Islamist Militants on Israel’s Doorstep: The War Next Door (Full Length)

hello NH sharp line where Sherlock holidays everything’s a try [Music] it’s close to midnight in the israeli-occupied Golan Heights just a few hundred yards from the increasingly dangerous Syrian border a team of Israeli soldiers is preparing for a special operation it’s potentially dangerous and it’s the first time they’ve invited journalists to witness anything like it Delilah shake it off the road that’s big I don’t know below here like she was Nikolas even small irreversibility we wait as the vehicles drive towards the border into darkness [Music] five minutes later some news over the radio I’m on some about a siave button very interesting before long the unit returns the first part of their mission is a success only the mission probably isn’t what you think rather than fighting their enemies the Israelis are rescuing them the soldiers are bringing three wounded Syrian fighters into Israeli territory for urgent medical care father is here what we’re seeing here is really quite astounding a group of Israeli soldiers treating fighters from Syria you couldn’t have imagined it happening two years ago but it just goes to show how unpredictable the Middle East has become and how much this region is changing about a mile away in Syria an al-qaeda affiliate known as jamaat al nusra has seized a swath of land and Syria’s army is trying to take it back this footage is from a bloody battle earlier in the day most likely where the three rescued Syrians were wounded earlier in the day we drove to a nearby lookout point in a closed military zone to get closer to the fighting we’ve come up to the Golan Heights in area that’s controlled by Israel it’s been controlled by Israel since 1967 and this is a tank left over from that period when they fought a war with Syria for control of this area since then this has been the quietest border in Israel they’ve only had to deal with conflict pretty much on the Lebanese side and with Gaza that’s starting to change with the civil war in Syria raging for the last two years this has suddenly become Israel’s hottest border it’s easy to hear and see the not-too-distant sound of shelling on this day al-nusra forces are fighting the Syrian army for control of the main road to Damascus you can really see things quite clearly inside Syria from this close-up you can see the streets you can see all of the detail of the buildings with binoculars you can even see the fighters but as is the case with Syria’s deeply complicated civil war itself it’s hard to make out who the fighters are and what exactly they’re fighting for for now they’ve largely left Israel alone and Israel has pride on the surface to appear neutral but there are new signs that Israel is siding with the rebels United Nations observers recently reported witnessing IDF soldiers allowing what appeared to be two unwanted rebel fighters into Israeli territory still the IDF maintains that it’s only interaction with rebels is in humanitarian missions like this [Music] so we’ve got the three casualties in there it looks like the guy on the ground he’s in a lot of pain the other two seem more or less okay but they just might be out of it but this right here this is the fallout from the most violent war in the world today for the mighty blue moon today on us captain [Music] suppose you miss attenuation or [Music] [Applause] [Music] they bring the wounded fighters to a nearby hospital it can’t be overstated what an unusual relationship this is for everyone involved Israelis treating fighters who in some cases are bent on Israel’s destruction but since the start of Syria’s Civil War about a thousand three hundred Syrians have quietly received medical treatment inside Israel what’s the prognosis for these guys are they gonna survive maybe the guy with insulin it meant that we built a what we’re seeing is a high level of coordination from the Israeli military directed towards helping these fighters from inside Syria the question I’m asking myself is do they have a deal with one particular faction fighting on the other side of the border and if they do what is Israel getting in exchange so far we’ve seen according to Israel’s own statistics that 90% of the people that they’re trading have been men so I’m gonna leap to the conclusion that most of them have been fighters I think Israel sees this as being in its overall interests but I want to know more specifics we’re here in the Galilee in Israel we’re on our way to a hospital and the interesting thing about this hospital is that they’re actually treating casualties from the war in Syria on this side of the border and that’s pretty unprecedented because you wouldn’t expect people from Syria a sworn enemy of Israel to want to come here to get medical treatment but the Israelis have opened their borders and they’ve actually allowed quite a few people to get treatment so hopefully we’re going to get to meet some of them dr. Amer Hussein oversees the efforts to treat Syrians here at Ziv Medical Center is it dangerous for them to try to come here to seek treatment yes it’s very dangerous because that isn’t love won’t people come to Israel what do you think would happen to them if they came back and people found out they were in Israel they may be killed but I understand that some of your patients are actually fighters from the various factions at the bus the first you want to sort so the emergency sure okay they’ve actually treated 420 Syrians in this hospital alone but they’ve treated a thousand three hundred overall since the start of the conflict in Syria here in Israel almost all have been men so it’s not a stretch to assume that many are fighters we were curious if any belongs with the al-qaida affiliated rebel group Jabar al-nusra but dr. Hussain tells us this would be impossible the army here change the policy and don’t bring again fight