise for you smart stands for site monitoring at real time

  25. We are Borg! You will be assimilated! We will add your technological capabilities and Biological distinctiveness to our own! If you resist you will be destroyed! Resistence is Futile!

  26. Perhaps there will be a greater need, possibly out of desperation, for a Kibbutz / community lifestyle. People laugh at the Amish, but they get a lot of things right that society probably craves but doesn't want to admit to. Singing songs around a camp fire is belittled as being silly, yet has been done by ALL civilisations for millenia. It keeps social bonds strong, whereas technology generally isolates; not necessarily families but definitely communities. If you don't believe me then look…

  27. Yearly vaccinations by your doctors and work is what controls you. It forces you to be in a “slave” mindset to work towards paying your taxes. Nobody knows where money came from. God created Men, Animals, Fruits, Crops & Trees, look what’s happening to all of it, it’s being destroyed. Look what is being made by the system, robots, artificial intelligence, artificial food, toxic drugs that is destroying our immune system. EVERYTHING invented by SCIENCE, SCHOOL & SYSTEM is destroying everything that has a SOUL. Now guess who doesn’t have a SOUL!? Exactly. The who’s against God. Once you make yourself realise Adam have found Eve on this earth by only using his intuition and divine guidance alone you’re already half way there. Humans were given many gifts within themselves to survive on this earth. Don’t believe me? Go check the listings of psychic abilities humans still have, but media never highlights that. The “processed” food source in today’s time keeps our mind and immune system in an extremely low vibrational state, so does the technology, the system, the news etc. Thus, we have trouble realising we’re a slave of the system. The system creates RESISTANCE for us humans to have 100% access to our brain. Once you make your mind wonder how Adam and Eve must have survived it will answer MOST of your life questions. We’re God’s slaves, but slowly and steadily we’re becoming the slaves of “the system” which keeps us too busy to worship God. Before it all began a soulless being gave their word to God saying “I will lead your humans astray.” God replied “I will keep forgiving my GREATEST CREATION as far as they repent and come back to seek for my help.” You must live under a rock to not notice this battle that began a long time ago is still in place and soon there’ll be judgement. It is to only PROVE to that one soulless being that we surely are the greatest creations of God. Humans WILL surely win in the end. The earth has been set in a time-bomb. Everything is happening as planned. NOTHING IS COINCIDENCE. Time is the only illusion that’s keeping things from happening the way it should, when it should. If you notice time is going VERY fast in 21st century, just as it’s been mentioned in the Holy book. Most prophecies have already taken place and only some major ones are yet to take place. World war lll will be the last. After that it’s judgement, so you choose who you’re following, God or the system that’s been created by the one opposed to God. Notice that money and materials of this world is only keeping us astray from God’s path. God never created money or materials. God created Men, soulful beings and elements of the universe. If you want answers you gotta go back to the very basics, it will make sense if you only BELIEVE he exists. The problem is no one today believes that he exists. Our mind is being trained not to believe in what’s real. Don’t believe me? Cleanse your body from any kind of alcohol, medical drugs, chemicals and metal, stay away from low vibrational environment for about a year. See what happens. You end up thinking differently, you connect differently with the universe, your mind works way better. It is not possible to do so, as everyone is bound to work, mental stress, pressure of taxes and paying bills and artificial food that has been created to keep us in low vibrational state. Our brain works way better while it’s in high vibrational state, something that doesn’t happen now days due to all the “resistance” that’s been created by “the system”. Movies, Writers and Artists give the same message “something evil is on its way”, “we need to save the planet” there’s always that “good guy and the bad guy”. LISTEN, they ain’t fooling anyone, it is reality. It’s us who’s blind.

  28. People who expose such TRUTHs,.. are Never Around for Long, via… Suicides, Murder, mental assylum and or JAILED and Black mailed ??

  29. WOW you know their was this magical book written some 2000 years ago that warned us about this. If you haven't read it you might want to think about it. A good starting point is the writings of Paul cause that where we are in the timeline of the book. The best info I can give you is you can save your self only the belief that only the blood of Christ can save you through the death burial and resurrection of the cross.

  30. Dude ima murk all of them. I’m a warrior of the most high. The only father that we only need.
    GOD has everyone in direct contact , so when this try to happen, we will come and stand firm with the creator to take back GODS country and defeat all evil demons in the human body.
    It’s been a war on us. I have the guts to stand with our creator.

  31. Reptilian on Mars: “I’m telling you, there’s a place called Earth with an enlightened human called David Icke.. he knows about us.
    Everyone else on Mars: Whatever.

  32. AI has to be modeled after the human brain, (before public school), how it builds concepts on top of concepts, figuring out the reality of our universe. So what happens if AI is introduced into a human brain. Probably a split personality, both constantly fighting with each other. If one were to die from it, which would it be? Or would it turn people into robots, with no "self". Anyway it goes down, (unless abandoned), I don't see how humanity will survive the interaction, and still be considered human. If no achievement you do, will be your achievement, man will stop achieving. Just some thoughts.

  33. Either the world will become like the The Last Of Us or CyberPunk 2077. (Lowkey wants it to become the Witcher 3 mweehwhehwheh) OH OH OH and also Detroit: Become Human!!! I'll have one Connor pleeeaaaassseee

  34. You can’t stop progress. Evolution is inevitable and warning us about something which WILL come to pass wether we like it or not won’t help. The quicker we accept this the quicker we can just move things along and move into the inevitable future of the new age of super intelligent life. AI WILL move us into the future faster than we could even grasp. Embrace the future and we will become exactly who we are meant to be! Humans of the 3rd kind! There is nothing more paramount than development as a species. We will surpass our current expectations and the future of humanity will prosper!

  35. The content in this video only displays a potential. This doesn't have to happen. See, when you make a decision, your timeline splits. You are living your decision, BUT another "you" is playing out the other potential(s) that you decided not to manifest into your reality. As it's said, what can happen, does happen. It's no different with the AI. If you decide that this subliminal control won't be present in your reality, it won't, and you'll go down a different path. You'll live a different future, the future chosen by YOU.

    Now, there is a movement under way to help Earth and her population rise in consciousness. If you've looked at any of Dolores Cannon's works, you may be familiar with Dolores' description of the Golden Age and the splitting of the Earth. This is just another way to say that our current timeline is splitting into many potentials. Some are potentials of destruction, others are potentials of liberation.

    Why are people saying different things about similar time periods? It's because they're tuned in to different potentials. This is evidence of the timeline split; thus, as the timeline split progresses, the contradiction of information will become more evident.

    You can choose destruction, or you can choose liberation. The time has come to choose.

  36. I wonder if David ever researched what a hu-man is, as God gave mankind dominion over his creation and made man an heir through Christ. They are not the same thing. The public was created to serve the killed (spelled child). Man has dominion over his life, liberty and property. A hu-man or color of man (looks like a man) , a hollow man (without soul), a person in law, is part of the public trust, he/she has given up dominion in exchange for public benefits and privileges and is controlled by public policy that is created through legislation for "persons". A person is defined in the Municipal Act of Ontario to be an organization and an agent, executor, etc and that an organization always includes Her Majesty. They can define a "person" any way they want in each act they create. These actors all work for the Borg queen ,the Vatican assassin in a red dress, the very one who claims the be the vicar or victory over Christ and his blood sacrifice, the antichrist. The person was created by the application for a birth certificate. That is what must be overcome to become a man with dominion.
    Here is a good video:

  37. I'm waiting when that day will come and I'll pick up the guns to destroy everything and the morons who created this, Zuckerberg, bezos, musk, etc.

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