there’s only only civilian people and the first time yes there was fighters again a soldier for the revolution but after no fighters only civilian people you can see children’s we can see where all people’s much further from day I noticed in your statistics that 90% of the people you treat here are men are you sure no no no none of them are fighters this question clearly made the doctor uncomfortable maybe justifiably so the Israeli public might not be too keen on the fact that Israeli doctors are helping fighters who hate Israel only a bit less than they hate the Syrian regime in Syria’s Civil War today more than a thousand factions are fighting each other and the regime for control of the country to date more than 190,000 have died in the conflict and even the tallest fences can’t stop riffles crossing the borders have you ever seen casualties like this in your experience no no but I mean you treat soldiers from either each other from Delhi Benmont – yes our inner circle from the Rockets office Bala yes but like this injuries very severe injuries this patient is a recent arrival no one knows much about him because he’s been unconscious since he got here he says the school of injuries I’ve done a fracture of the bone large bones what do you think caused his injuries it’s more blast injuries and so he hasn’t been able to say anything since we got here he doesn’t even know he’s in Israel we head into another room where three wounded Syrian fighters have been convalescing since July to quickly covered their faces with blankets but we could see the characteristic long hair of Islamist fighters outside an IDF soldier remains on guard 24 hours a day one of the three agreed to talk to us 25 year old Mohammad who says he’s a fighter for the free syrian army a collection of western-backed rebel groups [Music] that that man may be valid for a financial for an EVA fee is over to the Mafia so attention I’ll listen a second mass well personal attack kind of team up that artery but I’m Yvonne furious well of Manhattan i’ma tell you after that he said rebels work through a neutral intermediary to deliver him to IDF soldiers uh-huh well Sun up say yeah I learned you can machine with the barn are you asking people find out that you’ve been to Israel do you think they might suspect you of being a spy or something a banana no gentlemen I am W – at Halawa a little bit that our field of nutri can you make the deceleration element miss me if I may have you – no no under my second of idea what the Vanara – nobody has fired until I have an SAR feature had put on a Danny I mean environment mother and a poker table is over Mooka no need for an Australian I’m Nadia Natalia mr. hypocrite ocaña try to destroy it when your treatment is finished do you hope to go back to fight against Assad again and the haughtiness of a British lady very consolidation okay Annie was elevated or not go boys okay who are you fighting when you got injured was it jabhat al-nusrah or was it the army thorn debited no spa anymore I think I saw a in the worst Lannister machine jabber tomislav Anakin I’m Joe Paterno solving any of the villa Connie and you tell about the Michelle could be known as Mookie knocking hi any Islamiyah Aslam you should tell father my shuriken any matter darling adopted opener Florida Aloha he had help in Navarre for cutlery it [Music] this is one of the top tourist destinations in the israeli-controlled Golan Heights appear on a clear day like today there’s a great view of volcanic Hills sprawling vineyards and Syria’s Civil War Mountain the guide is a bit confused Isis for now is nowhere near here but that is artillery and mortar fire from the al-qaeda-affiliated al-nusra front and the Syrian military locked in a battle for control of the road to Damascus as tourists watch the action here so does a team of United Nations observers for at least what’s left of it UN peacekeepers have been monitoring this disputed border since 1974 the end of Israel’s last war with Syria but this past August al-nusra took 45 Fijian peacekeepers prisoner when it took control of the poor across the soldiers were at least two weeks later but it was enough to spook the force into abandoning its post in Syria now they watch the war from the same place as the rest of us we made several formal attempts to interview the commander of the observer force but his spokesman told us it wasn’t a good time to talk so when we spotted these Fijian UN observers we tried to talk to them hi are you from the UN from the observer mission so we cannot see anything we are not allowed to say anything oh really yeah nothing at all are you observing now is that what you’re doing you don’t look like tourists UN guys aren’t too talkative they must be pretty embarrassed that they don’t have the checkpoint anymore scared them all away I mean if they’re scared of me no wonder that they’re not at their checkpoint down there anymore not far from the lookout is kibbutz murim golan home to about a hundred families who work as farmers and in tourism this popular restaurant is run by the kibbutz and it’s where many UN observers and tourists grab a stake in a glass of local wine after watching Syria’s Civil War our Eagle Lansky manages the restaurant and he says life hasn’t really changed since the al-nusra front seized the nearby border across this is not a war zone in the heaven he took us on a horseback ride to show us how life goes on we go up the mountain so we have the view of the other side of the mountain giddyup this car this car literally has a mind of its own like even today when all the bombings got going over there yeah people work in the fields we’re traveling over here and the restaurant now is full with people that come in to dine and tour the Golan Heights and enjoying the weather and maybe also take a look at the world that’s going next to us it’s a weird juxtaposition being over here so close to it and you know pretending that you’re just on a nature trail you know some tourists come because of that you get like people that want to see that you don’t have a lot of spots where you can be like observers from the side to drink coffee to see the bye and see like a war zone that was another big one the sounds today are foreign the distance but increasingly the war is spilling into Israeli territory the Israeli military says it shot down a Syrian aircraft the military says the plane infiltrated Israeli airspace over the Golan Heights it’s unclear what may have happened to the pilot this happened in late spring the official story was that the Israelis shot down the Syrians two coy 24 aircraft after it flew into the Golan Heights and that both the pilot and the copilot ejected into Syria but Ari says he and his neighbors saw what really happened yeah the survived it means that were truth here and go back to Syria after that so they landed on the Israeli side yeah can you show me where the jet was shot down well approximately here and this in this area Wow that was a big one beautiful scenery huh have you ever had any shells come down in this area yeah a few during the night we never saw em today and here you see the crater of a missile that land here yeah while back oh this is the crater from from a missile yeah well what can be done about this massive civil war in Syria well again I’m not the address to ask this a this question yeah but people get killed there on daily basis the question is who’s willing to interference stop it you know we don’t think we are not part of the problem and you don’t have to be part of the solution we will defend ourselves if we need to we’re ready for that but look we’re travelling here this bomb going on over here and we don’t feel scared we don’t feel like a winner any threat so so so far for us we just feel bad for the citizen that get killed over there as a reality a few miles from the kibbutz is an abandoned Syrian military training facility a friend of our ease brings us to the roof after warning about possible sniper fire I thought we weren’t supposed to go out on the roof we’re not supposed just for a week review jabhat Al nusra al Qaeda affiliate they’re just on the other side of that fence now controlling a lot of this territory on your border how does that make you feel hearing the news of both Isis they can okay thank God that we don’t have Isis here okay the Col Isis crazy yeah so said okay we’d rather have them yeah everything yeah seems like that for them also keeping the border quiet it’s it’s a common entrance right now we’re just about 300 yards from the new border of Defense that Israel has built since the start of the civil war in Syria there’s an Israeli flag on this side over here a minefield left over from the wars with Syria in the 60s and 70s but just over there beyond the UN checkpoint there’s a building with the black flag of al-nusra flying on the top [Music] we’re driving to a village in the israeli-occupied Golan Heights it’s called Majd al-shams and everyone who lives here is Druze one of Israel’s religious minorities we’re here with brick he’s a Druze from the city of Majd al-shams here in the israeli-occupied Golan Heights and one of the consequences of Israel coming here after the war with Syria is that the Druze have been split off from villages that are left over in Syria that are also Druze he’s going to tell us what life is like here since the Civil War started inside Syria and how that has made it even harder for Druze people to communicate with their cousins and family on the other side of the fence so I just grabbed it it’s a pretty big village how many people live here they’re pretty much like a 10,000 people lives around here pretty much everyone is Druze yeah everybody is Jers yeah everybody is no other religion people here it’s only Jews and Muslims is the biggest village between the Golan Heights villages got it and as you can see all the mountains right over there you can see the road that’s the Syria I mean we can go over there and see the border it’s right next to the houses there’s our houses and there’s the brother after Syria until recently it was easier to pass back and forth across the border dozens of residents of Marcel shams studied in Damascus and it was normal for local men to marry Syrian women but war and a new fence has stopped that completely now beacon Hanan met while studying a university in Damascus she was from there he was from here back in 1998 they were married on the border along with nine other couples so this is the ceremony for crossing the border hey I know ABC are Ayane you’re crying theater how I killed on my hana knocked a sari you can about Nahanni have enough food novena actor monado Serena at this hour hey ya know me Han na be who hello bhiku Nabi Stan Marsh rabbit pen and my parents and the other side she never thought it would be so hard to return so have you been able to see your parents since you left mm Korea must be had at the offered yeah it’s not Hollow buffer well it killed Wendy was not about honey you a little don’t know I’m a notification bizarre healthy and thoughtful very good well us yeah it’s Tom Horner young boy they don’t let me shower we’re in your Latvia up well it’s a doll initial wait a minute Patrick are we talking little charade the criminal I automatically really tomorrow is our Pony impurity your own world of Mister who’s the soldier with the Syrian flag in the picture originally cut the fact that the shoulders are back were not really Suffolk we had does she ever regret coming to the Golan Heights hey miss Cathy that was perfect madam yang we had mythical target on a table no it’s our special weeks ahead will I even turned in a horn Alton settlement Vienna VA young master Elliot’s show honey me Ani he licked it with the Trajan issue a yarmulke should not and I’m not a mom badness are and you leave you baby Sofia livonian Yossarian Tess Tamara fishy beautifully on ask a little honey without without so how can a hello and if you could add that what do you think about this new fence that the government built here do you think it’s necessary Oh a surgery done on fisherman Australia Danny mahogany I’m no no no I’m Damon can no al Qaeda da-da-da-da-da he’s who we carry defeat on awesome Rohan Asia and after Whitman and usual remedy which forbade innocently yeah it’s a warning of a second ago cigarette on Dalton evening lon Brett the border between the israeli-occupied Golan Heights in Syria that’s the fence in the distance we’re watching the Israeli Defense Forces trained for a very dangerous an incredibly real scenario an infiltration by rebels from Al nusra front for now they’re busy fighting the Syrian regime but the Israeli army knows there’s a very real possibility that they’ll one day turn towards Israel and so the Israelis try to remain vigilant and ready these are members of a special IDF unit made of Bedouins trackers okay so basically what’s happened is they’ve sent one of the guys into the bushes he’s going to pretend he’s just come over the border fence two of the soldiers here they’re gonna have to track him and find him and kill him and so if you patrol a section of the border can you feel confident that you can realize just by having looked at it whether somebody has gone across camp ever died but I guess your overall Macias my name see my team has been actually enough leaders of Kitsilano so this circle here that’s the trackers they’ve marked one of the footprints of the guy playing the terrorists empty stock OEM Alec Alec Mike valorum colleague wah-mbulance ienumerable from the VC money market any views I think they got someone after about five minutes they find the fake infiltrator and finish [Music] Oh reject an align to Vista and I’ll I’m not lived or Kinsey O’Donnell I’m Charlotte Nicole Osmond visit on Ally habilis hell the realest thing about this whole exercise is that it’s actually happening right next to the border fence this fence was put here about a year ago because the security situation has changed so rapidly for 40 years there was no fence at all and somehow the Syrians and the Israelis managed to keep to each other side but now that it’s so unpredictable in Syria they’ve decided that only a five six meter fence like this would do [Music] patrolling the border is just one way Israel’s protecting itself from an attack from Syria the Israeli military is also watching the positions of Syrian rebels and regime forces from up here we’re heading up Mount Hermon it’s the highest point under Israeli control on the other side of the mountain are Lebanon and Syria where with a lieutenant-colonel from the Israeli military and he’s going to show us around hello yes I’m hot my mother comes from a horrible this remote military post rarely gets civilian visitors and we were directed to point our cameras away from certain buildings every day we hear it’s others and shots on the other side it’s in Fighting’s between rebels and Syrian army but we know there are many weapons and determined people on the other side if they decided they wanted to fight against us they can do it and we must be prepared for it so that’s why this post is built this way down there you can see jabhat al-nusra it’s in the south Cadell Druze village a few Syrian villages that’s a bit John must not be John currently this place is controlled by the FSA they face a the Free Syrian Army it’s controlling this area they’re pretty close do you talk to them well we can watch them it’s behind the border after all it’s Syria it’s a different country we have to observe them very carefully because you always have to understand what they are trying to do with your guns or than with your walkie-talkies so far with the other side yeah as you as you can understand the other side as are holding guns and so that’s the way we have to talk to them but what makes things especially complicated is that the Syrian regime is also a threat well as far as I understand none of the people who control the other side of the border Chiba al-nusrah or the other rebels signed any ceasefire agreements with Israel there’s absolutely new group of people exactly so that’s why we are observing them all the time we try to understand what they are trying to do what they want to do what are their interests we don’t have an agreement but when one side understands what the other side wants you can react in in the right way but ultimately do you think they see Israel as their enemy and they’re going to whoever wins out in this fight in Syria is eventually going to set their sights on Israel that’s a possibility of course that’s a possibility we know that we are on their list of enemies but not on their top who’s at the top now the Syrian army of course the Syrian regime what do you say to people who think that this works out well for Israel the fact that so many of its enemies are busy fighting each other it depends because we would like to have peace and stability any original person of course government or army would like to work in a condition of peace and stability as I said before we were in a state of war with Syria for 41 years but not even one shot was fired from the Syria border so there was not peace with Syria but there was stability we knew that there was someone controlling the other side and we know what to expect and you had understandings based on interests what about now but now you can’t exactly anticipate what is coming and what is about to happen tomorrow and what is coming in the next few months or years you can’t anticipate exactly we don’t know but when you don’t have anyone reasonable or some of that dominance dominates the entire country it’s a problem so Israel is in wait-and-see mode exactly

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